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******* emcreports version 29 for x86 servers - readme *******


for enhancement requests or issues with emcreports:
email: gil bernier (
all emc employees:
submit a request at
notice of copyright:
this program contains maintenance aids and is the confidential unpublished intel
lectual property of emc corporation. it includes without limitation exclusive co
pyright and trade secret rights of emc throughout the world.

what is happening:
when you run this tool you will see a command window start up. the tool runs in
that window. when the tool is done you will see an explorer window open up and
in the explorer window is the .zip file that you need to send via email to your
emc support analyst handling your case.
windows servers running citrix should collect data fine using emcreports but thi
s has not, and will not be tested by me. if collections are not supported by emc
reports due to the revision or version of operting system you are running then i
t is advised that you use the current version of mpsreports from microsoft's set
up/performance team. mpsreports can be downloaded from:
the emcreports tool is utilized to gather detailed information regarding a syste
ms current configuration. the data collected will assist the emc support analyst
with fault isolation.
the reporting tool does not make any registry changes or modifications to the op
erating system. please see the section for package contents and directory struct
ure for details on what is copied to the system and what directories are made.
this package supports windows 2000, windows xp, and windows 2003 with 32-bit ope
rating systems only. on execution of the package the product type is detected to
determine which commands will be utilized to collect information.
note: please use version 15 of emcreports for the windows nt 4.0 operating syste
once you have created your report file you need to send it to emc customer servi
ce for analysis. this is done easily and securely using emc websupport.
go to websupport case management (note: you must be a registered websupport user
. select the registration link to register)
for a new support case select create a case and complete the simple step-by-step c
reation process. once you submit your case you will have the opportunity to uplo
ad your emc grab file to your case using the attachments functionality.
for an existing support case, locate your case by using the quick case search or my
open cases portlets or by using the case query functionality in case management. sel
ect the attachments tab and upload your file.
note: you may also use emc s ftp site if websupport is not available. contact emc
customer service for more information.
emcreports supports up to 4 command line switches at the same time.
emcreports -lite:
this option allows you to collect the minimal amount of files necessary to run a
n emc heat configuration verification. follow these steps:
1) go to a command prompt and cd to the directory where emcreports.exe is l
ocated (you can execute emcreports from any directory).
2) enter the following command syntax: emcrpts_x86_v29.exe /c:"emcrpt.c
md -lite"
emcreports -nop:
this option allows you to collect the full emcreports collection with no popup w
indows, and therefore, hands free:
1) go to a command prompt and cd to the directory where emcreports.exe is l
ocated (you can execute emcreports from any directory).
2) enter the following command syntax: emcrpts_x86_v29.exe /c:"emcrpt.c
md -nop"
note: since emcreports will not display the final zip file in -nop mode, you wil
l need to extract it manually from %systemroot%\emcreports\collection\zip
emcreports -nnt:
this option allows you to collect the full emcreports collection with no network
information collection:
1) go to a command prompt and cd to the directory where emcreports.exe is l
ocated (you can execute emcreports from any directory).
2) enter the following command syntax: emcrpts_x86_v29.exe /c:"
d -nnt"
emcreports -nmsd:
this option allows you to collect the full emcreports collection without collect
ing the msinfo32 files:
1) go to a command prompt and cd to the directory where emcreports.exe is l
ocated (you can execute emcreports from any directory).
2) enter the following command syntax: emcrpts_x86_v29.exe /c:"
d -nmsd"
command switch note: the lite,nop,nnt,nmsd, and debug switches are not case sen
emcreports debugging:
a debug.bat file exists in this version of emcreports and will turn all script e
cho on and send the screen output to a file on your desktop called emcrpt_debug.
txt. use this switch when emcreports is failing to collect information or emcrep
orts is hanging during collection, or you are requested to do so by the author.
the text output from this file will be helpful when analyzing any issues you are
having with emcreports.
1) unzip the emcreports tool into a folder
2) cd to the folder where you unzipped emcreports and execute the command d
debug note: debug can also be run after emcreports has been already executed by
moving the emcreports\bin folder to any location besides the one it currently re
sides in and then double-click the debug.bat file.

average completion times for emcreports are in the range of 5 to 25 minutes. if
for some reason the data collection process is not completing try running the to
ol during non-peak usage times.
it is required that the currently logged on user have administrative rights in o
rder to allow for proper operations of the emcreports tool. if you have any ques
tions regarding the usage or operations of emcreports consult with the emc suppo
rt analyst you are working with.

package contents:
checksym.exe - utility that gathers version and symbol information from
executable files for 32bit servers
clusmps.exe - microsoft pss tool for parsing the cluster hive for clus
ter configuration
debug.bat - file used only for collecting debug output during proble
ms running emcreports
devcon.exe - tool for collecting device status information
diskext.exe - utility for listing disk mount information
dmdiag.exe - disk information utility for capturing ldm information
dosdev.exe - microsoft tool used in emcreports to get object names fo
r devs
dumpevt.exe - utility that dumps event logs in evt format.
emcrpt.cmd - command script used to create all the reports
emulex.cmd - batch file for processing hbacmd.exe commands against mu
ltiple hba's
fcinfo.exe - utility for gathering fibre channel hba info
getver.exe - utility used to determine version of windows nt running.
gpresult.exe - resource kit tool for collecting account information for
hbaapi.dll - required file for fcinfo.exe
hbaapi2.dll - required file for qlogic collection tool
hbatapi.dll - required file for fcinfo.exe
inq.exe - emc tool for enumerating symmetrix/clariion disks
iscli.exe - qlogic tool for collection of qlogic iscsi adapter infor
libexpat.dll - qlogic tool for collection of qlogic iscsi adapter infor
mation - required file for qlogic scli collections
pkzipc.exe - utility to compress all files into a single zip file.
psloglist.exe - utility to dump the event logs to a txt file.
pstat50.exe - resource kit utility to dump running processes and devic
e drivers for 2000.
qlfo.dll - qlogic file necessary for scli.exe
qlsdm.dll - qlogic file necessary for scli.exe
qlutils.dll - qlogic file necessary for scli.exe
qswdll_mt.dll - qlogic file necessary for scli.exe
readme.txt - this file
reg.exe - resource kit utility to dump registry values.
savelogbottom.exe - microsoft pss tool for capturing a limited amount of a l
arge log from the bottom up.
scli.exe - qlogic tool for hba queries
sdmiscsid.dll - qlogic file necessary for iscsicli.exe
secinspect.exe - disk information utility - qlogic file necessary for scli collections
srvinfo.exe - utility that pulls hotfix and services information
timestamp2.js - used in timestamp collections for collecting info from c
ertain times
tlist.exe - utility that lists current processes and sub processes.
uptime.exe - utility that parses the system event log for boots,crash
es, bluescreens
vflag.exe - utility that reads the state of hidden, readonly, no def
drive letter flags on disks

