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DENEME SINAVI - 2 7. Though the manager has .....

, the firm still faces

considerable deficit.
A) let down
1.-24. sorularda, verilen boşluğu en iyi tamamlayan
B) fallen through
seçeneği bulunuz.
C) got over
1. The surgeon has warned us that there can be no
marked ...... during the next few days. D) made up

A) drawback E) done his best

B) negotiation 8. The economic consultant pointed out that share

prices were ..... inflation.
C) Improvement
A) going through
D) Withdrawal
B) heaping up with
E) Concern
C) looking down upon
2. The technician we have just hired does not seem
to be a person one can ..... . D) slipping away

A) look ahead E) handing out

B) rely on 9. The term continent is used in physical geography

to denote the larger continuous land masses in
C) put up contrast ..... the great ocean.
D) get off A) into
E) speak up B) to
3. I do not know for sure, but from the way he talked C) of
I ..... that he had spent a lot of time in Thailand.
D) for
A) intended
E) from
B) devised
10. I plan to look ..... the article you recommended
C) implied ..... the weekend.
D) inferred A) after / at
E) derived B) at / in
4. Obviously, it is not a brilliant novel, but it does not C) down / on
..... such a savage review.
D) through / over
A) deserve
E) into / above
B) engage
11. The company's new shares were sold ..... within
C) acquire hours of appearing on the stock market.
D) include A) with
E) resolve B) up
5. All abstract for papers must be ..... to the C) over
organizing committee by the end of the month.
D) about
A) involved
E) out
B) consisted
12. The health authorities warned the farmers in the
C) submitted region ..... their cattle from the disease.
D) reduced A) Protect
E) shifted B) having protected
6. Owing to some unexpected setbacks, the meeting C) to have protect
was ..... until further notice.
D) to protect
A) thrown away
E) Protecting
B) looked after
C) seen to
D) brought through
E) put off

13. I'm afraid we can't publish the sales figures for

this year until we ..... the shareholders' meeting. A) if
A) had held B) that
B) will hold C) how far
C) hold D) whether
D) held E) how often
E) were holding 20. Even someone as habitually optimistic as Mr
Jones has admitted that the latest figures
14. I wouldn't have contributed to the scheme if I ..... regarding sales are ..... disturbing.
who the organizers were.
A) little
A) knew
B) somewhat
B) had known
C) anyhow
C) have known
D) anyway
D) could know
E) at all
E) must have known
21. Of all the new assistants, Alec is by far .....
15. The plans concerning the reorganization of the mature.
armed forces in Europe ..... by the NATO General
Assembly at its last meeting. A) more
A) had approved B) the less
B) approved C) the most
C) would approve D) much
D) are approved E) quite as
E) were approved 22. The last time I head him speak, he was attacking
the recruitment system ..... savagely.
16. The cause of the measles epidemic ..... yet.
A) enough
A) wouldn't have been discussed
B) so
B) hadn't been discussing
C) altogether
C) was discussed
D) much
D) is being discussed
E) rather
E) hasn't been discussed
23. Very many parents attended the ceremony but
17. For weeks now the Security Council ..... to reach ..... weren't able to attend and neither were ..... .
an unanimous decision regarding the Gulf Crisis.
A) his / Ayşe
A) has been trying
B) theirs / ours
B) tried
C) theirs / us
C) had tried
D) mine / Selim's
D) will be trying
E) our / their
E) should be trying
24. He assured me I had been ..... right in reporting
18. While the Cabinet ..... the unemployment the incident to the police.
problem, the workers all over the country ..... for
a general strike. A) so
A) will discuss / have prepared B) indeed
B) was discussing / were preparing C) enough
C) had discussed / had prepared D) not
D) is discussing / was preparing E) Quite
E) discussed / would have prepared

25.-32. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde

19. The minister wanted to know ..... I had got with tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.
the report.
25. All these trivial issues should be dealt with by B) they didn't come to a head until 1985
the subcommittee ..... .
C) the value of dollar remains stable
A) lest the government was forced to resign
D) possible solutions have inevitably been ignored
B) when the new minister was sworn in
E) the drawbacks of the scheme would be obvious to
C) whoever can cope with the situation any economist
D) in case there was a big deficit in the balance of 32. When the Conservative Party won the elections
payments in 1979, ..... .
E) so that the board can give its undivided attention to A) the cost of living index has not risen evenly
the problem of inflation
B) the direction of legislation altered again
26. I always pretend to agree with what he says ..... .
C) more importance would be given to housing and
A) as he can't bear to be contradicted transport
B) that he is in one of his black moods D) the allocation of expenditure has to be received
C) if he was working under great pressure E) taxes on drinks and tobacco have been increased
D) though I despised him for it 33.-42. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe
E) until I gave in my resignation dengini bulunuz.

27. Was that the report ..... ? 33. The gap between the living standards in the
under-developed and developed areas of the
A) as a result he was obliged to resign world has tended to widen in recent years.
B) if he prefers to write A) Dünyanın az gelişmiş ve gelişmekte olan
C) that the foreign secretary will be so eager to get hold bölgelerinde görülen yaşam düzeyi farkı son yıllarda
of it gittikçe azalmaktadır.

