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Communication Skills In English


1. The first & foremost skill required for learning is ______. a. writing skill b. reading skill c. listening skill Ans. (b) 8. I read it once and understand is nothing but a ______. a. joke b. myth c. impossible thing Ans. (b) 9. Skimming and scanning are ______ of reading. a. types b. parts c. sources Ans. (a)

2. The purposes of reading are information &

____. a. pleasure b. seizure c. fun Ans (a) 3. Nowadays reading is a _______ process. a. passive b. active c. slow Ans. (b) 4. Reading is a skill which has to acquired by _______ experimentation. a. continuous b. constant c. constraint Ans. (a) 5. There are ___ types of reading. a. four b. five c. six Ans. (b) 6. While purchasing the book, Kamal goes through the contents and ______________. a. b. last page c. title page Ans. (c) 7. Reading carefully, to find out the specific & clear details is known as ___________. a. skimming b. scanning c. loud reading. Ans. (b)

10. A person using Braille writes from

_____________. a. left to right b. right to left c. right Ans. (b)

11. According to Webster, reading is a psycholinguistic ______________ game. a. guessing b. continuous c. interesting Ans. (a) 12. Braille is __________ for blind persons. a. listening system b. reading system c. writing system Ans. (c) 13. _________ the paintings! They are just marvelous. a. watch at b. see at c. look at Ans. (c) 13. ________ penalizing the accused, the court acquitted him. a. along with b. instead of c. in addition to Ans. (b) 14. Suman, I would like you to ________ this matter we came across yesterday. a. look after b. turn up for


Communication Skills In English

c. look into Ans. (c) Ans. (c) 22. If I ______ ______ more free time, I would learn Italian. a. (have) (had) b. (would) (have) c. (had) (--) Ans. (c)

15. Fill in the blank with suitable form of tense:

Rohit: What _______ (you/do) at 11 o clock last nite? Shankar: I was in bed asleep. a. did you do b. were you doing c. do you do Ans. (b) PART B 16. Looking ________ over a text book to get a general idea is called as __________. a. slowly, screaming b. fastly, skimming c. fastly, scanning Ans. (b) 17. To read efficiently one has to have ________ & ability to _________. a. power, writing system b. knowledge, interpret c. reason, appropriate method Ans. (b) 18. Valentin Hauy was a _________ Professor of calligraphy. He was born in _______. a. French, 1745 b. German, 1822 c. Chinese,1724 Ans. (a) 19. Louis Braille died of _________ in year ______. a. cancer,1872 b. tuberculosis, 1852 c. tuberculosis, 1892 Ans. (b) 20. ___________ was one of the blind persons who learnt ___________ and wrote great books themselves. a. Valentin Hauy, Braille b. Francoise, English c. Helen Keller, Braille Ans. (c)

PART C 23. Check if the prepositions in the following sentences are correct or not & choose the correct option:

a. b. c. d.

George works on Saturday. The dogs sleep at night. Peter was born on March 30,1980. Monica was born in May. a.(T),b.(T),c.(T),d.(F) a.(F),b.(T),c.(F),d.(T) a.(T),b.(T),c.(T),d.(T) a.(F),b.(T),c.(F),d.(T)

1. 2. 3. 4. Ans. (3)

24. See the picture carefully and check the below statements if, true or false. And choose the right option:

21. Reading is nothing but a decoding

process, which includes encoder, _______ & ________. a. writer & decoder b. message & writer c. message & decoder

a. There are two trees besides the bank and the school. b. The trees are above the bank and the school. c. Bank is written on top of the bank. d. Out of three entrance doors of the bank, the middle one is the tallest. 1. a.(F), b.(F),c.(F), d.(T) 2. a.(F), b.(F),c.(T), d.(T)