directory structure:
%systemroot%\emcreports---|- bin
|** oldzip (historical save of last emcreports collec
|- collection
|-- host
|-- hbainfo
|** cluster
|-- inq
|** se
|** pp
|** geospan (or srdfce)
|-- zip
|-- network
note: the folders listed under "collection" with '**' are conditionally create

reports gathered:

note: files listed below with "geospan" in the name could also be created
as "srdfce"
depending on which application is loaded.
application.evt - copy of the application event log
in evt format
application_eventlog.txt - copy of the application event log
in txt format
arp.txt - arp -a
at.txt - output of the at command
boot_ini.txt - copy of the boot.ini file
cluster.log - copy of the cluster log
cluster_clcfgsrv.log - copy of the clcfgsrv log
cluster_mps_information.txt - general cluster report
cluster_oml.txt - copy of the cluster object log
cluster_properties.txt - list of all cluster property valu
cluster_resources.txt - list of all cluster resources
cluster_registry.txt - copy of the cluster registry hiv
in text format - copy of the cluster registry hiv
(equivalent to clusdb)
cpqsetup.log - copy of compaq setup log
cpqsurvey.txt - copy of compaq surveyor log
cres_log.txt - copy of the geospan logs
device_locks.txt - symdev -lock list (one per symmet
device_status.txt - capture yellow devices in device
disktimeoutvalue.txt - disktimeout value from the regist
diskx_cluster_chkdsk.log - copy of each cluster chkdsk run
disk_extents.txt - listing of logical to physical di
dmdiag.txt - dynamic disk configuration file
drivers.txt - list of all os drivers loaded and
their revs
elxsli2_hiv.txt - copy of the scsiport driver hiv
in the registry
emc_sftwr_registry.txt - copy of the emc software hive fro
m the registry
emcreports_progress.txt - progress of emcreports commands
emulex_drvrparams.txt - listing of the emulex driver para
meters and their settings
emulex_hba_attributes.txt - details for the emulex hba's driv
emulex_hba_list.txt - list of emulex hba's found
emulex_mapping.txt - list of targets seen by each emul
ex hba
emulex_port_attributes.txt - brief hba details for the emulex
emulex_port_stats.txt - emulex error statistics per hba
erm_version.txt - version of erm (irccd.exe -verif
ermer.tar - output from ermer (erm collectio
n tool)
filters.txt - list of all filter drivers
geospan_config_hiv.txt - copy of the geospan registry
geospan_locks.txt - check for symm locks according to
primus emc79532
geospan_settings.txt - copy of %systemroot%\geospan\regl
geosymapi_db.bin - copy of the geospan database
getver.txt - version of windows
gpresult.txt - group policy objhects for current
signed on user.
hba_info.txt - brief hba info via 'fcinfo /detai
l' command
hba_info.txt - brief hba info via 'fcinfo /detai
l' command
hba_list.txt - short list of hba's via 'fcinfo'
command (no switches)
hba_stats.txt - hba error statistics via 'fcinfo
/stats' command
hba_mgmt.txt - brief hba mgmt info via 'fcinfo /
mgmt' command
hba_topo.txt - fabric topology info per hba via
'fcinfo /top' command
hba_mapping.txt - lun info per hba via 'fcinfo /map
ping' command
hosts_file.txt - copy of etc\hosts file
hotfixes.txt - list of hotfixes installed on the
inq.txt - inquiry output standard
inq-btl.txt - inquiry output with bus, target,
lun enumeration
inq-clariion.txt - inquiry output for clariion
inq-et.txt - inquiry output with fa port numer
inq-page0.txt - inquiry output with page0 informa
tion for each disk
inq-pagec0.txt - inquiry output with pagec0 inform
ation for each disk
inq-symmwwn.txt - inquiry output that will include
all 4 digits of the device.
installed_sftwr.txt - listing of installed software.
ipconfig.txt - ipconfig /all
iscsicli_initiators.txt - iscsicli listinitiators
iscsicli-targets.txt - iscsicli listtargets
iscsicli_trgt_portals.txt - iscsicli listtargetportals
iscsicli_perstnt_targets.txt - iscsicli listpersistenttargets
iscsicli-trgt_mappings.txt - iscsicli reporttargetmappings
iscsicli_bound_volumes.txt - iscsicli reportpersistentdevices
iscsicli_sessions.txt - iscsicli sessionlist
iscsicli_snsservers.txt - iscsicli listisnsservers
iscsicli_version.txt - iscsicli versioninfo
ldm_dump.txt - ldm header dump data for all dyna
mic disks
localhost_version_admsnap.txt - version of admsnap running
memory_dump.txt - listing of all memory dumps on th
e computer
mounteddevices.txt - copy of the mounteddevices regist
ry key
mountvol.txt - list of current and eligible moun
table drives
navi_agent_cfg.txt - copy of the clariion navi agent.c
onfig file
navi_agentid.txt - copy of the clariion navi agentid
.txt file
net_nbtstat.txt - nbtstat -s
net_ports.txt - netstat -an
netshares.txt - net share
netdomdc.txt - netdom query dc
netdompdc.txt - netdom query pdc
netdomfsmo.txt - netdom query fsmo
ntbtlog.txt - copy of the boot log if enabled o
n the server - copy of all volume logs associate
d with om
pnpenum.txt - list of enumerated plug and play
pnplog.txt - copy of the plug and play log fil
e - all files from %programfiles%\emc
\powercommon\logs folder