D) which cause such a trouble in government circles B) Son yıllarda dünyanın az gelişmiş ve gelişmiş
bölgeleri arasında yaşam farkının gittikçe büyüdüğü
E) it has been prepared in readiness for the görülmüştür.
shareholders' meeting
C) Geçtiğimiz yıllarda dünyanın gelişmekte olan ve
28. We shall follow the original plan ..... . gelişmiş bölgeleri arasındaki yaşam düzeyi farkın
büyümesini önlemiştir.
A) so that a second version has been prepared
D) Dünyanın az gelişmiş bölgeleri ile gelişmiş
B) in case it is opposed by a large majority bölgelerinin yaşam düzeyleri arasındaki fark son
C) the committee is opposing it yıllarda büyüme eğilimi göstermiştir.

D) since it had been so well received E) Son yıllarda dünyanın bazı az gelişmiş ve gelişmiş
bölgelerinde yaşam düzeyleri arasındaki fark
E) as nobody has raised any valid objection to it büyütülmek istenmektedir.
29. ..... that the concentration of carbon dioxide in 34. In accordance with unprecedented innovations
the atmosphere is still increasing. in technology, it has been essential to introduce
radical changes in school curricula.
A) As far as I know
A) Teknolojideki baş döndürücü değişiklikler nedeniyle
B) Europe was endangered okulların eğitim programları tamamen değiştirildi.
C) It wasn't expected B) Teknolojideki eşi görülmemiş yeniliklere uygun olarak
D) No one had believed müfredat programlarına köklü değişiklikler getirmek
şart olmuştur.
E) The report points out
C) Okullarda uygulanan müfredat programlarının köklü
30. If Schubert had written nothing for his songs, ..... olarak değiştirilmesi teknolojideki baş döndürücü
. değişikliklere bağlıdır.
A) his place in the musical world would still have been D) Teknolojide görülen tüm yeni değişikliklerin sonucu
assured olarak okul programlarında köklü değişiklikler
B) he has never attained world-wide recognition
E) Okulların eğitim-öğrenim programları, teknolojide
C) he still retains the title of "the master poet of görülen yenilikler doğrultusunda tamamen
musicians" değişmiştir.
D) the body of his admirers has decreased
E) an inexhaustible fund of melody is undeniable

31. Although problems concerning the fluctuation of 35. The high rate of inflation in the underdeveloped
currency had begun much earlier, ..... . countries can only be brought down by
increasing production.
A) they are receiving undue attention
A) Az gelişmiş ülkelerdeki yüksek inflasyon oranı ancak
üretimi artırarak düşürülebilir. daha fazla ekonomik ve siyasal haklar tanıyarak
kurtulamayacağını farketti.
B) Ancak üretimdeki artış gelişmekte olan ülkelerdeki
yüksek enflasyon oranını aşağı çekebildi. B) Hükümet ülkenin ekonomik konularının halkın
ekonomik ve politik olaylar daha fazla eğilmesiyle
C) Üretimi artırmak yoksul ülkelerdeki yüksek enflasyon çözülemeyeceğini farketti.
oranını aşağıya çekecektir.
C) Ülkenin ekonomik problemlerinin çözülebilmesi için
D) Gelişmemiş ülkelerin yüksek enflasyon oranı ancak hükümet halka ekonomik ve politik fırsat eşitliği
üretim artışı ile giderilebilinir. verilmesine karar verdi.
E) Gelişmekte olan ülkeler, ancak üretimlerini artırdıkları D) Hükümet ülkenin ekonomik sorunlarının ekonomik ve
takdirde yüksek enflasyon oranını aşağıya politik süreçlere katılmaları için halka daha fazla fırsat
çekebilirler. tanınmadıkça çözülemeyeceğini anladı.
36. Attempts to organize an acceptable and E) Hükümet ekonomik zorlukları aşmak için halka daha
permanent system of government in Northern çok ekonomik ve politik girişim fırsatı tanınmasını
Ireland have so far ended in failure. sağladı.
A) Kalıcı bir yönetim sistemi kurmak için yapılan 39. It is reported that weather condition in the area
girişimler ve anlaşmalar Kuzey İrlanda'da hâlâ will improve greatly by the end of the week.
başarılı bir sonuca ulaşamamıştır.
A) Bölgedeki hava koşullarının hafta sonuna göre
B) Kuzey İrlanda hükümetinin kalıcı bir anlaşma yapma oldukça düzelmekte olduğu iletildi.
girişimleri şu ana kadar başarılı olamamıştır.
B) Hafta sonu itibariyle o bölgedeki hava şartlarının
C) Kuzey İrlanda'da kalıcı bir hükümet kurmak için önemli derecede düzeldiği bildiriliyor.
anlaşan kuruluşların girişimleri şu ana kadar
başarısız olmuştur. C) Hafta sonunda, hava şartlarının bölgede epeyce
düzeleceği ifade ediliyor.
D) Kuzey İrlanda'da çeşitli kuruluşlar arasında kalıcı bir
yönetim sistemi kurma teşebbüslerine hükümet son D) Bölgedeki hava koşullarının hafta sonuna kadar
vermiştir. büyük ölçüde iyileşeceği bildirildi.
E) Kuzey İrlanda'da kabul edilebilinir ve kalıcı bir E) Hafta sonundan beri bölgedeki hava koşullarının
hükümet kurma girişimleri şimdiye kadar iyileşmekte olduğu belirtildi.
başarısızlıkla sonuçlanmıştır.
40. The use of laser for military purposes has
37. Once the ideas are generated, the new step is to naturally worried many people.
decide whether they really fit the company's
interests and objectives. A) Doğal olarak pek çok kişi, lazerin kullanımında askeri
amaçların başta gelmesini benimsememiştir.
A) Fikirlerin üretilmesinden sonra atılacak adımların ilki
bunların şirkete kâr getirecek özellikleri olup B) Pek çok kişi lazerin askeri amaçlar için
olmadığına karar verebilmektir. kullanılmasından doğal olarak büyük endişe
B) Bir kere fikirler ortaya çıkınca, bundan sonraki aşama
bunların şirketin çıkar ve hedeflerine gerçekten uygun C) Lazerin özellikle askeri amaçlara yönelik olarak
olup olmadığına karar vermektir. kullanılması pek çok kişiyi korkutmuştur.

