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Question 1 Marks: 1 Constantine was a father of the church Answer: True False(TRUE) Question 2 Marks: 1 Pentecost Spirit is the

Prime Mover of the mission of the Church to the whole world, that every division of mankind be overcome. Answer: True False(TRUE) Question 3 Marks: 1 Who is the pope who solemnly closed the Second Vatican Council in 1965? Choose one answer. a. Alexander VI b. Paul VI c. John Paul II d. John XXIII Question 4 Marks: 1 Which of the following listed below would best describe the term Ekklesia? Choose one answer. a. a convocation b. an organization c. an association d. an incorporation Question 5 Marks: 1 Papacy was upheld during the medieval Period and was considered as one of the achievement of the period. Answer: True False(TRUE)

Question 6 Marks: 1 The invention of the clock and mariners compass were products of the early church period Answer: True False(TRUE) Question 7 Marks: 1 A Movement against the Spanish friars not only led to a civil revolution, it also caused a schism in the Catholic Church of the Philippines. Choose one answer. a. Iglesia ni Cristo b. Religious c. Aglipayanism d. Missionary Question 8 Marks: 1 An Emperor who gave Christianity the liberty to express their faith/religion! Choose one answer. a. Constantine b. Dometian c. Theodosius d. Valerian Question 9 Marks: 1 St. Crysostom or also known as the man with a Choose one answer. a. Golden Hand b. Golden Mouth c. Golden Soul d. Golden Heart Question 10 Marks: 1 Man is a Social Being: which of the following is contrary to

the principle Choose one answer. a. Relational b. Companionable c. Interactive d. Independent Question 11 Marks: 1 The Blood of the martyrs is the seed of Protestantism Answer: True False(FALSE) Question 12 Marks: 1 Which of the following is not one of the religious orders that evangelized the Philippines? Choose one answer. a. Dominicans b. Jesuits c. Protestants d. Franciscans Question 13 Marks: 1 Brotherhood and the Law of Love are What the Early Christians Believed that made them different from the common people of Rome. Answer: True False Question 14 Marks: 1 Monasticism was a movement in the church that triggered the revolt in the church. Answer: True False Question 15 Marks: 1 It refers to the suffering,

sometimes called the passion, death, Resurrection, and Glorification of Jesus Christ. Choose one answer. a. Paschal Mystery b. Pentecost c. Ecclesiology d. Salvation History Question 16 Marks: 1 He brought Christianity to the Gentile World. Choose one answer. a. St. Mark b. St. John c. St. Paul d. St. Peter Question 17 Marks: 1 Which of the following is not a characteristic of the Pentecost Spirit? Choose one answer. a. Inaugurates b. Source of Strength c. Prime Mover d. Agent of Salvation e. Gift of Love Question 18 Marks: 1 An Augustinian friar who triggered the reformation against the church through his 95 theses Choose one answer. a. Henry VIII b. Martin Luther c. John Calvin d. Thomas Moore Question 19 Marks: 1 Nestorians denied Mary the title Mother of God

Answer: True False(TRUE) Question 20 Marks: 1 The bible is the only source of salvation/faith Answer: True False(TRUE) Question 21 Marks: 1 A heresy that believes matter, our bodies, this world is evil. Choose one answer. a. Manichaean b. Donatism c. Gnosticism d. Arianism Question 22 Marks: 1 They Believed that the bible as the ultimate authority Choose one answer. a. Catholicism b. Calvinism c. Lutheranism d. Protestanism Question 23 Marks: 1 The Church as Universal means! Choose one answer. a. Spiritual b. Wholistic c. Complete d. Catholic Question 24 Marks: 1 Crusades were Military Expeditions organized by the church for the liberation of the holy land from the Hindus Answer:

True False(FALSE) Question 25 Marks: 1 The sale of church Goods and office Choose one answer. a. Purification b. Indulgence c. Religiosity d. Simony Question 26 Marks: 1 Which of the following is not a Heresy Choose one answer. a. Arianism b. Clericism c. Donatism d. Gnosticism Question 27 Marks: 1 The State and the Church had a very strong relationship during the time of Emperor Theodosius Answer: True False Question 28 Marks: 1 He led the Vatican I council Choose one answer. a. Pope Pius X b. Pope Pius XII c. Pope Pius XI d. Pope Pius IX Question 29 Marks: 1 Religion of the Moslems Choose one answer. a. Islam b. Sikhism c. Buddhism d. Hinduism Question 30

