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3 MAY 2010
Please be aware any Newsletter URL ending in 020701.pdf is available for downloading only during the six days following the date of the edition. If you need previous Newsletter entries contact George at Please Note: This newsletter contains articles that offer differing points of view regarding climate change, energy and other environmental issues. Any opinions expressed in this publication are the responses of the readers alone and do not represent the positions of the Environmental Engineering Division or the ASME. George Holliday This week's edition includes: ENVIRONMENT:
A. MINERALS MANAGEMENT SERVICE Requests for Interest (RFI): Commercial Leasing for Wind Power on Outer Continental Shelf Offshore Delaware , 75 FR 2165321657 SUMMARY: The Minerals Management Service (MMS) invites submissions describing interest in obtaining one or more commercial leases for the construction of a wind energy project(s) on the OCS offshore Delaware.Commentswillbeacceptedifreceivedby25June2010.
B.FRIDAY, APR. 30. 2010

Environmental Protection Agency RULES Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases: Minor Harmonizing Changes to General Provisions; Withdrawal , 75 FR 22699



A high pressure gas compressor experienced a catastrophic failure during start up on an FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offload) vessel.. Mike McKenna, CSP
EH&S Manager Rosetta Resources, 717 Texas Ave, Ste 2800, Houston, TX 77002


PIPELINE AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SAFETY ADMINISTRATION NOTICES Pipeline Safety: Implementation of Electronic Filing for Recently Revised Incident/Accident Report Forms, etc., 75 FR 22678 SUMMARY: PMHSA advises owners and operators of gas pipeline facilities and hazardous liquid pipeline facilities the new incident/accident report forms are now available for electronic filing at and must be used effective 29 Apr. 2010.

5) COMMENTS: A. TheWeekThatWas(April24,2010)
In other news, on April 15 the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) issued a press release stating that up to 50% of the heat that is believed to have been built up on earth by greenhouse gases is missing. Of course, the first thing to blame is inadequate instrumentation. There is no mention that perhaps the belief itself is wrong.



Summary Scientists studying fossils and minerals from Arctic Svalbard, in Norway, have discovered evidence that the greenhouse climate of the Cretaceous period was punctuated by a sudden drop in global temperatures. J Frank


Its interesting how similar the photos are with the Timor Sea Montara Blowout. Also, the root cause seems to be very similar in that, it is the character of the reservoir that leads to gas getting into an annulus through a migration effect. The shame of it all is that no one is seeing the root cause. The inquiry didn't have the expertise to understand the geology, hydrostatics and bad practices with regard to cementing and reporting, seeing hazards and actually managing risk on the job. Will the BP Gulf of Mexico blowout inquiry give the same results?

D. Fla. senator requests investigation of offshore oil-rig incident

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., is seeking a congressional probe of oil-rig safety following last week's incident in Louisiana's waters. The lawmaker also requested that the Interior Department provide a comprehensive report of drilling accidents in the past 10 years

E. Arctic Sea Ice

Layers of frozen seawater, known simply as sea ice, cap the Arctic Ocean. Ice grows dramatically each winter, usually reaching its maximum in March. The ice melts just as dramatically each summer, generally reaching its minimum in September. These image pairs show Arctic sea ice concentration for the month of September (left) and the following March (right) for a time series beginning in September 1999 and ending in March 2010

And information/pictures on the Larsen B ice shelf collapse in 2002 and a few others in the area

Susie Mauzy

F: EPA seeks advisory group's input on BACT for industrial polluters

The Environmental Protection Agency is seeking input from the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee's climate change work group on how to define the so-called "best available control technology," or BACT, for stationary sources of greenhouse gases. In a letter to the work group, Gina McCarthy, an assistant administrator of the EPA, asked that the report be finalized in time for a clean-air advisory panel meeting on May 26 and 27. Businesses and regulators are awaiting EPA's guidance as they prepare for the agency to begin regulating emissions from some industrial facilities in January.

G Time laps video: Plant growth with souped up with CO2

This video is very interesting since it compares plant growth rates over a time lapsed period for 450 ppm CO2 versus 1270 ppm CO2 environment The difference is dramatic. We need to ban this pollutant. Don Shaw

H, Solar Dynamics Observatory STUNNING first images and movies

This is a draft of the Fifth U.S. Climate Action Report. Comments from the public are welcome, and will be accepted until May 6, 2010. You may submit a comment via e-mail (, via fax ((202) 647-0191), or via postal mail (CAR5 Comments, Department of State, Office of Global Change, Harry S. Truman Building, Room 2480, 2201 C Street N.W., Washington, DC 20520).

I. " Hare are examples of how far science has come to understand the sun.
As the lead in says the video and pictures are stunning they are an example of how far science has come to understand the sun. As the lead in says the video and pictures are stunning

J. Five myths about green energy

Americans are being inundated with claims about renewable and alternative energy. Advocates for these technologies say that if we jettison fossil fuels, we'll breathe easier, stop global warming and revolutionize our economy. Yes, "green" energy has great emotional and political appeal. But before we wrap all our hopes -- and subsidies -- in it, let's take a hard look at some common misconceptions about what "green" means.

K.Climate Change Indicators in the United States

Collecting and interpreting environmental indicators play a critical role in our understanding of climate change and its causes. An indicator represents the state of certain environmental conditions over a given area and a specified period of time. Examples of climate change indicators include temperature, precipitation, sea level, and greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.

L. Climate Science In Denial by Richard Lindzen, Wall Street Journal

In mid-November of 2009 there appeared a file on the Internet containing thousands of emails and other documents from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain.

M. New ground truth: soil microbe negative feedback

This could be a game changer. From the University of California, Irvine press release, a finding that suggests soil microbes have a negative feedback with temperature increase. This has broad implications for the amount of CO2 emitted estimated in climate models. It had been assumed that as temperature increased, microbes and fungii would increase their CO2 output. Globally, this microbiotic contribution is large. The amount of CO2 released from soils worldwide each year is estimated to be about 8-10 times greater than the amount released by humans. Don Shaw

N. Environmental Engineering Division Speakers List

The Environmental Engineering Division announces the development of Environmental Speakers list. The listed speakers agree to participate as invited guests at ASME section

meetings. The speakers out of pocket expenses will be borne by the host ASME meeting Section. Please contact Martin Edelson,, for speaker reservations. We invite other potential speakers to join the Speakers List by contacting Martin Edelson [].

Regards George