C) Şirketin ilgi alanýna giren fikirler bir kere ortaya D) Pek çok kişinin doğal olarak en büyük korkusu,
çıktıktan sonra yapılacak iş uygun hedefleri bulmaktır. lazerin askeri amaçlar için kullanılması olmuştur.

D) Şirketin menfaat ve hedeflerine uysun ya da uymasın E) Lazerin askeri amaçlar için kullanımı doğal olarak pek
bundan sonra yapılacak tek şey fikir üretmektir. çok kişiyi tedirgin etmiştir.

E) Bundan sonra yapılacak tek şey şirketin tarafsızlığına 41. If this treatment does not achieve the desired
veya ilgi alanına uygun olup olmadığına bakmadan effect, there are other methods we can use.
bir fikir hakkında karar vermektir. A) Bu tedavi tam olarak başarılı olmadığı takdirde,
deneyebileceğimiz başka yöntemler de vardır.
B) Bu tedavi ile beklenen sonuç elde edilemezse, başka
yöntemleri denemek zorunda kalabiliriz.
C) Başka yöntemlerin kullanılması bu tedavinin istenilen
sonucu verip vermemesine bağlıdır.
D) Bu tedavi arzu edilen etkiyi sağlamazsa,
kullanabileceğimiz başka yöntemler vardır.
E) Bu yöntemle ulaşılan sonuç beğenilmezse, diğer
yöntemleri kullanmamız gerekir.

42. No matter what anyone says, I shall give him the

38. The government has realized that the country's punishment he deserves.
economic issues cannot be solved without
allowing people more opportunity to participate A) Herkesin karşı olmasına rağmen, o, vereceğim
in the economic and political issues. cezayı hak etmiştir.
A) Hükümet, ülkenin ekonomik sorunlarından halka B) Kim ne derse desin, ona hak ettiği cezayı vereceğim.
C) Ona hak ettiği cezayı vereceğimden hiç kimsenin B) Due to the rapid growth in the population, in recent
şüphesi olmasın. years there is sure to be a continual demand for more
houses throughout the country.
D) Herkesin dediği gibi, o, benden hak ettiği cezayı
alacak. C) The demand for new housing schemes seems likely
to spread to other parts of the country in the
E) Ona hak ettiği cezayı vermeyeceğimi hiç kimse immediate future owing to the rapid and continual
söyleyemez. growth of the population.
43.-52. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce D) There will be constant demands in the near future for
dengini bulunuz. new housing schemes throughout the country as the
population continues to grow at a rapid pace.
43. Yeryüzünde kaç tür canlı organizmanın
yaşadığını hiç kimse bilmiyor. E) In view of the rapid population growth, it is obvious
that during the years ahead there will be a continuing
A) No one knows how many species of living organisms and increasing demand for new housing in most parts
inhabit the earth. of the country.
B) Everyone realizes that the world is inhabited by 47. 20. yüzyıldan önce, İngiltere'den başka,
countless species of living organisms. nüfusunun çoğunluğu şehirlerde yaşayan tek
ülke Almanya idi.
C) No one knows how the world came to be inhabited by
so many species of living organisms. A) At the turn of the twentieth century, the majority of the
population of, first Britain, then Germany, were living
D) No one knows how so many species of living
in towns.
organisms came to inhabit the world.
B) Germany and Britain were the only other countries to
E) How many species of living organisms have lived in
have a majority of the population living in towns, prior
the world will never be known.
to the twentieth century.
44. Yüksek fırınlarda işlenen demir cevheri nadir
C) Germany was the only other country, besides Britain,
olarak % 65'ten fazla demir ihtiva eder ve bazen
to have a majority of its population living in towns
bu oran % 30'lara kadar düşebilir.
before the twentieth century.
A) In a blast furnace, the only iron ore to smelted is that
D) By the turn of the twentieth century, the majority of
which contains between 30% and 65% iron.
the population of Britain, then of another country,
B) The percentage of iron in the ore smelted in blast Germany, were living in urban areas.
furnaces varies between 30% and 65%.
E) Except for Britain and Germany, there were no
C) The iron ore smelted in blast furnaces rarely has an countries with a predominantly urban population
iron content of more than 65% and less than 30%. before the twentieth century.

