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Jurongville Secondary School

Secondary 3 Express Biology Worksheet

Chapter 13: Nervous System in Mammals

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13.1 You accidentally touch a hot iron and immediately withdraw your hand.

(a) In this situation, what is the heat from the hot iron? Stimulus
(b) What kind of special structures detect it? Receptors
(c) What is the act of withdrawing your hand called? Response
(d) What kinds of structures bring about this act? Effector / muscles
(e) What is this characteristic of organisms called? Sensitivity

13.2 V to Z list cells in the nervous system. Match them accurately with
the statements (a) to (e).

V: Relay neurones X: Effector neurones Z: Receptors

W: Brain cells Y: Receptor neurones

(a) These store information for future use W

(b) These receive information from receptors Y
(c) These are sensitive to changes in environment Z
(d) These transmit information to the brain from the spinal cord
(e) These transmit instructions to effectors X
(f) Select 4 appropriate answers and arrange them in the correct
sequence to form the main part of the reflex arc.

(g) Name a fifth kind of cell needed to complete the arc
Muscle/gland cells

13.3 What is the central nervous system made up of? Brain + Spinal Cord

13.4 List 3 parts of the brain and state a function for each.
Part of the brain Function
Cerebrum Coordinates voluntary action (intelligence, memory,
Hypothalamus Maintains homeostasis, regulate body temperature,
water potential of blood, appetite, emotion
Midbrain Consist of optic lobes concerned with visual reflexes (eg.
Movement of eyeballs)

13.5 Complete the following sentences using appropriate words or phrases.

• The grey matter of the spinal cord is made up of cell bodies of

• The white matter of the spinal cord is made up of nerve fibres
• Nerves which carry impulses to the CNS are called receptor nerves
• Effector nerves carry impulses from CNS to effectors
• A synapse is the junction/gap between two neurones
• A reflex action is a rapid automatic response to a specific stimulus
• Example of a spinal reflex is knee jerk
• Example of a cranial reflex is pupil reflex / blinking of eye

13.6 Show the components of a simple reflex arc using a diagram.