ppath_powermt_custom.txt - copy of the powerpath custom poli
cy file
ppath_disp_devall.txt - list of powerpath managed devices
ppath_ppme.txt - list of ppme migrations
ppath_disp_options.txt - powerpath option settings
ppath_disp_paths.txt - list of powerpath managed paths
ppath_disp_ports.txt - list of powerpath managed ports
ppath_disp_license.txt - powerpath license registration
ppath_version.txt - powerpath version
process_info.txt - list of running processes
pstat.txt - list of processes and drivers
qlogic_info.txt - detailed qlogic hba information
ra_portlist.txt - symcli listing of all ra ports by
sid - emc recoverpoint collection via h
recovery_options.txt - copy of the recovery options set
up in registry
registry_devicemap.txt - copy of the hklm\hardware\devicem
ap\scsi keys
registry_services_keys.txt - copy of the hklm\system\ccs\servi
ces keys
registry_storage_keys.txt - copy of hklm\system\ccs\enum\stor
age keys
reserv_list.txt - symcfg -sid xxxx -resv list
route_table.txt - netstat -rn
sa_portlist.txt - symcli listing of all sa and fa p
orts by sid
sectorinspector.txt - disk utility listing key sectors
in hex
setupapi.log - copy of the setupapi.log file
smc_eccwebini.txt - file required by smc engineering
for troubleshooting
smc_litewavetrc.txt - file required by smc engineering
for troubleshooting - copy of all the config files in t
he srdf-ce folder - copy of all the files in the srdf
-ce\srdf-celogs folder
srdfce_registry_hiv.txt - copy of the srdf/ce registry hive
with all sub-keys
srvinfo.txt - general server information
stordaemon.txt - stordaemon list -v
storport_version.txt - list of storport hotfixes and the
current installed version
symacl_list.txt - symacl list -v
symapi_db.bin - copy of the symapi database - all symapi logs in a zip file
symapi_licenses.txt - copy of the license file
symapi_options_file.wri - copy of the solutions enabler opt
ions file
symaudit.txt - symaudit listing for the past 14
symavoid.txt - copy of the solutions enabler sym
avoid file
symbcv_list.txt - symbcv list
symcfg_conn.txt - symcfg -connections list
symcfg_dirallvlist.txt - symcfg -dir all -v list
symcfg_emc_apps.txt - symcfg -app -v list
symcfg_lock_list.txt - symcfg -sid xxxx list -lockn all
symcfgconn.txt - symcfg -connections list -sid sym
symcfgdirall.txt - symcfg -v -dir all list
symcfglist.txt - symcfg list
symcfgverbose.txt - symcfg -v list -sid symid
symcli_cfglist_verbose.txt - symcfg list -v
symcli_def.txt - symcli -def
symcli_dglist.txt - symdg list
symclone_list.txt - symclone -sid xxxx list
symdev_list.txt - symdev list
symevent.txt - symevent list -sid symid
syminq.txt - syminq
symmask_listhba.txt - symmask list hba
symmask_logins.txt - symmask -sid symid list logins
symmaskdb_listdb.txt - symmaskdb -sid symid list databas
symntctl_physical.txt - symntctl list physical command
symntctl_version.txt - symntctl list version information
symntctl_volume.txt - symntctl list volume command
sympd_list.txt - sympd list
symrdf_list.txt - symrdf list
symsnap_list.txt - symsnap -sid xxxx list
symstar_query.txt - symstar -cg * query -detail (quer
y of all groups in star folder)
system.evt - copy of the system event log in e
vt format
system_eventlog.txt - copy of the system event log in t
xt format
tlist.txt - process tree for investigating se
rvice locks
uptime.txt - report of boot, reboot, crash, cr
ashdump history
volume_objects.txt - listing of volume to phyiscal
vds_provlog.log - vds hardware provider log
vss_vflag.txt - vflag information for all disks o
n the server
vssadmin.txt - series of vssadmin command collec
winmsd.nfo - system information file nfo versi
winmsd.txt - system information file text vers

additional information:
on your system a zip file will be generated for your convenience in the %systemr
oot%\emcreports\collection\zip directory called the zip file will contain the rep
orts generated by the emcreports tool. please send the
most current zip file to the emc support analyst who is working on your support

xx/xx/xx - version 29
1) added version info to the event log entry
2) added collect for symavoid file
3) separated tool back out to 3 tools due to sea restrictions
4) added back the nmsd (skip msinfo32), lite (heat collect only), nnt (skip netw
ork), and nop (no popups)
5) added devcon.exe for device status
6) removed fltrfind.exe. now collecting filters via devcon stack
7) now collecting powermt.custom in powercommon due to change in 5.1
8) new file: device_status.txt will contain yellow devices in device manager
9) ppath 5.1 now defines installdir in the registry. added check for path.
10) removed fpath collections
11) added collect for smc files requested by smc engineering
12) appending "symcfg -kit" to "symcli -def" per request of rm group
13) stop chksym of iscsli driver. now doing "iscsicli versioninfo"
14) now collecting emc recoverpoint collections using host_info_collector.exe
15) added storport_version.txt file with table of hotfixes listed.
16) added exclude for qlinitlog.txt and libdfc.log
17) no more capture of >24 hour old files