D) The iron ore smelted in blast furnaces rarely contains 48. Eğer bir sanayi için nakliye ücretleri çok
more than 65% iron and sometimes the proportion yüksekse o sanayi için bu maliyetlerin en aza
may come down to 30%. indirilmesini sağlayacak uygun bir yer seçilebilir.

E) After smelting in a blast furnace the percentage of A) In choosing a suitable site for an industry transport
iron in any ore rarely exceeds 65% and drops lower costs deserve to be given a high priority.
than 30%.
B) If transport costs can be reduced to a minimum rate,
45. Hepimiz, hızla yok edilmekte olan tropikal this will enable a suitable industry to make a good
ormanların geleceğinden çok ciddi olarak endişe profit.
C) The suitable location of an industry can greatly affect
A) The rapid destruction of the tropical forests will soon the transport costs which need to be brought down to
seriously concern us all. a minimum.

B) We are all very seriously concerned about the future D) If transport costs are very high for an industry, a
of the tropical forests which are being rapidly suitable location may be chosen for that industry,
destroyed. which will reduce these costs to a minimum.

C) With the rapid destruction of the tropical forests, we E) Transport costs can be reduced to a minimum if the
are all very worried about our future. location of an industry is wisely chosen.

D) In future, if the tropical forests are destroyed so

recklessly, we will obviously be worried.
E) One of our serious worries about the future concerns
what is to happen to the tropical forests.

49. Sanayi ve Ticaret Bakanı gazetecilere elektronik

46. Hızlı nüfus artışı gözönüne alınıdığında,
alanında yatırım yapılması için yeni teşvikler
önümüzdeki yıllarda ülkenin pek çok yöresinde
verileceğini söyledi.
yeni konutlar için sürekli ve artan bir talep
olacağı açıktır. A) Journalists were told that the Minister of Trade and
Industry is encouraging people to invest in
A) The rapid rate of population growth in recent years
throughout the country means that new housing
schemes are in constant and increasing demand. B) The Minister of Trade and Industry has told the
journalists that new incentives will be given to invest
in electronics. C) The interference of various international
organizations in Bosnia, mobilized by Turkey, has
C) Journalists were advised not to discuss the topic of helped to prevent further bloodshed.
electronics with the Minister of Trade and Industry.
D) Further bloodshed occurred in Bosnia despite the
D) The Minister of Trade and Industry discussed ways of efforts made by turkey and various international
encouraging people to invest in electronics, with organizations to prevent it.
some journalists.
E) The role of Turkey played in mobilizing various
E) The need for electronics investment was the main international organizations to prevent further
topic when the Minister of Trade and Industry met the bloodshed in Bosnia had positive results.
50. Rapor, Afrika'daki açlıkla savaşmak için 53.-58. sorularda, parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun
Birleşmiş Milletler'ce kabul edilen uluslararası düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.
işbirliği politikalarını ele almaktadır.
53. ..... . Never has statement made anywhere been
A) According to the report, the United Nations is waging meant more literally. Without energy, nothing
war against famine in Africa in accordance with could walk, fly, prowl, dive, swim, chew, hiss,
policies of international co-operation. bark, or grow. Einstein showed that even matter
is a form of energy. It should be obvious, then,
B) The report deals with the need of the United Nations why energy is central to one of the cardinal
to adopt policies of international co-operation to fight principles of ecology.
famine in Africa.
A) The importance of energy to human beings is often
C) The report deals with the policies of international co- underestimated
operation adopted by the United Nations to fight
famine in Africa. B) Without energy there would be nothing

D) The report suggests ways by which the United C) The energy problem has been the main concern of
Nations could wage war on the famine in Africa in line many governments
with the policies of international co-operation.
D) The energy sources of the world are constantly being
E) If there were more international co-operation it would wasted
be easier to overcome the famine in Africa in line with
E) The committee has decided the new energy policy for
the policies of international co-operation adopted by
the decade ahead
the United Nations.
54. Even the smallest organisation, public or private,
51. Afrika ülkelerinin çoğunda, özellikle Kenya'da,
has a personnel function. People are an
kızamık en ağır çocukluk dönemi enfeksiyonu
organisation's main resource and, although the
olarak kabul edilmektedir.
links between the personnel department and
A) Measles is generally regarded as one of the most other departments are not always obvious, it is
dangerous illnesses, particularly among children in important that co-operation between all
Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. departments and personnel is maintained. It is
the personnel department, with the help of the
B) In many of the countries of Africa, particularly in other departments, which will implement any
Kenya, measles is regarded as the most acute manpower policies by recruiting, selecting and
childhood infection. training all employees. ..... .
C) In the African state of Kenya, it is generally agreed A) This shows that personnel departments carry out
that measles is the worst of the childhood ailments. crucial functions in organisations
D) In Africa, Kenya excepted, measles is recognised as B) That is why institutions will be forced to make huge
the inflection that endangers most children. investments
E) The incidence of measles in childhood in Kenya and C) Certainly, some functions such as research or legal
elsewhere in Africa is exceedingly high. advice are carried out by different staff
D) In fact, no government agency would have been
involved in such a case
E) Initially, each department was required to submit their
proposals for improvement