Communication Skills In English

3. a.(T), b.(F),c.(T), d.(F) 4. a.(T), b.(F),c.(F), d.(T) Ans. (2) 25. Scan the table and choose the right combination of the statements: SCHEDULE OF STAR PLUS Time Show/ Program 8:00 a.m. Star voice of India 9:00 a.m. News 11:00 a.m. Art Attack 12:00 a.m. Movie premier 4:00 p.m. shree krishna 5:00 p.m. Tom & Jerry 7:00 p.m. Dance show 8:00 p.m. KBC 9:00 p.m. Panchvi pass 10:00 p.m. Laughter Challenge State true or false (T or F): a. One can listen to news on star plus twice a day. b. A two hour cartoon show is being telecasted for children in evening. c. There are 6 shows whose duration is one hour. d. Only one religious show can be seen on star plus. 1. a.(F), b.(F), c.(T), d.(T) 2. a.(F), b.(F), c.(F), d.(T) 3. a.(F), b.(T), c.(T), d.(T) 4. a.(T), b.(T), c.(F), d.(F) Ans. (3) 26. Reading comprehension: INTELLIGENCE PILLS Some scientists have predicted that healthy adults and children may one day take drugs to improve their intelligence and intellectual performance. A research group has suggested that such drugs might become as common as coffee or tea within the next couple of decades. To counter this, students taking exams might have to take drugs tests like athletes. There are already drugs that are known to improve mental performance, like Ritalin, which is given to children with problems concentrating. A drug given to people with trouble sleeping also helps people remember numbers. These drugs raise serious legal and moral questions, but people already take vitamins to help them remember things better, so it will not be a simple problem to solve. It will probably be very difficult to decide at what point a food supplement becomes an unfair drug in an examination. Questions Q1 - Only children will take pills to improve their intellectual performance. Right Wrong Doesn't say Q2 - Intelligence pills are already as common as coffee or tea. Right Wrong Doesn't say Q3 - Coffee is as common as tea. Right Wrong Doesn't say Q4 - Students could have to take intelligence drugs tests. Right Wrong Doesn't say Q5 - A sleeping pill helps people remember numbers. Right Wrong Doesn't say Q6 - Vitamins to help people study are illegal. Right Wrong Doesn't say Q7 - Food supplements are unfair.


Communication Skills In English

Right Wrong Doesn't say Ans. 1.wrong,2. wrong,3. Doesnt say, 4. right, 5.right, 6. wrong, 7.wrong UNIT-2

33. To describe the appearance of a layout, a place or a person is known as ________ description. a. statue b. static c. state Ans. (b) 34.The train Rajdhani Express is now approximately 15 minutes late and is now due to arrive at platform 4 at 3:45. We apologize to passengers for the delay. This is an example of ______________. a. oral script b. tape script c. verbal script Ans. (b) 35. A _________ is a phrase, which helps us to express what we are trying to say. a. script b. gambit c. interpretation Ans. (b) 36. Good listener listens for central theme & ________. a. rumors b. get distracted c. works hard along with it Ans.(c) PART B 37. Listening can be detected as follows: Input _________ Output a. Processing b. Focussing c. Hearing Ans. (a) 38. The ______ & _______ of the lecturer also helps the students to understand the meaning. a. tone & pronounciation b. attitude & pronounciation c. tone & attitude Ans. (c) 39. According to Adrian Doff, there are types of listening: a. casual & general b. focussed & general c. casual & focused Ans. (c)

LISTENING SKILLS PART A 27. The main objective of listening skills is to enable you to comprehend ________ in English. a. written messages b. oral messages c. display messages Ans. (b) 28. To get some _________ details, sumit listened to election manifesto two times. a. specific b. casual c. brief Ans. (a) 29. When someone wants to listen to something with a particular __________ in mind. a. reason b. purpose c. opinion Ans. (b) 30. The flute, the clarinet and the bassoon are the examples of _________ instruments. a. air b. atmosphere c. wind Ans. (c) 31. Drum is an example of ___________. a. wind instruments b. percussion instruments c. stringed instruments Ans. (c) 32. The basic objective of our listening is to acquire __________. a. information b. interpretation c. incentives Ans. (a)