10/17/07 - version 28
1) fixed cluster collections for x64 (wasnt collecting due to new package)
secondary benefit of fixing the collect of 64 bit server cluster on 32bit os
2) fixed $vds$.log capture (type instead of copy to stop path insertion)
3) fixed typo in daemon options file collect causing failure to collect
4) fix for only getting a partial hotfix listing on 64-bit servers
5) added "iscsicli reportpersistent devices" into iscsicli_bound_volumes.txt
6) modified the symmask listlogins for better output
7) added "powermig info -all" and collected in ppath_ppme.txt
8) modified symntctl version due to switch change
9) added disk_extents.txt for logical to physical disk mapping
10) added "powermig version" to the bottom of the ppath_version.txt file
11) removed diskpart collections (not needed now that we have extents)
12) updated iscsicli version chart
13) added -v to srvinfo to pull sql/exch versions
14) updated qlogic iscicli from to
15) removed system32_sys.csv
16) srvinfo now only on 2000. using systeminfo on all others
17) added veritas collects (vxprint, vxdg list, vxdisk list)
18) now zipping the entire vxvm logs folder
19) removed 21 network collections based on support feedback
20) now collecting om log based on registry location
21) added "emc corporation" hive to capture ecc
22) fixed packaging problem that created incorrect profiles on customer server.
23) now collecting each om volume log into
24) removed dru collections and now zipping all om logs
25) typo in srdfce res log pathing fixed
26) silenced all zips and forwarding all returns to nul
27) removed dmdiag2k and dmdiag23 and replaced with latest from microsoft

08/21/07 - version 27
1) typo in script for vds log resolved
2) typo in script causing only one emulex hba to be gathered in the
driverparams file
3) all customer viewable references to amd64 changed to x64
4) shortened final zip name length due to various issues
5) replaced dmdiag23 and dmdiag2k with same versions used by microsoft
6) skipping diskpart if veritas installed
7) added all logs in powercommon\logs folder to
8) removed srvinfo from 64-bit collections due to bad hotfix info
9) added support for longhorn beta testing (x86 version only)
10) fixed a pathing error in the msinfo32 collects
11) copyright notice added per corp legal request
12) replaced scli v1.6.16.57 with latest
13) added "stordaemon list -v" to stordaemon.txt
14) added "symauth list -v" to symcli_auth_list
15) added "symauth list -users" to symcli_auth_acls.txt
16) added "symconfigure -sid xxxx -reserved list"
to device_reservations.txt
17) changed srvinfo to -d instead of -v to get driver states
18) removed explicit paths to program files
19) fixed emulex collection hang. now bypass buggy microsoft hbaapi.dll
20) removed sime collects. product dead on 7/31/07
21) made debugging easier for customers without a zip program
22) moved all three emcreports tools into one
23) removed the kernel mode drivers file

04/09/07 - version 26
1) fixed: if hbanywaredir exists but no hbacmd then no msinfo because skipping t
inq rather than oldemcap
2) added symcfg discover to start of symcliget in order to get more reliable dat
3) fixed srdfce reglist collect issue with too many slashes in the path
4) fixed srdfce database collect not gathered if srdfce is installed on a non-sy
stem disk
5) all change directories now done with /d parameter to avoid non-system disk is
6) compensation for change in hbanyware location change
7) now capturing logs locked by srdfce

02/26/07 - version 25
1) removed evtlog.exe and replaced with psloglist.exe to get rid of csv output
2) -lite now only gets just the files that gstools touches and nothing more.
3) removed evt and text event logs for lite (approved by b.m. for heat)
4) added an iscsi initiator version reference chart to the top of the iscsicli_
version file
5) added fcinfo captures to replace the hbainfo files.
6) inq -hba only run now if fcinfo fails to collect.
7) moved all hba collections to new folder hbainfo
8) removed inq -et (gers request 245)
9) fix for no geospan db collect on w2k3 servers
10) removed lpxftr and elxstor hive collects as these are non-essential
and already captured in the services_key file.
11) fixed subroutine that was causing iscsicli to be skipped.
12) fixed issue where iscsicli versioninfo is not collecting correct version of
the initiator. now chksym'ing the file msiscdsm.sys for this info
13) added -debug switch to collect debugging info for emcreports problems
14) error suppression inserted
15) removed all references to "program files" due to german issues.
16) now collecting the irindicator file for rm
12/13/06 - version 24
1) added "symcfg -sid xxxx -resv list" for each symm to "reserv_list.txt"
2) replaced scli files with latest from qlogic (from 1.06.16 bld 49 to bld 57)
3) replaced iscsi cli files with latest from qlogic (from to
4) bringing inq back to the version that was in emcreports v22 because the lates
version of inq requires certain c++ library versions be installed on the serv
and that is unacceptable for emcreports. going from version 7.3-733 to 7.3-62
5) added symclone list and symsnap list
6) added sympd list
7) added back the volume objects file per tech support request
8) replaced dmdiag files with latest from microsoft
9) removed apimsg processing
10) replaced dumpel.exe with evtlog.exe due to the apimsg problem
11) modified folder and file names to match if srdfce or geospan are installed
12) removed duplicate "symcfg list connections"
13) now doing symdev list for each symmetrix
14) added day of week to filename per japan request
15) now collecting hklm\hardware\devicemap\scsi into devicemap.txt
16) going back to an older version of dmdiag because it has proven
to give the best information.
09/28/06 - version 23
1) last event log creation was causing intermittent double runs of the collect.
i don't care why, just removed it instead.
2) removed capture for emc\symapi\db\emcvssreq.log (bad path)
3) added capture for the emc vds provider log per engineering
4) fixed syntax error in vds log capture
5) added capture for new vds log location starting in txim 3.9
6) removed srdfce home collection and replaced it with reglist collection
7) added v20 style collect of srdfce logs for pre2.1
8) corrected an emulex collection issue for amd-64 (wasn't collecting emulex at
9) replaced qlogic nvram collection with latest tool from qlogic due to no coll
ect on qle2460
10) replaced inq v6.0.1.0 with latest inq v6.2.1.0
11) removed all nt4.0 logic and tool exits if it finds nt4.0
12) added case insensitve logic to the if statements to pair it down
13) created 3 separate tools for x64, ia64, and one for all 32-bit servers.
14) powerpath logic for pre-204 removed so now dependant on powermt.exe instead
of driver.
15) removed bootcfg collect. back to boot.ini
16) removed netdom
17) removed splash screen but minimizing the readme
18) added collection of navi agent.config and agentid.txt files
19) replaced dmdiag files with latest from microsoft.
20) added geospan/srdfce database back into the collection
21) bug fix for non-collection of symapi logs if not on sysdrive
06/28/06 - version 22
1) replaced qlogic collector with latest from qlogic
2) corrected a typo that prevented amd64 from getting a winmsd output
3) change to srdfce log gather
4) fixed issue where reg.exe was not pulling srdfce collections
5) now collecting clcfgsrv.log regardless of failed install
6) now creates an eventlog 999 message for start/stop of emcreports

