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1. Introduction: The role of Operations Management is the study of managing the process in order to produce goods and services.

Independently of whether we are talking about small business or corporate, managing operations remains vital in order for the enterprise to function effectively. Production industry would of course consist of much more complicated process of managing operations, because it involves design and creation of the product, its development, followed by distribution and coordinating several product lines if applies. One of the very important parts of the operations management is effectiveness and efficiency of the production process, thats means time, cost and quality, those are very important for operational management. Analysis: 1. Key operations management issues and analysis models to identify those issues: ssues and analysis models to identify those issues: Model of a supply chain process which was adopted and implemented successfully by McDonald's:

Customer Focus: McDonald's is committed to give equal concentration on its forward and backward integration. Cooperative Relationship: McDonald's has open

minded discussion with suppliers and full flow of communication of opinions and ideas. Management by Fact: It is continuously monitoring and assessing suppliers performances. Continuous Improvement: The firm engaged in improving the supply chain processes to meet customers needs and prevent problems from arising. Leadership: Top management cultivates cooperative culture with suppliers, commits to a long term relationship with suppliers and quality performance. Supply Chain Management Excellence: Satisfaction is well aligned with suppliers contribution and vice versa. Expected benefits of supply chain management can be described as follows: Throughput improvements Cycle time reduction Inventory cost reductions Optimized transportation: Increase order fill rate: Prediction Increase customer responsiveness 2.Strategic fits of current operation processes and systems: The success of McDonalds reflects: (a) The appeal of McDonalds offerings to mass-market preferences of individuals and families for low-priced, popular meals. (b) McDonalds ability to create a set of capabilities that

allow the replication of McDonalds restaurants worldwide In recent years, changes in the external environment have upset this close fit: Competition has increased. A large number of fastfood chains have developed, most of them utilizing the same franchising model. Consumers have become increasingly health conscious preferences have shifted away from burgers, fries, and milkshakes. McDonalds success has made it a target for a range of activist groups, environmentalists, opponents of globalization, nutritional campaigners. Consumers are seeking greater variety and novelty in their diets. As a result, McDonalds is in the process of adapting its strategy. Changes include: 1) Broadening its menu. 2) Responding to health concerns with more salads, fruit, and lower calorie items. 3) Moving from global standardization to greater local differentiation: McCroissant in France, Rice Burgers in Hong Kong. 4) International transfer of initiatives and innovations (e.g. McCafe gourmet coffee bars initiated in Australia, then rolled out in US and other countries). 3.Identification of relevant operation management

strategies /theories: Six sigma improvement models got five steps procedure which can helps McDonalds to improve in product and service performance and process .it also could be used to require major changes, redesign of existing process or development of new process.

Six sigma improvement model i. Define: * Determine the characteristics of the product and service processs output * Identify the gaps like cost efficiency, cost budget etc between those characteristics and the processs capabilities. ii. Measure: * Quantifying the work process that is affecting the gaps or not? *Prepare a data collection plan by measuring and identifying data sources like survey, customer feed back, sales. iii. Analyze: *Use the data from measure stage to perform process analysis. * Incremental process improvement or process redesign. iv. Improve: need to modify and redesign existing

methods which is not working successfully to get the new performance objectives. v. Control: *Try to maintain high performance level by monitoring the process. 4 Cost implications and its impacts on stakeholders: In introductory period costs will be high and implication process time will be lengthy. i. High Introductory cost: need to spend lots of time and money to give staff training and ultimately labor cost will be high. ii. Focus on reducing costs: *Reducing defects and waste, improving cycle times. Low labour and production cost.

Impacts on customers: * Better quality food and service from McDonalds. *Higher customer focus . * increasing customer satisfaction Impacts on employer: *Tough to learn and trained * efficient crewmembers * promotions * greater job security.

Impacts on shareholder: * More dividends for shareholders * More profit from the investment *Increase share market value 2.5 Recommendation the operational management strategy for McDonalds: (a) Focus on customer choice: should give importance about their choice, demand and liking. Wide selection of food Wide range of price Increase sales promotion Customer satisfaction Right price at right product (b) Product quality and variety: * limited food choice. * New drinks and desserts * More vegetarian. Option. *More careful about cleanliness and hygiene. (c) Healthy food line: * more health-conscious menus such as the fruit and walnut salad * option to replace fries with fruit in Happy Meals. (d) Menu development: *Hispanic, Asian and Latin American food. * Fiesta menu, chicken menus. Lam burger, * Chicken tikka masala from India.

*Roasted beef Burritos, taco recipes, fajitas etc. * Coffee specialization (e) User friendly web site and online service: *Redesign * Online ordering system * E-mail contact for customer complaints (g) Focus on style and decoration: attract new customer by new style, color and decors. (h) Focus on service: * Fast service * Extra reward for their outstanding service * Stricter Mystery shopper *Free Internet facility for customers in restaurant area. *Audio menu for blind customer. *Self service order system. 3. Conclusion: Operations Management requires high level control and analysis; otherwise the organization would cease to exist. In order to have production and service efficiency and effectiveness on high level Top Management would need to make production and service strategy plan the production, control the quality of the goods produced.

It is recommended that operation management must see to it that the strategies are well planned and implemented carefully. And its budget should be evaluate continuously so, further modification can be done on time .because these will the basis for the success and/or failure of any organization.