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1. Congress didnt have the power is tax citizens.

This was put in the article because before the government had taxed them without a vote. So, with more freedom to this, Congress was not able to tax them. The problems that may have occurred would be things such as the government not being able to control things efficiently. Most states actually didnt want to pay the taxes simply because they didnt have to. So, how would the government have the extra they need to spend on the things needed? 2. Any changes to the Articles must be approved by all 13. This was put in the article because the representatives needed to realize that everyones opinion counts. Plus, they had made all of these rules. So, since everyone first agreed to it, then they must agree to change. The whole point was for change and liberty. The problem was the fact that since everyone had to agree to this - no changes would actually be changed. Everyones opinion counts. For example, if one representative had said no. Then, it wouldnt change! The slightest number to a no does make a difference. 3. Congress didnt have power to draft an army. It can only request tax money from states. This was in the article because they were scared of their experiences from the past. In the past, men and boys were forced to be in the army. They actually didnt have a choice. So, it basically took away a lot of things from them. This is just like saying you have to kill yourself because someone tells you to. The problems that had occurred included things such as having a lack of safety. I mean, with a horrible army how is protection going to save you if you only have a couple people. Youll also lose more wars with less people. This doesnt help at all. 4. No national court system. This was in the article because the people were feared of strong governments having an unfair court system. Although, each state had their own system, this was still unfair. The problem that had occurred included the fact that having the state system would lead to failure. By failure, I mean losing on the side to where, youre not in your home state. Each state is reliable on their

own state and probably better at court with their own state. This is like saying; youre good at a football game at your own school when youre playing then the other schools field. 5. Shays Rebellion: Basically, Shays Rebellion started from a poor farmer. Daniel Shay led hundreds of poor farmer on a revolt. They had the courts shut down, so no ones property can be taken. The fact of the revolt was of their property. There were many threats coming from the government, although it made the followers excited of this rebellion. Shay and his group were defeated on January 1784. Even though Shay was a rebel, he was freed. This demonstrates the weakness of the Articles of Confederation because a lot of people were fighting for this. They wanted their rights. The followers and Shay actually really protested because they believed in this. Although, in the end they were caught. Nothing was changed. This is where it hits the spot, because with the Article everything has changed.