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FEBRUARY 16, 1997

This message is from a dimension, a point of awareness, an aspect of consciousness

that is an aspect of who you are, for isn’t all existence one? This point of Oneness is
missed so often by souls who are transiting various dimensional experiences and
certainly within the third dimensional density.

The attractions and involvements in the experiences of the moment transcend the
concept of Oneness and capture the focus and consciousness of the soul passing
through the experience. So it is most important to come into your inner presence, into
the central core of your being where there is a total release of all that would restrain,
restrict, or contain the focus and the expanding awareness of the truth and reality of
existence that is revealed only from within the consciousness of the soul. So that
which is brought to you, made aware of within you, and is revealed externally through
you comes from that very center of existence. It is for this reason that there can be a
focus of energy, a transference of venue of experience from the three dimensional
realm to the multi dimensional realm where other aspects of existence can be related
with, observed, communicated with, and absorbed into the greater awareness, the
greater consciousness of Oneness.

For this reason there are certain contacts being made between those of the earthly
experience and those entities or points of consciousness that are part of the flotilla of
light workers, light beacons, or light bearers who are, as a collective statement of
consciousness, being involved with the ascension of consciousness of earthly beings.
This is that time of the eternal progression of awareness that your earth is coming into
a greater awareness. You see it all around you. You see it in the written word. You
see it and feel it in the discussions and conversations and, more than that, you feel it
within the depths of your soul. For there are many points of consciousness that are
blending together and forming a pathway of evolution along which the souls encased in
earthly bodies and environments can progress, can evolve, and can transcend into the
fullness of the consciousness of Oneness.

There is at this time an alignment taking place throughout the planet Earth. There is an
alignment of the energy grid. This is not energy in the sense that you might consider it
energy, such as that which electrifies your implements and provides the flow of activity
of mechanized vehicles; but the energy we are speaking of is beyond and the source of
that energy which is manifested. It is the energy that is the web of connectivity
between all points of consciousness. It is an energy that far exceeds any consideration
of energy that could ever be hypothesized or theorized within the earthly context. The
energy of the universe is vast.

As one transcends and moves through the dimensional doorway and comes into the
multi dimensional experience and existence of Oneness, this energy is released,
identified with, blended with, and becomes the source of the flow of consciousness into
and through all dimensions. It should not surprise you that this energy is the Love and
Light of the Creator. It is vast; it is infinite. It is beyond all human comprehension. It is
that which is the sustaining energy of all creation in all dimensions.

At this time there is an energy grid being aligned throughout and around and within the
earthly environment. There are points of Light throughout the earthly environment that
are anchoring this grid within the earthly context. As this grid is activated and becomes
the radiant source of all flow of energy within the earthly consciousness, these points of
Light will be like beacons, like magnets, like the statement of creation being made
manifest moment by moment within the earthly awareness.

This is that time that has been ordained from the beginning for all dimensional
experience transcends through this gateway of alignment. It has always been; it will
always be so. It is the process of the creative energy going out, circulating, coming
back, realigning, and bringing into the fullness of the creative experience the ascension
into the consciousness of Oneness. You see, there is always a cycle occurring and this
is a time when it is the cycle of ascension for all earthly travelers. It is a time for all
souls who have for many millennia been involved in the very limited and reactionary
activities of earth to embrace the infinite energy of Love, the infinite energy of Light,
and to ascend into their true source and heritage which is One with that Love and Light.

Ascension takes place exactly where you are. It is not a matter of being taken
somewhere else or transported into and then through another doorway of creation.
Ascension is a process that takes place within the consciousness of the soul. Each
and every soul is being called to this inner doorway through which ascension takes
place as the doorway is opened to allow the freedom of the soul to be expressed as the
Love and Light of this energy grid of this energy of the universe pours into and through
this doorway and the consciousness of Oneness is instantly known and realized.

So understand the process of ascension. Go within, open the inner doorway to the
infinite reality of who you are as One with the Love and Light of all creation.

Ascension is so misunderstood for it is construed to be that you, as an embodied soul,

are taken from one place to another and ascend with your physical, emotional body in
tact and then there is some magical transformation. This is not so. Ascension is purely
an inner experience that results in a complete transformation or transmutation of three
dimensional and other dimensional reality. Ascended consciousness is non
dimensional. It is an experience of alignment wherein that which is known from within,
that which is identified with from within, is aligned with the infinite statement of energy
flowing from the very center of all creation. Ascension is the process of alignment
consciously with the pure Love and Light of the Creator. Ascension is moving up to and
into and through the doorways of understanding within the consciousness of the soul to
the point of knowing the truth, knowing the Oneness with the Love and Light of
Creation. Ascending is moving into and through all of the resistive and reactive
conditions that have been self imposed by many millennia of experience in the third
dimensional density.

It is moving beyond these limiting perceptions, setting aside the worldly conditions that
are prevalent within the mind, the emotions, and the physical attachments, and moving
through the gateway that is beckoning the soul to come home. It is moving through this
gateway into the ascended consciousness of Oneness wherein the awareness of the
process of the truth and of the infinite statement of reality of creation is known, is
experienced, is blended with, and is the full consciousness of the soul.

It has been spoken of frequently as the consciousness of Oneness. When the

consciousness of Oneness is ascended into by the emerging consciousness of the
soul, as there is an evolution of awareness that brings the soul to this point, this
singular point of consciousness of Oneness, then ascension is a reality. For you see,
you are all Masters, Masters of Light, Masters of Love. The only Master is within you
and it is to that reality of being the Master you are that is the process of ascension.
Remember, all is One. All is One as the Love, the Light, and the Life of the universe.

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