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This project "Secured Data Transmission through Network" handles hiding a secret message with in an image in such a way

that others cannot discern the presence or contents of the hidden message. A message might be hidden with in an image by changing Least Significant Bit to be the message bits. Then the image can be transmitted through Network.LSB basedSteganography is perhaps the most simple and straight forward approach. In this project we embed the message in to the least significant bit planes of the image. Since this will only affect each pixel by +/- 1, if at all, it is generally assumed with good reason that degradation caused by this embedding process would perceptually transaparent. Hence there are a number of LSB based Steganography techniques in the passive warden model as it difficult to differentate cover-images from stegoimages, given the small changes that have been made. Existing System: Supporting efficient and reliable data transmission over wireless networks has been subject of continuous research over the last decade. The major concerns were in the area of security. The data confronts the security hazard during transmission over a wireless network. Indeed, it is relatively easy to eavesdrop on video/audio conversations, or intercept and modify data packets. Anyone with a PC and access to the public network has the ability to capture network traffic, potentially compromising the privacy and the reliability of the applications. Hence, it is mandatory for wireless applications to guarantee authentication, confidentiality and integrity of data. Proposed System: The index terms used in this project are LSB Technique. Transmission. Image Viewer. Here using LSB technique, the information is hidden in the least significant bits of the image data. By means of server sockets, the image containing information transmitted to network. Image viewer used to view the normal and stegoimages. A quality measure gives the variation between original and stegoimage information. In the receiver side the same software is to be installed. When the image file is opened the software tells the user whether that contains any hiding information or not. If the image contains hidden information then client sockets will receive it.

With over 600 filling stations and exploitation fields Petrom needs a powerful and capable system to transport and pick-up data from each location all over the country. They needed a highly flexible and reliable equipment capable to transmit secure data to a central headquarter where are managed through an advanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Also the equipment must have been able to transmit data from all kind of locations, the majority having no fixed Internet connection available

Modules: Sender Receiver Encryption


Requirements Hardware : PC with 2 GB hard-disk and 256 MB RAM Operating System : Windows 95/98/00/XP with MS-office Software : Java Swings. Reference: