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Additional Translation Tasks

Translate the following texts into Vietnamese, paying attention to the

underlined words.

Vietnam to allow used-car imports

DPA 13 Feb. 06:

(1) Vietnam is to allow the imports of used automobiles for the first time to make cars more affordable,
an official said Monday. (2) The measure is to take effect May 1 in a country where motorbikes
outnumber four-wheeled vehicles by at least 20 to 1. (3) The new rule will allow cars less than 5 years
old to be imported under a tariff of 150 per cent, compared with 90 per cent for new cars, according to
Vu Anh Tu, an official in the Ministry of Finance's tax department. (4) "Vietnamese consumers will
benefit from this because those who cannot afford a new car can purchase a second-hand one instead,"
Tu said. (5) He added that the move was to bring Vietnam in line with regional and international free-
trade commitments. (6) The cheapest new car in Vietnam is now more than 20,000 dollars, far out of
the reach of most people. (7) The country of 83.5 million people now has about 600,000 registered
automobiles, compared with 14 million motorbikes, according to government statistics. (8) However,
the government is concerned that adding new cars to the roads will exacerbate already chaotic traffic in
cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. (9) Earlier this month, the government announced it would no
longer provide cars for officials because of traffic concerns.

Don't mention 'Taiwan' at APEC, Vietnamese official warns

DPA 15 Feb. 06

(1) Vietnam's deputy foreign minister warned local reporters Wednesday to avoid offending China by
not using the name Taiwan when Vietnam hosts the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
meeting later this year. (2) Le Cong Phung also urged the press not to uses words like "country" or
"nation" to describe any member of the international grouping, instead using the agreed-on euphemism
"member economies." (3) "The official name for Taiwan in APEC is 'Chinese Taipei' and the official
name for Hong Kong is 'Hong Kong-China'," Phung told reporters attending a press conference ahead
of next week's senior officials' meeting in Hanoi, one of 22 preparatory conferences ahead of the
November APEC meeting.

(4) China considers Taiwan a renegade province, and Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region
since Great Britain turned its former colony back over to China in 1997. (5) "At the previous summit in
the Republic of Korea, the host country had to abolish about 80,000 booklets, since in those booklets
there was a mistake in referring to the APEC economies as 'countries' or 'nations' and that was rejected
very strongly by China," Phung said Wednesday. (6) It has long been official protocol at APEC
meetings to avoid offending Beijing in official statements by using the pre-approved term especially for
Taiwan, which China insists is not sovereign. (7) However, Phung's request carried added weight for
Vietnamese reporters, since the country's 700-plus newspapers and magazines are all state-controlled.

Nguyen Ninh Bac CFL-VNU