55. People will exchange any goods or services for

money: this is its most important function. In
52. Türkiye, Bosna'da daha fazla kan dökülmesini order to be a medium of exchange, money must
önlemek için uluslararası kuruluşların harekete be acceptable: ..... . Initially, this confidence was
geçirilmesinde etkin bir rol oynamıştır. created by using metals like gold and silver
which in themselves were valuable. The coins,
A) Turkey has played an active part in the mobilization notes and cheques which are used as money
of international organizations to prevent further today are not in themselves worth what they
bloodshed in Bosnia. represent. Nevertheless, they are accepted by
B) To prevent further bloodshed in Bosnia, Turkey everyone in business transactions.
should urge various international organizations to A) this primitive method of exchange is no longer used
B) therefore, it plays a vital role in international trade
C) that is it must enjoy everyone's confidence D) They read it for the same reasons they read novels of
other kind
D) the creation of money made business transactions
much easier E) A great majority of readers regard incidents in a crime
novel as more fantasy
E) money provides a standard measurement in business
56. ..... . There is, for instance, an obvious 59.-64. sorularda, anlam bakımından hangi cümlenin
relationship between increases in economic parçaya uymadığını bulunuz.
wealth and general improvements in our life
59. (I) It is the accuracy of laser surgery that makes
styles. the extent of the interrelationship
it so efficient. (II) The laser beam can also
between social and economic change means
remove bone which makes it invaluable in ear
that many business organisations are affected
surgery. (III) This accuracy can be increased by
by changes in society.
sending the beam along fibres of glass finer than
A) The nature of family life is constantly changing a human hair. (IV) These can carry a beam
around corners and direct it precisely at a tiny
B) Most forms of social change are related to economic area. (V) Thus, there is virtually no risk of
change damaging healthy cells.
C) New economic policies adopted by the government A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
give priority to economic growth
60. (I) Correct tyre pressure is more important than
D) Successive governments have tried to solve the many people realize. (II) The right pressure
problems resulting from economic change opens up the tread, so its edges grip the road.
E) Population growth has a damaging affect on (III) In wet weather this is obviously of prime
economic recovery importance. (IV) The spare tyre should also be
checked occasionally to make sure it is fit for
57. It seems that in most countries, the categorizing use. (V) But even when the weather is dry, tyre
of the handicapped is undergoing a change. In pressure should be checked and adjusted
particular, the idea of mental handicap is being regularly.
recognized. The case of autistic children is an
example of this. ..... . A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

A) It is now clear that these children can be taught 61. Modern theory envisages that the Sun and Solar
System evolved from a primitive nebula. (II)
B) On the contrary, the handicapped can get effective About 5 billion years ago, for reasons unknown,
education in regular classroom this nebula began to contract. (III) In the outer
regions temperatures remained even lower. (IV)
C) As far as the authorities are concerned, more The rotation then speeded up, causing the cloud
attention should be given to budgetary restrictions to flatten into a disk. (V) In the densest part of
D) Judging from the data gathered recently, throughout this disk a proto-sun formed.
the world the handicapped are now receiving the care A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
they actually need
62. (I) Written communication is a basis of much
E) In fact, among the reforms proposed by the Ministry, communication in the business world. (II) Letter
is the reform of general education writing, hence, has gone into a decline since the
appearance of the telephone. (III) It includes
letters, reports, memoranda and telex messages.
(IV) It has the disadvantage of being slower that
oral communication. (V) But it has the great
advantage of providing a record of transactions
so that disagreements can be avoided and
accuracy checked.
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

63. (I) In recent years remarkable results have been

achieved in the field of organ transplants. (II)
Gradually we are learning more about the
chemistry of memory. (III) this also concerns the
58. In this age crime has become an everyday event, genes. /IV) Formerly, tissues could not be
and this has had an effect on our reading. transplanted. (V) Now by using genetically
Readers no longer look for an escape when they identical twin tissues, surgeons are able to do
pick up a crime novel. ..... . That is, they want to successful organ transplants.
learn something about the real world, and about
those, good and bad, who inhabit it. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
A) Crime novels cannot be dismissed simply because 64. (I) It is true that the Arabs carefully studied Greek
the incidents they describe are inherently more thought and translated into Arabic many
interesting than those in other kinds outstanding Greek writings on medicine,
science, and philosophy. (II) Europe, even when
B) Today the crime novel, in all its forms, proceeds most at war with them, eagerly learned from their
surely and satisfactorily from character scholars. (III) Many European students attended
C) Most novelists see crime as a fascinating topic they Arab universities in Spain and returned home as
can creatively write about admirers of Arab learning. (IV) Indeed, the
Western impact on the Arab world has been unpleasant. You answer bluntly:
enormous. (V) Hence, medieval Europe was
greatly indebted to the Arabs. A) I know nothing against him but I know nothing in his
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V favour either.
B) From what I know of him he's the most undesirable
65.-70. sorularda, verilen duruma uygun düşen ifadeyi character and can't be trusted an inch.
C) I've only met him once or twice; so I don't feel I can
65. Close friends of yours are being married. You say anything about him.
cannot attend the wedding, so you send flowers
and a note. The message could be: D) He's not my type, but I know nothing personal against
A) This is to wish you both a happy new year.
E) A lot of people don't like him; but perhaps they are
B) We shall miss you at the office. jealous of him. He's awfully rich you know.
C) Sorry not to be coming. Hope you'll soon be better. 69. A friend has been suffering from backache for
several months but keeps putting off seeing a
D) What a surprise, I hope everything will turn out well. doctor. You decide that the time has come to
E) Congratulations! Hope you'll have a long happy life force him to seek medical advice. You say:
together. A) You know as well as I do that it could be serious. And
66. You have been asked to attend a meeting at a if it is serious the sooner you start treatment the
firm where you work part time in an advisory better.
capacity. You know you will not be able to get B) Never mind. I expect it's nothing serious and will pass
there on time and want this to be known in with time.
advance. You say to the secretary:
C) Stop making such a fuss. Everybody has the odd
A) It would suit me much better if the meeting could be pain.
postponed for a day or two.
D) If you take a couple of pain-killers every night it will
B) I shall be sure to come though I may be a little late. help you sleep.
Could you let the director know?
E) Do stop worrying! The doctor said there was nothing
C) It looks as if I shan't be able to come at all, but don't seriously wrong. Why don't you believe him?
say anything to anyone.
70. You want to encourage a young colleague who is
D) I'll come for the start of the meeting but may have to rather lacking in confidence to apply for a
leave early. scholarship. You say:
E) The director knows I'm a busy man. Why can't he fix A) They are not even considering applications from your
his meetings to suit me? university. It's time you faced the fact that you are not
up-to-standard for an academic career.
B) A lot of people have already applied, so you don't
stand much chance.
C) If you had worked a bit harder you might have stood
a chance.
D) It seems to me you've got all the right qualifications.
Why don't you apply? If you aren't accepted there's
no harm done.
E) If you ask me, it would be a waste of time for you to
apply but if you want to, do.