05/19/06 - version 21

1) replaced inq with new version v6.0-629 per emc service alert.
2) bug in dmdiag resolved by microsoft. now a separate tool for xp,2k,2k3
3) removed dosdev collection
4) modified the apimsgs.dll fix for better handling
5) added -v to the symmaskdb list database command to get heterogeneous settings
6) added switch use to progress file for debug of emcrpt issues
7) removed scrubber.exe due to legal issues
8) redo of the lite section to include all files for heat
9) now collecting powermt.custom file
10) removed nt 4.0 script and files
11) added diskpart list disk and diskpart list volume for post windows 2000
12) improved support for amd64 (x64)
13) added symcfg -lockn list all
14) per customer request, -nop will now prevent any windows from opening during
so that a silent run could be scheduled by at. message at end shows where
to get the files.
15) now collecting emulex information regardless of where the customer
has installed hbanyware software.
16) removed the emulex elxcfg revision history collection as it is
no longer needed.
17) fixed issue where sime version not captured on production server
18) added symacl list -v
19) added powerpath efix list from add/remove programs listing
20) added symstar query -detail of all symstar groups
21) added inq -symmwwn to give wwn's of all symdevs
22) added qlogic iscsi hba collections
23) previous collections of emrmer failing due to some pathing issues (now corre
24) replaced mpsclus with private version created for me by microsoft to capture
priviledges for srdfce accounts

07/13/05 - version 20

1) emc found a bug in the newer version of microsoft's secinspect that

caused it to collect huge files in an emc environment. replaced
secinspect.exe with fixed version from microsoft. the severity
of this issue has prompted a new release of emcreports.
2) removed emulex hbacmd references to specific c: paths
that were causing emcreports to collect zero byte files
on customers that have their system drive on other than c:
3) changed all variables referencing c: to %systemdrive%
4) removed support for windows nt 4.0. the logic for nt 4.0 is still
in version 20 but will be removed in a future
emcreports version.
5) now collecting the daemon_options file
6) pathing changed for 64-bit symcli in v6.0. now collecting 64 bit
symcli no matter where it is installed.
7) allowance for amd64 processors
8) collecting the emc software hive now.
9) removed the zip password as it was causing me too much grief.
enough said.
10) added amd64 support
11) added support for olm log for upcoming new release of dru
12) now collecting powerpath iscsi
13) now resolving the apimsgs.dll issue by renaming the file
from within the emcreports run
14) resolved syntax issue with collecting syminq
15) shortened the symaudit from 14 days to 7 days