Communication Skills In English

40. Due to lack of previous ________, shyam could not interpret the radio news. This is a _______ of listening skills. a. awareness, objective b. knowledge, hurdle c. interpretation, tip Ans. (b) 41. We could be listening to find out what the _________of the ________ towards a subject is. a. opinion, speaker b. interpretation, decoder c. knowledge, listener Ans. (a) 42.______ & ______ are the examples of stringed instruments. a. harp, piano b. sitar, harmonium c. guitar, harp Ans. (c) 43. The four arithmetical functions of basic types of calculators are addition, __________, subtraction & ___________. a. square root, multiplication b. multiplication, division c. square root, division Ans. (b) 44. Abbreviations are of three types, that is, _______ abbreviations, commonly used abbreviations & ________ abbreviations. a. huge, own b. field, personal c. short, big Ans. (b) 45. Means of communication is divided into four general categories: speech, printing, ________ & __________. a. oral, writing b. electronic, writing c. verbal, typing Ans. (b) 46. Bad listener tends to enter into ___________ and bad listener doesnt judge until the comprehension is _________. a. arguments, complete b. distraction, full c. dreams, fixed

PART A 47. A group of words, that make complete sense, is called _______. a. phrase b. speech c. sentence Ans. (c) 48. An _________ sentence is a sentence that asks a question. a. interrogative b. assertive c. exclamatory Ans. (a) 49. Every sentence has two parts. They are called subject & __________. a. proverb b. clause c. predicate Ans. (c) 50. An _______ is a word that is used to add something to the meaning of the noun. a. pronoun b. adverb c. adjective Ans. (c) 51. An adverb is a word used to add something to the meaning of a ________. a. phrase b. verb 1. clause Ans. (b) 52. A _________ is a word that is used to join words or sentences. a. conjunction b. preposition c. interjection Ans. (a) 53._______ is used before a word beginning with a consonant. a. A b. AN c. THE Ans. (a) 54. The Professor is in Delhi. THE is ________ article in this sentence. a. an indefinite b. a definite c. a alphabetical Ans. (b)



Communication Skills In English

55. The connection and linking to form a complete, recognizable whole text is called as ________. a. linkage b. cohesion c. grouping Ans. (b) 56.For writing a ________, the paper should be double-spaced, including quotations, notes and the list of works cited. a. report b. essay c. thesis Ans. (c)

62. There are three main features in essay writing. These are ________, adequate power of expression & ________. a. perfect interpretation, good source b. suitable arrangement, suitable subject matter c. knowledge, willingness Ans. (b) 63.The basic structure of a _______ includes: work experience, hobbies, personal details & ________. a. Bibliography, marital status b. resume, additional skills c. essay, facts Ans. (b) 64.IBM & BOT are __________. And these can be used to replace the ______ word. a. Links, new b. Cohesive links, complete c. Abbreviations, whole Ans. (c) UNIT-4 COMMUNICATION SKILLS PART A 65. Noise is an example of ________ to communication. a. link b. excess c. barrier Ans. (c) 66. Telephone and _______ are examples of a channel in the process of communication.. a. postal letters b. folders c. keyboard Ans. (a) 67. One of the communication barriers to communication is _____. a. lack of planning b. impersonal talks c. both Ans. (c) 68. In general, ______ can be used to communicate. a. voice b. sound c. none Ans. (b)

PART B 57. The adjectives ____, AN and _____ are called articles. a. A,THE b. IS,IN c. IT,AT Ans. (a) 58._______ is the most important word in a sentence. And it tells us what a person or a thing_______. a. pronoun, understands b. verb, does c. subject, interpret Ans. (b) 59. There are 3 types of sentences. And they are simple, ______ & ______ sentences. a. complex, definite b. indefinite, ordinary c. compound & complex Ans. (c) 60. A _______ is a number of sentences grouped ______ & relating to a group of sentences that develop a single point. a. text, separately b. paragraph, together c. report, together Ans. (b) 61. There are 5 types of cohesive links: _______, ________, references, lexical replacements & conjunctions. a. substitution, ellipsis b. clauses, ordinary replacements c. structure, eclipse Ans. (a)