67. You want to encourage a friend who is lonely to

do unpaid work at a local orphanage. You say: 71.-76. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan
kısmında söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.
A) The orphanage on the other side of the town is
advertising for helpers and they pay well. 71. Mrs. Blake:
Shouldn't you have a smallpox vaccination if you
B) You're right. It can be rather depressing working in an are going to India?
orphanage. Peter:
C) You're good with children. You'll soon get involved .....
with the orphanage children and they'll be like a Mrs. Blake:
family for you. Really? That's good news.

D) you'll find the job very tiring and I don't think you're fit A) Perhaps so. I hadn't thought about it.
enough to do it. B) Yes, I suppose I ought to.
E) My daughter hopes to work in an orphanage when C) Oh no. Smallpox has been wiped out.
she has taken her degree.
D) I had it done last week, and it made me feel quite ill.
68. A friend of yours has asked for your honest
opinion about someone you know to be a cheat E) I'll ask the doctor about it when I go for my medical
and from every point of view unreliable and examination.
72. Philip: 75. Ren:
I'm on my way to a lecture on ecology, the first of Even if the funds are only sufficient for one
a series of six. Would you like to come? bridge, I still think it should be here.
Gordon: Steve:
..... .....
Philip: Ren:
Well, neither do I! That's why I am going to the True. But nothing has ever been done for the
lectures. villages in this area. We can't go on ignoring
A) That means the study of the environment, doesn't it?
A) For geological reasons, this is the obvious site.
B) But I don't know anything about ecology.
B) Fine. Then let's make out a report to that effect.
C) Oh, I took courses in that as an undergraduate.
C) Very well, when shall we start work on it?
D) Sorry, I don't like listening to lectures.
D) If we start straight away we may finish before the
E) It's my wife's birthday, so I must get home early. spring rains come.
73. Mark: E) Why? More people would benefit from a bridge lower
Who are you going promote? Pat? down in the valley.
I really haven't decided yet, but I think it will be 76. Mr Stearne:
Mark: Why are you so annoyed with Helen?
..... Miss Langton:
Yes, you are right; she does. .....
A) Get someone from outside. Mr Stearne:
B) She is a nice person, isn't she? Well, that's typical. I've never known her not
leave early!
C) Well, she deserves it, doesn't she?
A) Quite simply, she thinks she knows everything.
D) Pat really doesn't have enough experience.
B) Take a look at the letters she has typed and you'll
E) I hardly know what she really does. understand.
C) For one thing, I don't like the way she dresses.
D) She left early again today even though I specifically
asked her not to.
E) I'm disappointed in her. Perhaps she'll improve

77.-82. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın

olan cümleyi bulunuz.
74. Danny: 77. I didn't like his last novel nearly as much as his
You won't give the order to Rowland, will you? early ones.