06/23/05 - version 19

1) added dmdiagnet for 64bit dmdiag ops

2) added symmetrix device lock gather in device_locks.txt
3) hotfix list for 64-bit was incomplete in version 18
resolved by using reg.exe from os instead of compiled
4) removed vxdg list file collection
5) removed residual diskinfo
6) added check to prevent powerpath gather on servers that
have removed powerpath but the driver still exists unused.
7) added vflag capture for all disks
8) added check for symmetrix locks in a geospan environment
based on the information in primus emc79532
9) removed all -sm switching and supportmate references
10) now collecting sime 2000 and sime 2003 logs
11) removed clariion triage
12) now collecting sime 2003 version into sime_version.txt
13) added -nmsd switch for bypassing msinfo32 portions
14) added symaudit to collect for past 14 days.
15) replaced clusmps.exe with latest rev from microsoft
16) now collecting the symapi options file
17) now collecting erm (emc replication manager) files
using ermer
18) added +swenvnetconn to msinfo32 at request of celerra grp
19) the following insertions were made per celerra request
a) net config server
b) net config workstation
c) net session
d) net time
e) net time /querysntp
f) net use
g) net view
h) nbtstat -s
i) gpresults
j) netsetup log
k) at
l) iscsi mrht registry
m) cava registry
n) emcsnapg registry
o) cldsvc registry
p) mpfsctl version
q) mpfsctl list
r) mpfsctl stats
s) mpfsctl srdf list
t) dsquery computer forestroot -desc "emc celerra"
u) scsicli listtargets
v) iscsicli listtargetportals
w) iscsicli listpersistenttargets
x) iscsicli reporttargetmappings
y) iscsicli listinitiators
z) iscsicli listisnsservers
a1) iscsicli sessionlist
b1) iscsicli versioninfo
c1) netdom query pdc
d1) netdom query dc
e1) netdom query fsmo
20) replaced dmdiag.exe with new from microsoft
21) replaced checksym.exe with new from microsoft
22) replaced sectorinspector.exe with new from microsoft
23) added -nnt switch for bypassing network collections
24) expanded amount of switch strings to 4
25) added path search logic for powermt executable
26) removed wmic collections
27) added scrubber.exe for analyzing storage registry phantoms
28) reduced clariion collections to getall and getlog
29) added password protection to the output file to prevent
antivirus software from stripping emcreports output from emails. password
is permanently set to emc in lowercase letters. heat is updated for this.
30) added a workaround for the apimsgs.dll problem (rename it on the fly)
01/18/05 - version 18.0
1) added versioning in the ppath_version.txt file for every powerpath driver
2) replaced dmdiag.exe with latest from microsoft
3) removed dmdiagnet.exe. latest version can be used for both
4) added back the clusdb file for loading local into the registry (cluster_regis
5) added symcfg -sa port list and symcfg -ra port list
6) now collecting the storage key from hklm\system\ccs\enum\storage
7) updated reg.exe with newer version from microsoft
8) resolved issue on w2k srdfce collections where the entire systemroot was zipp

11/7/04 - version 17.0
1) removed ldmdump
2) replaced clusmps with new from microsoft.
3) corrected mistake in v16 which caused no sectorinspector
output to be created.
4) now saving old zips in the oldzip folder for history.
5) removed the restriction on the clariion sp log capture.
now capturing the entire log

10/07/04 - version 16.0
1) replaced dmdiag and dmdiagnet executables with new as
requested bu microsoft
2) typo in symcli filepath prevented collection in limited configurations
3) added a link to the readme file from the splash screen
4) filename of the final zip now includes lite/full designation and time and dat
5) replaced inq with latest version
6) new 64-bit collection instructions added to the splash screen
until microsoft helps me find a resolution to the iexpress package problem.
7) added capture of lpxftr emulex driver registry entries per request of emulex
8) now collecting symcli 5.4 (pathing changed for this version)
9) fixed bug that stopped hbacmd command execution on storport driver
10) now capturing $vds$.log if it exists
11) now capturing a copy of the ldm header from every dynamic disk
into the file ldm_dump.txt
12) srvinfo doesn't include the hotfixes on 64-bit so i have returned to
gathering hotfix info from the registry into the hotfix.txt file and
renamed srvinfo_hotfixes.txt to srvinfo.txt since it can only be
guaranteed in 32-bit that the hotfixes will be listed.
13) added emulex hbacmd driver parameter capture to servername_emulex_drvrparams
if the version of hbacmd installed will support it.
14) added check for new path of siu for post-3.6 rpw versions and enhanced
success of collection of previous versions of siu.
15) now collecting the dru log if it exists
16) now collecting srdf/ce config files, registry, and logs
17) fixed bug in collection of nicconfig wmic command on 2003
18) removed service control queries for determining emulex driver
because it wasn't working and can't work
19) added powermt check_registration (bob phelan request) which
will be stored in ppath_disp_license.txt
20) now creating clariion triage files for ease of use with triage tool
21) added inq -pagec0 at the request of clariion ts3
22) added -v switch to symdg list command
23) removed the /d switch from clusmps.exe as it was causing errors in the clusm
output only on emc attached servers. no fix from microsoft as yet.
24) added check for symntctl for version 3.7 since the syntax changed. now
correctly reports the version.
25) corrected script bug that caused event logs to report they were not saved
when they actually were.
26) now collecting following vss and vds logs:
27) removed diskinfo.exe gather due to too many customers hanging on it if their
driver was misconfigured.
28) changed cluster registry collection from hiv to txt format for easier analys

04/07/04 - version 15.0
1) new clustermps tool provided by microsoft for better cluster config collects
2) if old powpath.sys driver is still on the server then v14 would skip some
collections. now checking for emcpbase.sys first, powpath.sys second.
3) new dumpevt.exe to skip capturing the security log
4) removed gpresult
5) removed pnpenum
6) if supportmate full or lite is run then the filename of the zip will include
the date and time to differentiate between maps. otherwise, emcreports zip
names for normal customer site runs will be as previous.
7) repaired the bug that prevented the compaq surveyor log from being collected.
8) added vssadmin capture: list providers, list shadows, list shadowstoarage,
list volumes, list writers. no capture for wmic and vss on 64-bit
9) literal pathing for msinfo32 added so that it collects on 64-bit
10) no longer gathering the cluster folder checksym info
11) added 64-bit server support
12) updated files with latest microsoft tools
13) added inq -page0 for every disk at the suggestion of powerpath elab
14) on 2003 machines with emulex hba's, now only collecting the hive if the
driver is running. this avoids incorrect analysis by heat.
15) fixed the symcli & fpath gathering for 64-bit pathing
16) added -nop switch to bypass the splash screen for handsfree execution.
this was due to a multi-customer request for the enhancement.