Communication Skills In English

69. Communication can be done by using words and even without using words. a. true b. false Ans. (a) 70. Most of the communication in our life is oral communication because we first learn to ____ & then _____. a. write, speak b. sing, give speech c. speak, write Ans. (c) 71. In business meetings of deliberative bodies, the agenda may also known as the _______. d. order of the day e. agenda of the day f. orders of day Ans. (b) 72. Overlays can be used to present _________. g. transparencies h. slides i. projections Ans. (a) PART B 73. Fill in the blanks with a suitable answer: SENDER __________ _________ a. encoder, receiver b. message, decoder c. channel, receiver Ans. (c) 74. The whole process of a transmitting a ______ from a sender to a receiver is called _________. a. channel, communication process b. message, communication event c. information, communication process Ans. (b) 75. The response of the _________ after interpretation of the message sent by the sender is called as ________. meeting a. Decoder, Context b. Encoder, Channel c. Receiver, Feedback Ans. (c) 76. Because of multiple meanings for words communication can be distorted resulting in a A) (1,2,3,4) B) (2,3,4,5) C) (3,4,5,6) D) (2,3,5,6) Ans. A 80. Meeting are so common and pervasive in ----------------A) Organization, Institution B) Office, Institution C) Campus, Office D) None of the above Ans. A 81. It is best to keep the minutes in the same style As they were recorded in the previous There are three basic style of meetings are ------- or -------- , --------1) Report 2) Circular 3) Minutes of narration 4) Notice 5) Minutes of resoulution misunderstanding of _______ message. These distortions are called _________ distortions. a. main, cemantic b. actual, semantic c. none Ans. (b) 77. Non-Verbal communication consists of _______ & _______. a. tone, gestures b. body language, eye contact c. both Ans. (c) 78. Oral communication makes ________ interaction with ________ feedback possible. j. slow, fast k. speedy, immediate l. fast, slow Ans. (b) 79. Depending upon the channel, communication can be Categorized as 1) Internal or organizational communication 2) Formal communication 3) External communication 4) Informal communication 5) Virtual communication 6) Human communication


Communication Skills In English

A) (1,3,5) B) (1,2,3) C) (2,4,5) D) (1,4,5) Ans. A 82.. The success of a meeting, the participants should follow Certain regimen are: 1) present their ideas clearly 2) Be prepared to discuss the agenda item 3) Name of the chairperson of the meeting 4) Keep, their interest in check A) (1,2,4) B) (1,3,4) C) (2,3,4) D) (1,2,3) (ANSWER-A) Ans(a) )aaA A PART C 83. Compete the diagram by selecting the right option:

3. State true or false: a. Speaking alone is not communication. b. Spoken words & written communication are called verbal communication. c. Shaking our head can be a sign of refusal. d. One can communicate with the other only by using a proper language. 1. 2. 3. 4. a.(F), b.(T), c.(T), d.(F) a.(T), b.(T), c.(T), d.(F) a.(F), b.(F), c.(T), d.(T) a.(T), b.(T), c.(F), d.(F)

Ans. (2) 85. Match the following SET A SET B a) Chalk boarding 1) use different color

arrow or underlined text to focus attention b) Overlays points using Option A. 1-Encoder, 2-Messenger, 3-Reciever, 4-Response Option B. 1- Decoder, 2- Message, 3-Encoder, skeletal 4 Feedback Option C. 1- Encoder, 2- Message, 3- Decoder, 4- Feedback Option D. 1- Messenger, 2- Message, 3- Receiver 4- Response Ans. (Option C) 84. Fill in the blank boxes: f) Using a pointer c) Focus attention Opaque objects 3) charts and graph prepared in d) Highlighting form before presentation 4) technique used to the audience stand complex matter 5) big interval display of one transparency and another 6) focus the attention 2) draw attention to important

e) Progressive disclosure between the


Communication Skills In English

your audience and mini-mise their distraction. A) a(1),b(3),c(6),d(4),e(2),f(5) B) a(2),b(5),c(4),d(1),e(6),f(3) C) a(3),b(4),c(5),d(1),e(6),f(2) D) a(5),b(2),c(6),d(1),e(3),f(4) E) a(6),b(4),c(5),d(1),e(3),f(2) Ans. C 86. for establishing audience involvement 2) Presentation a structure converts information into meaningful message 3) Provide variety any new methods and uniqueness will increase the impact 4) Question your audience to draw their attention and help them participate actively in the presentation 5) Building confidence in your starts with personal consideration for the caller A) 1(f),2(t),3(t),4(t),5(f) B) 1(t),2(t),3(t),4(t),5(f) C) 1(f),2(t),3(t),4(t),5(f) D) 1(f),2(t),3(t),4(t),5(f) E) 1(f),2(t),3(t),4(t),5(f) Ans. (B) State which statement is true? 1) Eye contact is your primary tool