Giles: A) I thought his early novels were good, but this last one
was better.
No, certainly not.
B) His early novels gave me far more pleasure than his
Danny: last one did.
..... The last job they did for us was most C) His novels begin well, but towards the end they really
unsatisfactory. are not enjoyable.
A) Why do you say that? D) His first novel was his best, but I quite enjoyed his
last one, too.
B) I'm glad to hear you say that.
E) In comparison with his last novel, even his early
C) Why are you so definite about it? novels were good.
D) They're not a bad firm, you know. 78. There will be a debate in Parliament today
E) Why do you insist on them, then? concerning the government's proposals for the
privatization of certain major public enterprises.
A) The proposals made by the government concerning 1983.
the newly privatized public enterprises will have to be
discussed by Parliament. C) The 1982 unemployment figures were not quite as
bad as those for 1983.
B) One of the topics Parliament is going to deal with is
the question of whether the government's proposals D) In 1982 the state of unemployment was worse.
regarding public enterprises should be implemented. E) Unemployment figures were still high in 1983 but not
C) The privatization of certain major public enterprises as high as they had been.
suggested by the government was discussed by
Parliament today. 83.-85. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

D) Today Parliament is going to discuss the proposals,

put forward by the government, to turn certain public Nigeria is heavily dependent on the export of crude oil
enterprises into private ones.
E) The major debate in Parliament today concerns the to finance industrial development. 90% of Nigeria's
government's proposals to take over various private
enterprises for the public good.
exports by value are crude oil. At current production
79. Let's wait another 15 minutes; Brian may still
come. rates, known reserves are only sufficient until the end
A) It's 15 minutes since Brian said we should start.
of the century. Industrialisation was boosted after 1973
B) Brian should have been here a quarter of an hour
ago, so we may as well start.
following the fourfold increase in oil prices. In the
C) If Brian is not here in 15 minutes, it means we can all early
D) I suggest we start now as Brian can't stay more than 1980s prices fell, and Nigeria lost important income.
15 minutes.
E) As Brian still could come, I suggest we don't start for Oil production peaked in 1974 when output reached
another quarter of an hour.
80. Every known method has been used to curb 112 million tonnes.
inflation, but all in vain.
A) As everyone knows, efforts to curb inflation have
been met with no success. 83. It is pointed out in the passage that the sharp
B) Obviously, no one knows how to control inflation. rise in oil prices in 1973 ..... .

C) He is proud of his knowledge of inflation control. A) had less effect on Nigeria's economy than might have
been expected
D) Inflation continues in spite of every effort to control it
through every known method. B) contributed greatly to industrial development in
E) Any attempt to control inflation by means of any of
the methods is not likely to be beneficial. C) coincided with a considerable fall in oil production
D) provided Nigeria with a high revenue well into the late
E) put a great deal of pressure on Nigeria's oil reserves
84. It is understood from the passage that only a
81. In his opinion, the importance of practical fraction of Nigeria's exports ..... .
experience has been overestimated.
A) are goods other than crude oil
A) He reckons that undue importance has been given to
B) would be needed to support industrial development
the question of practical experience.
C) were affected by the fall in oil prices in the 1980s
B) He is of the opinion that the importance of practical
experience is something that must not be D) were oil-related
E) have benefited from price increases
C) He thinks that practical experience is something must
not be underestimated. 85. According to the passage, so long as the current
rate of oil production is maintained, ..... .
D) Undue attention was given to views on practical
experience. A) world oil prices are not expected to rise significantly

E) Since his own experience has been largely practical, B) Nigeria's industrial development plans will soon be
he overestimates its importance. fully realized

82. Unemployment figures for 1983 were even higher C) Nigeria is likely to have no oil reserves left by the
than they had been in the previous year. year 2000

A) It was not until 1982 that any solution was found D) Nigeria will continue to enjoy large revenues
regarding unemployment. E) the variety of goods exported from Nigeria will
B) Unemployment increased steadily through 1982- increase
Many art museums and galleries and many individuals
86.-88. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

in the art world faced financial problems in 1975 as

Real depression cannot be easily overcome as some the

people often suppose. It usually passes with time – effects of world recession deepened. On the surface

but the time can seem endless. Activities giving things seemed to continue as before, with important

companionship and a new interest can help. But for exhibitions in major museums attracting large crowds.

the sufferer to talk, again and again, about the causes But smaller galleries, and the artists whose work was

of the depression helps most. People with depression shown by their resourceful proprietors, fared less

need to be listened to and encouraged to find their

own and over the long term it is the work of young artists

solution, not made to feel yet more inadequate by that determines the course of art for the future.

advice. They may need professional counselling as 89. The point made in the passage is that the
well as recession in the 1970s ..... .
A) forced many young artists to give up their profession
the support of family and friends.
B) led to the immediate closure of several major
museums in the West

86. In overcoming depression the support of friends C) was one of the most serious in economic history
and family ..... . D) didn't at first appear to hit hard at the art world
A) can best be directed into giving good advice E) meant exhibitions were regarded as unnecessary
B) is the only solution luxuries

C) may cause more harm than good

D) never contributes to any improvement in the patient
E) is not always sufficient

90. One can infer from the passage that if a

generation of young artists is lost ..... .

87. The writer suggests that people with depression A) This would not have damaging effect on art museums
..... . and galleries even in the long run

A) should not be allowed much social activity B) the future development of art will be greatly
B) should rely solely on professional counselling
C) recession in the art market would not last very long
C) need, more than anything else, someone to listen to
them D) smaller galleries would benefit from it

D) ought to remain alienated from society for a long time E) the organizing of exhibitions would be even more
E) receive an unnecessary amount of sympathy
91. According to the passage, the people in the art
88. According to the passage some people ..... . world who were most strongly affected by the
A) seem to underestimate how difficult it is to get over recession ..... .
depression A) were young artists and the owners of small galleries
B) suffer from depression over long periods of time B) tried to balance their losses by buying up the work of
C) refuse to get professional counselling young artists