Marks: 1 It means, beyond the mountains referring to the superiority of Papal authority over the authority of local temporal or spiritual hierarchies Choose one answer. a. Liberalism b. Materialism c. Ultramontanism d. Nationalism Question 31 Marks: 1 Boniface VIII transformed the church and created harmony and peace among people Answer: True False Question 32 Marks: 1 It is believed to be the beginning of the Christian church. Choose one answer. a. Pentecost b. Resurrection c. Constantine d. Roman Persecusion Question 33 Marks: 1 The Council of Nicaea was convened by Hosius, Bishop of Cordova, assisted as legate of Pope Sylvester and Emperor Constantine. Answer: True False(TRUE) Question 34 Marks: 1 A Symbol of the Church where she is seen as to unite all people to him by an

unbreakable alliance, and who she constantly nourishes and cherishes Choose one answer. a. Cultivated Land b. Sheepfold c. Building of God d. Mother Question 35 Marks: 1 Ecclesiology means: Choose one answer. a. Study of the Clergy b. Study of the Eucharist c. Study of the Mass d. Study of the Church Question 36 Marks: 1 A movement in the church were people led to life of asceticism Choose one answer. a. Heremetic b. Purification c. Monasticism d. Mortification of Souls Question 37 Marks: 1 Church is Apostolic because she is founded on the apostles in the following ways: Which of the statement below is FALSE Choose one answer. a. Build on lasting foundation b. Witness chosen c. Serves as a charitable institution d. hands on the teaching, good deposits Question 38 Marks: 1 The scandal Martin Luther

despised and detested that initiated him to revolt against the church Choose one answer. a. Corruption b. Celibacy c. Inquisition d. Indulgences Question 39 Marks: 1 It is an ideology in the modern period of the church emphasizing a philosophical and political tradition which holds that liberty is the primary political value. Choose one answer. a. Liberalism b. Rationalism c. Materialism d. Ultramontanism Question 40 Marks: 1 Not a father of the Church Choose one answer. a. St. Jerome b. St. John Chrysostom c. St. Ambrose d. St. Peter Question 41 Marks: 1 Which of the following does not characterize the Pentecost: Choose one answer. a. Jewish Passover Feast b. Coming of the Holy Spirit c. Roman Festival d. Whitsunday Question 42 Marks: 1 He made Christianity now the State Religion Choose one answer.

a. Theodosius b. Nero c. Constantine d. Valerian Question 43 Marks: 1 Denied the Goodness of this world. Humans made of some good enclosed in evil matter. Choose one answer. a. Arianism b. Gnosticism c. Donatism d. Manichaean Question 44 Marks: 1 First saint of the Church Choose one answer. a. St. Peter b. St. Paul c. St. John d. St. Stephen Question 45 Marks: 1 Feudalism was strengthend during the crusades Answer: True False Question 46 Marks: 1 A symbol of the Church that refer to Jesus as the Shepherd and the people as his sheep. Choose one answer. a. Sheepfold b. Cultivated Land c. Building of God d. Mother Question 47 Marks: 1 Which of the following is not a concern of Vatican II

Council? Choose one answer. a. Laity b. Ecumenism c. Centralized Authority d. Vernacular liturgy Question 48 Marks: 1 The church is apostolic because she is founded on its disciples. Answer: True False Question 49 Marks: 1 Church is One! Which of the following statement is a wrong attribute: Choose one answer. a. Mary as her unifying strength b. The Trinity as her source c. Christ as its Principle d. Church Unified Question 50 Marks: 1 Founder of Protestanism Choose one answer. a. Henry VIII b. Elizabeth I c. Martin Luther d. John Calvin Question 51 Marks: 1 Church is Holy means: Choose one answer. a. Church is Complete b. Church is Universal c. Church is Pure d. Church is Whole Question 52 Marks: 1 Vatican II: The last synod/council of the Church

Answer: True False Question 53 Marks: 1 The Persecution of the church Choose one answer. a. Made the Church become vigilant b. Made the church become independent c. Made the Church become Strong d. Made the Church become patient Question 54 Marks: 1 Selling of indulgences was one the issue that caused the church to protest Answer: True False Question 55 Marks: 1 The Church and state during the time of Constantine were in good ties Answer: True False Question 56 Marks: 1 Pentecost: which of the following is FALSE Choose one answer. a. Acts 4: 1-13 b. Jewish harvest festival c. 50th day after Passover d. 7th week after passover Question 57 Marks: 1 The reformation period was a period of Spiritual Searching Answer:

True False Question 58 Marks: 1 Not a result of Vatican I Choose one answer. a. Stimulation of the Liturgical Movement b. Exclusivism c. More vocation d. Many converts to Catholicism Question 59 Marks: 1 Faith alone saves according to the official church teaching. Answer: True False Question 60 Marks: 1 They taught that Jesus is not Divine/God. Choose one answer. a. Arianism b. Manichaean c. Gnosticism d. Donatism Question 61 Marks: 1 The synod or council that resolved the issues raised during the reformation period. Choose one answer. a. Council of Trent b. Vatican Council c. Council of Nicea d. Council Ephesus Question 62 Marks: 1 Papal infallibility means: Choose one answer. a. The pope is impeccable b. The pope is good

c. The pope is powerful d. The pope is holy Question 63 Marks: 1 Which of the following is not a Missionary Activity of the First Religious in the Philippines? Choose one answer. a. Monastic Life b. Social Involvement c. Christian Charity d. Religious Instruction Question 64 Marks: 1 A mandate in the church and entrusted to the Dominicans and Franciscans to search and punish heretics, witches, Jews, and Moslems. Choose one answer. a. Inquisition b. Protestanism c. Crusades d. Iconaclasm Question 65 Marks: 1 It is an ideology, philosophical view, and political tradition which holds that liberty is the primary political value Choose one answer. a. Liberalism b. Materialism c. Rationalism d. Papal Infallibility