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“It’s Time To Make A Decision”

Acts 24:22-27

All of us put off doing certain things: going to the dentist, filing tax
returns, writing that letter, fixing the leaky faucet. Why do we avoid
that which we know we must do sooner of later? Sometimes we fear
discomfort or pains; sometimes we fear failure; often we are just plain
lazy. Sometimes our failure to act is itself an act of anger or rebellion.
The Bible warns often of laziness and its consequences. By and large
Scripture encourages thoughtful decisions, courageous commitment,
and prompt action. The Christian faith condemns laziness, transforms
fear into boldness, and confronts rebellion with judgment.

This morning we will be looking at procrastination and how it can

reveal our true motives and not to take action will lead us to

Acts 24:22-23

Felix avoids making a legal decision

1. I’ll wait for Lysias.
2. Had enough evidence to rule in Paul’s favor.
a. Was knowledgeable in their customs.
b. None of his accusers were there.
3. Gave Paul freedom while in custody and let his friends care for
his needs.

Story of Tina’s son.

4. Walking the middle ground

a. Knew Paul’s innocents.
b. Didn’t want to identify with the way (Christ).
c. Made on decision.

I know who I am and I can not be anything else.

Acts 24:24-25

Felix avoids making a Spiritual decision.

1. Sends for Paul, Why? The way.
2. As Paul reasons (shares) of.
a. Righteousness.
b. Self control.
c. A judgment to come.
Felix’s life Style

Felix was a freedman slave that rose to rule ship. But....

1. Was noted for his corruptness.
2. Was found guilty of extoration.
3. Lived an adulterous life.
4. Drusilla (Jewish) sister to Herod Agrippa II Bernice.
5. Felix seduced her away from her husband to be his wife, if fact
she’s his third wife.

Felix’s life style kept him from making a decision.

Story, Pastor’s son.

Go away
1. Trembled, what is this?
2. Holy Spirit, Paul knew it. Remember Philippians jailer, how about
Paul himself, when Jesus revealed himself to Paul.

Salvation was at hand and Felix said go away we’ll talk later.
1. Felix’s next time never came.
2. And if you refuse to answer Jesus today your next time may
never come.
3. The longer you wait the less chance you have.

What if you are saved?

Has God told you about a change that is needed in your life?
1. Join a ministry.
2. Get into a mini-church.
3. Slow down or give alcohol up, cigarettes.
4. Relationship (Me and Kehau).
5. Friends (share my story).
6. Change the way we think.

Christians, God has made his calling in your life clear and we can’t
afford not to take action.

Not taking action is called rebellion.

Fear and rebellion cause Jonah to put off what he knew should be done.

Jonah 1:1-3

Joshua 18:1-3
Procrastination can mean disobedience.

Matthew 25:14-30 Fear of Failure

Acts 24:26-27

Felix heart is revealed.

1. Hoped Paul would pay his way out.
2. Two years passed and still nothing.
3. Felix is removed.
4. If not for his brother it is said he would have been executed.

Procrastination revealed Felix’s true heart and motives.

We need to check ourselves when we are putting things off.

Procrastination could mean

1. Disobedience
2. Laziness
3. Fears

When ever we are dealing with procrastination, check your hearts. Ask
the Lord to reveal it to you.

Psalms 139:23
23 Search me, O God, and know my heart;
test me and know my thoughts.