2/23/04 - version 14.0

1) added services "start value" information to services.txt
2) replaced sector inspector with newer version released by microsoft.
3) checking for the path variable for symcli isn't always working. keeping path
and adding back literal checks.
4) removed inq -powerpath
5) removed symaudit
6) added lite collection for supportmate requirement for lite grab
executed by running:
emcreports_v14.exe /c:"emcrpt.cmd -lite"
7) fixed the problem with msinfo32 hangs by limiting categories and subcats to
those which do not cause the problem. removed msinfo32 prompt
8) removed dr watson collection

11/14/03 - version 13.0
1) moved gpresult to the top for easier analysis of failed
emcreports runs.
2) repaired copy command error in symapi/geospan bin collect
3) replaced version v7.3-425 inq with v7.3-487
4) changed clariion inq gather from inq -clariion to
inq -clariion -clar_wwn
5) moved volume_info to the common area for collecting nt 4.0 also.
6) removed disk key registry capture and replaced with diskey parser.
7) now collects "symntctl list -physical" , "symntctl list -volume"
and also collecting the symntctl version to separate files
8) made inq-hba key off if item 16 below is captured
9) removed duplicate inq celerra
10) changed application verification to less literal in order to
find apps not installed to default directory.
11) now capturing memory dump setup information in recovery_options.txt
12) now capturing a list of installed filter drivers to filters.txt

13) added clariion information gathering using navicli.

58 navicli commands gathered into the clariion folder.
sp logs are zipped to the clariion folder.
14) added scli tool for gathering qlogic firmware settings and
other qlogic information.
15) added emulex information gathering using the hbacmd.exe tool
16) cleaned up the screen and progress file output
17) if the vcmfind fails, no longer creates empty files or the fpath folder
18) now collecting pre-2.11 powerpath information. previously
missed 2.04 customers.
19) new file: memory_dump.txt will list date and size of all
memory.dmp and mini*.dmp files on the systemroot.
20) added savelogbottom.exe because geospan logs get huge. now capturing
only last 8mb of geospan log.

9/9/2003 - version 12.0
1) added inq -hba to get wwn of hba's
2) removed registry device map collection
3) removed cfgcmp.exe for collecting msinfo32 information
due to the increased number of complaints about
emcreports hanging at msinfo32 driver query
4) now collecting hklm\ccs\services tree
5) removed echo of symaudit to screen
6) drwatson log gathering was being done incorrectly in
previous emcreports. modified script paths and
seperated nt from 2000 and above.
7) now gathering volume information for logical to physical
to guid into file %computername%_volume_info.txt
8) now capturing the symapi_db.bin file to the se folder
9) cosmetic screen text changes. less verbosity to user.
10) removed process summary as it is already covered in
11) added hbainfo.exe for gathering device driver, firmware,
wwn's etc
12) changed window text to tell user to call emc if emcreports
runs over 30 minutes and placed start time right above it
for reference.
13) mounted devices key now collected as text instead of hiv (doh)
14) now collecting sime logs
15) added an option to not run the msinfo32 capture
16) replaced secinspect.exe, choice.exe, checksym.exe with latest
versions from microsoft.
x/x/2003 - version 11.0
1) fixed issues with non-english windows collection of
any files in "program files" path.
2) added w2k/w2k3 winmsd back into emcreports for heat
3) now collects symaudit for each attached
symmetrix if solutions enabler is installed
4) added uptime.exe for collecting reboot/
change/shutdown/bluescreens information.
5) capped the mountvol to only display the mounts and
not the syntax
6) microsoft claims dmgiag doesn't work right in any veritas
volume manager pro installation so it won't run on these. this
was the default mode for emcreports v6 through v8
7) removed txtsetup.sif, winnt32.log, setuperr.log, setuplog.txt,
windows setup history log
9) renamed uninstalled.txt to installed_sftwr.txt
10) removed the readme and replaced it with an htm page
11) added text version of the scsi device map from the registry
for help in evaluating volume to physical translation
12) paired down the tree for emcreports to emcreports\collection
and emcreports\bin
13) removed full/lite gathering distinctions
14) moved tlist to w2k/w2k3 only.
7/9/2003 - version 10.0
1) fixed issue where dmgiag would run on a
small set of veritas dmp customers
2) added powerprotect inq - celerra" file for
identifying drives labelled as celerra.
3) replaced msinfo32 commands with cmpcfg.exe
4) won't run cluster reporting now on windows
2003 unless cluster is installed.
x/x/2003 - version 11.0
1) fixed issues with non-english windows collection of
any files in "program files" path.
2) added w2k/w2k3 winmsd back into emcreports for heat
3) now collects symaudit for each attached
symmetrix if solutions enabler is installed
4) added uptime.exe for collecting reboot/
change/shutdown/bluescreens information.
5) capped the mountvol to only display the mounts and
not the syntax
6) microsoft claims dmgiag doesn't work right in any veritas
volume manager pro installation so it won't run on these. this
was the default mode for emcreports v6 through v8
7) removed txtsetup.sif, winnt32.log, setuperr.log, setuplog.txt,
windows setup history log
9) renamed uninstalled.txt to installed_sftwr.txt
10) removed the readme and replaced it with an htm page
11) added text version of the scsi device map from the registry
for help in evaluating volume to physical translation
12) paired down the tree for emcreports to emcreports\collection
and emcreports\bin
13) removed full/lite gathering distinctions
14) moved tlist to w2k/w2k3 only.