D) suffering from depression have been cured through C) were the well-established art dealers
the good advice of friends D) decided to stop holding exhibitions altogether
E) with depression don't want to talk about their E) resorted to all sorts of methods of attracting large
problems crowds to their galleries
89.-91. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
92.-94. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. A) are becoming unaffordable as they get more
B) have contributed immensely to the improvement of
Computers should never have acquired the exalted living standards
C) have been unnecessarily overrated
status they now have. Fascinating and invaluable
D) will be a major force behind all future progress
as they are, even the most advanced have less brain E) are capable of doing all the tasks the human brain
performs even more efficiently
power than a three-year-old. They do, however, score
95.-97. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

single-mindedness. The three-year-old uses his brain The dramatic growth of world's population in the

not only to think but also to do tasks like seeing, twentieth century has been on a scale without parallel
in human history. Most of this growth has occurred
and running about, which need incredibly rapid and since

sophisticated electro-mechanical interactions - we too 1950 and is known as the population "explosion".
run on electricity. But the computer just sits there and
1950 and 1980 the world population increased from 2,5
sends spacecraft to the moon or re-organizes the to
over 4 billion, and by the end of the century this figure
banking system - which is very much easier. That's will
have risen to at least 6 billion. Growth of this size
man's dream of robot servants is still a long way off. cannot

continue indefinitely. Recent forecasts suggest that

the total

population will level-out at between 10 and 15 billion in


mid twenty-first century. Already there are

encouraging signs
92. The main point made by the passage is that the
human brain ..... . that the rate of increase in many less developed
A) is much inferior to any known computer countries

B) is infinitely more complex and powerful than any

is beginning to slow down.
C) reaches its maximum efficiency at the age of three
D) is not as complicated and mysterious as has usually 95. According to the passage, at no period in human
been thought history has there been ..... .
E) has been entirely reproduced in computer form A) so much consensus among nations concerning the
population of the world
93. It is explained in the passage that the efficiency
of the computer ..... . B) a sharp decline in population like the one since 1980
A) will soon make it possible for man to be served by C) a universal fear about the future of man
D) as comprehensive a study of population problems as
B) depends on the speed with which the data are fed the one envisaged now
C) can best be appreciated in the decision-making E) a population explosion of the magnitude of the one in
positions this century
D) is the result of its being concentrated on one task at a 96. It is pointed out in the passage that the increase
time in the world population ..... .
E) depends upon sophisticated electro-mechanical A) is a highly encouraging sign for the general economy
B) is expected to continue even faster in the next
94. The author feels that computers ..... .
century 99. The author points out that the danger posed to
man by many substances ..... .
C) will not continue into the next century
A) is unrelated to environmental pollution
D) has been going on noticeably since 1950
B) is even greater than generally admitted
E) has been much faster in the industrialized countries
C) continues to grow despite constant control of disposal
97. It has been forecast that, by the middle of the systems
next century ..... .
D) is solely due to industrial waste streams
A) various measures will have been taken to encourage
population growth E) arises from their misuse and wrong disposal
B) the population growth rate in less developed 100. The passage is concerned with the question of
countries will be much higher than that in previous ..... .
A) how the harmful effects of certain substances can be
C) the world population will be stabilized at around 10 to brought under control
15 billion
B) why industrial waste streams have caused so much
D) the rate of increase will still be rising pollution
E) the rate of population increase will have doubled the C) whether man-made substances or natural ones
1950 rate cause more pollution

98.-100. soruları, aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. D) what measures are to be taken against the supply of
dangerous substances
E) who is responsible for taking the required measures
Many substances, whether man-made or natural, can

cause harm to man or the environment. Some of these

reach the environment in waste streams; however,


emission limits and environmental quality standards

can, in some instances, reduce the amounts released.

But some other substances cannot be controlled in


way because they are released, not in industrial waste

streams, but through the use or disposal of products

which contain them. In many cases these substances

pose little or no threat if the product containing them


used and disposed of properly. The right way to deal


them is usually through controls over their supply,

use and disposal.

98. According to the passage, the threat of certain

substances to the environment ..... .
A) İs far less than that to man
B) could be reduced by enforcing emission limits and
environmental controls
C) has been unnecessarily overemphasized
D) has to date been completely ignored
E) can be eliminated by the use of industrial waste
1. C 21. C 41. D 61. C 81. A

2. B 22. E 42. B 62. B 82. C

3. D 23. B 43. A 63. B 83. B

4. A 24. E 44. D 64. D 84. A

5. C 25. E 45. B 65. E 85. C

6. E 26. A 46. E 66. B 86. E

7. E 27. D 47. C 67. C 87. C

8. B 28. D 48. D 68. B 88. A

9. B 29. E 49. B 69. A 89. D

10. D 30. A 50. C 70. D 90. B

11. E 31. B 51. B 71. C 91. A

12. D 32. B 52. A 72. B 92. B

13. C 33. D 53. B 73. C 93. D

14. B 34. B 54. A 74. B 94. C

15. E 35. A 55. C 75. E 95. E

16. E 36. C 56. B 76. D 96. D

17. A 37. B 57. A 77. B 97. C

18. B 38. D 58. D 78. D 98. B

19. C 39. B 59. B 79. E 99. E

20. B 40. E 60. D 80. D 100. A

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