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C-Suite Executive

Gregory Scott, CGA

Beyond the NumbersCreating Value through Powerful Accomplishments

Executive Profile
Highly driven executive and problem-solver with senior level credentials in finance. Provides strategic direction linking senior management decisions with operational drivers at the frontline of business. Manages complex businesses with the capacity to oversee multiple projects simultaneously spearheading significant turnarounds. Sets the tone for organizational governance, integrity, and ethics with sound business principles and practices. Goes beyond the numbers understanding operations, key markets and what drives the bottom line. With a bias for action, furnishes sound business advice to energize execution, creating exceptional value.
Over 25 Years in Senior Roles Experience in 39 Industries Authored and led submission winning Canadas 50 Best Managed Companies Member Financial Executives International

Leadership Strengths
Organizational Leadership Cost & Risk Containment Board of Directors Interface Financial Management & Restructuring Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures Cross-Functional Team Building Budgeting & Forecasting Financing & Debt Structuring Change Management

Powerful Accomplishments
Profit & Loss Management: Transformed a large, Canadian independently owned poultry processor serving local and world markets from annual losses to the highest profit in corporate history with a $45 million turn around. Business Reengineering: Restructured a large tour operator rendering a headcount savings of 20% and dollar savings of $2.1M annually, less than a one-year payback on the investment for a newly installed ERP. Business Development: Collaborated with the President of a large manufacturing distributor on a tender to supply materials on a $19M contract. Awarded $16 million of the business significantly impacting company growth. Enterprise Resource Planning: Led the implementation of an ERP system resulting in greater efficiency in productivity, enhanced cost control, and incremental profit of $2M annually. Corporate Governance: Developed the first strategic business plan for a large garment manufacturer and went from many years of losses to profit in just one year. Profit continued to grow over 12% per year for next three years. Strategic Vision & Planning: Expanded operations through artful negotiations gaining approval on a request to increase facilities to 4.6X EBITDA and thus secured an incremental $40M in new funding for business growth. Treasury & Tax Planning: Accelerated cash flow with a complex insurance plan that resulted in over $14M in tax savings during the first 12 years with potential for an eventual $30M payout to shareholders tax-free.

Mississauga, ON, L5N 6Z4 | Cell: 647. 233.5336 | |
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C-Suite Executive

Gregory Scott, CGA

Beyond the NumbersCreating Value through Powerful Accomplishments

Leadership Chronology
Maple Lodge Farms Ltd. CFO & TREASURER reporting to CEO
Recruited to provide direction and restore solvency at the banks request for a CFO to get the company back on track. Supervised 63 people in costing, budgeting, financial forecasting, general accounting, payroll, MIS, purchasing, inventory, treasury, credit and collections. Oversaw an operating budget of close to $13M.

1999 - 2011

The largest independently owned poultry processor in Canada | 2,500 employees| Sales: $700M |

Year 2010

% Profit Over Target 57.4%

% Profit Over Last Year 122.7%

Supported the CEO in overall business including three major acquisitions complimenting strategic growth. Conducted due diligence and process closing all three deals and adding $11M profit to the business. Spearheaded a joint venture for a new and unique business model, obtained a fresh $30M bank facility without any guarantees borrowing at near prime, purchased an abandoned pork plant and agreed to renovate for a June 2012 target date expanding operations and market. Initiated and directed the wind up and amalgamation of two divisions unrelated to core competencies of the business. This successful transformation contributed $3 million to profit and along with other initiatives, allowed for a $58M debt reduction. 1995 - 1999


Independent business consulting firm supporting organizations with financial and strategic direction through future friendly solutions.

Sole proprietor successfully conducting various financial or system related assignments on behalf of diverse industries including: Banking, Auto Parts Manufacturing, Telecommunications, High Tech, and Real Estate Development.

Installed costing systems for two manufacturing facilities pin pointing exact costs of production. This improved return on investment and provided competitive advantage to bid and win new contracts. Worked with the Bell Global Solutions finance team and Board modeling a telecommunications and Ecommerce strategy resulting in successfully delivering Sympatico to market. Satisfied audit requests allowing a client to go public after other high-end consulting services failed to do so. Went from $.50 after tax dollars as a private company to selling the business for a P/E multiple of 16 times.

Testimonial to Performance
Greg was able to add value to this large and complex family business by bringing the big ideas down to the dayto-day operations and actually achieving them. He also secured financing during difficult economic times. Jacoline Loewen, Partner, Loewen & Partners Greg contributed significantly to the success of Maple Lodge Farms, our strategic vision and our acquisition, divestiture initiatives. [His] efforts have made a lasting and positive contribution to our workplace. Michael Burrows CEO, Maple Lodge Farms
Mississauga, ON, L5N 6Z4 | Cell: 647. 233.5336 | |
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C-Suite Executive

Gregory Scott, CGA

Beyond the NumbersCreating Value through Powerful Accomplishments

Additional Experience
DIRECTOR OF FINANCE & CFO |Akard Enterprises / Adventure Tours VP FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION / CFO |Deskin Inc. VP, TREASURER |Salant Canada MGR CORPORATE ACCOUNTING, COSTS & BUDGETS | Bristol Myers Pharmaceutical Group INTERNAL AUDITOR, BUDGET COORDINATOR |Colgate Palmolive INTERNAL AUDITOR |Domtar Corporation 1992 - 1994 1986 - 1992 1982 - 1986 1979 - 1982 1977 - 1979 1975 - 1977

Affiliations & Speaking Engagements

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE MEMBER |Financial Executives International, Toronto, ON FEI Webcast on Value Integration |The Changing Role of the CFO 2011 - 2012

Academic Credentials
Honours Bachelor of Commerce Queens University, Kingston ON Certified General Accountant (C.G.A.) C.C.G.A.A. Ontario Certified Internal Auditor (C.I.A.) not currently active Institute of Internal Auditors, Altamonte Springs, Florida Canadian Securities Course Canadian Securities Institute, Toronto, ON 1975 1982 1978 1973

Management Philosophy
Our first core competency is being customer focused, providing superior product quality and service as judged by the customer. Customer focused means customer first, selling what the customer wants versus what we produce. Gregory Scott submission to Deloitte Canadas 50 Best Managed Companies award. Gained recognition for Maple Lodge Farms as one of Canadas top 50 best managed companies.

Mississauga, ON, L5N 6Z4 | Cell: 647. 233.5336 | |
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