4/21/2003 - version 9.0
1) removed hotfix hive collection. now using srvinfo to capture hotfixes.
2) adjusted file structure into heat folders for better compatibility with clusd
and just because it looks better.
3) renamed output file to (just because i can)
4) removed all cab creations and replaced them with pkzip
5) removed unnecessary file loads
6) cleaned up zip structure to not save the entire winnt tree
7) all emc files will now have the command line used to gather the file listed a
t the
top of the file.
8) divided powerpath gathering into individual files
9) divided symapi gathering into individual files
10) now gathers the dr watson log file into file:
11) now gathers the geospan cres2 log if located in default path into file:
12) now gathers the geospan config hive into file:
13) now gathers the latest geospan checkpoint file "reglist.txt" into file:
14) now listing all assigned shares in file:
15) now separating cluster files to %emcreports%\cluster
16) gathers elxcfg versions installed on the server for better
heat verification of driver settings. filename is:
17) resolved issue where zip was saving the entire folder structure of the
emcreports folder, instead of relative structure, but only in certain
18) david bacon found an issue where versioning checks fail and he
provided the fix. versioning check resolved in this release.
19) adjusted the veritas check for dmdiag to resolve to only dmp customers
instead of all veritas customers.
20) wasn't getting symapi logs or commands if widesky is loaded due to
a change in file structure. this has been fixed.
21) in w2k3 emulex service is no longer named elxsli2, but is now elxport.
now collecting elxport hive in the registry. renamed hive file to match
the driver name.
22) removed the unsigned drivers report. emulex driver from emc is signed
driver but was showing up in this report. removed due to confusion.
23) added srvinfo.exe for gathering server information.
24) divided network information into it's own folder and files
25) checksym for %systemroot%\system32 added back to emcreports from
request of bill berger. file versions of this folder are important
to troubleshooting.
26) fixed a syntax error in both winmsd code lines that may be causing
the intermittent winmsd hang we have experienced on some customers
27) no longer gathers the service pack log file
28) msinfo32 now limited to 3 categories due to system hangs during gathering
as reported in q326326
29) added version of emcreports to top of progress file as requested by ts
30) updated inq file added (from 7.3-275 to 7.3-425)
31) added inq -parent file to powerpath folder. this gathers veritas and
powerpath info for each disk.
32) added inq -clariion file to inq folder
33) added inq -btl (bus target lun) to inq folder
34) turned on -sid in inq for full serial number capture
35) removed fmtdump.txt because sectorinspector is duplicate. microsoft only
uses sectorinspector now.
36) replaced all resource kit tools with latest microsoft versions.
37) only creates fpath, se, pp folders when those products exist.
38) added v9 to the zip filename
39) now collects tlist service information
40) removed gettype.exe as microsoft no longer uses it. added getver.exe
and changed coding for new os versioning.
4/2/2003 - version 8.0
1) now using john browne's heat1a changes for continuity
2) fixed problem with powermt version command not working due to the command
being case sensitive.
3) mountvol information now being gathered for easier guid lookup

3/28/2003 - version 7.0
1) bug found where cluster information is not gathered sometimes on
windows nt 4.0 clusters: fixed
2/28/2003 - version 6.0
1) request was made to bring back the txt capture of winmsd for heat. for
windows 2000 servers, this will be %computername%_winmsd.txt and the gui
version is stored in %computername%_winmsd.nfo. for windows nt 4.0 the only
file collected is %computername%.txt.
2) bug in dmdiag running against systems using veritas dmp and veritas volume
manager causes hosts to drop disks. hosts with this combination will now
be bypassed for dmdiag collection. next version of emcreports will have
veritas commands included to make up for the loss of dmdiag output.
3) analysts_tips.txt was added from a request of a user who wanted to know
what each file that is created by emcreports could be used for.

2/5/2003 - version 5.0
1) microsoft has updated their mpsreport tool for the cluster group. all changes
made by microsoft are now included in emcreports
2) removed oeminbox.exe
3) added versioning to the tool. now at version 5
4) suppressed some of the screen output from dmdiag to dimiss benign error messa
concerns from customers
5) added new powerpath commands: "powermt version", "powermt display ports",
"powermt display paths"
6) silenced screen output of emulex/qlogic registry gathering
7) removed winmsd.txt for window 2000 servers since the nfo is all that is reall
8) checks to see if solutions enabler is loaded and then captures the symapi
logs into a cab
9) symapi info gather: checks to see if solutions enabler is loaded and then
performs and logs the following commands output to 7 files.
symcfg -def
symdg list
symdg list -v
symmask list hba
symcfg -dir all -v list
symcfg -connections list
symcfg -app -v list
symdev list
symbcv list
symbcv list -v
symrdf list
symrdf list -v
symevent list
symmask -sid xxxxxxxx list logons (performed on all attached symms)
symmaskdb list database (performed on all attached symms)
10) volume logix gather: checks to see if fpath exists and then performs and
logs the following command output to 6 files:
fpath lsdb -d (performed on all attached symms)
fpath lshosts -d (performed on all attached symms)
fpath lssymmdev -d (performed on all attached symms)
fpath lshostdev
11) removed diskmap as it was only working on 4 disks. will add it back in
when i find a way to accurately count disks from command line.
12) now brings up readme.txt so that customer will understand the tool and what
it is doing.
13) no longer captures cluster info on non-clustered systems
14) removed the following files as non-essential to emc:
qprocess, qwinsta, recovery, sched, schedlgu, security log,
sessionmanager, setup.log, setupact.log, all spool files,
all system32 checks
15) added troubleshooting steps to readme for emcreports execution taking too
long to run
16) print warning to screen that quick edit can freeze emcreports if text is
selected in the open window.
1) added reg query for disk timeoutvalue in the registry
2) removed references to old tools
3) changed root directory names
4) added powerpath display all and powerpath display paths commands
5) cosmetic changes so that filenames are consistent
6) added warning that it may take several minutes if event logs are large
7) removed eula.txt
8) modified readme to be more emc specific
9) now pulls the qlogic hives from the registry for ql21xx, ql22xx, ql23xx
10) now pulls the emulex elxsli2 hive
11) added -et switch to the inq for more information extraction