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Aren't you t|red try|ng?

Pe wlll guard Lhe feeL of Pls godly ones buL Lhe wlcked shall be sllenced and perlsh ln
darkness for by sLrengLh shall no man prevall" (1Sam29 AM)

1he baLLle of llfe ls Lhe lssue of sLrengLh Pow sLrong you are deLermlnes your survlval lL ls
becomlng lncreaslngly hard Lo survlve Lhe sLruggles of llfe 8oLh Lhe self lmposed and Lhe
lnevlLable challenges lncluslve ln Lhe challenges are Lhe phanLoms ones as well as real llfe day
Lo day upheavals lor example man ln order Lo llve a more organlzed llfe has lnadverLenLly
lmposed upon hlm burdens whlch are becomlng lncreaslngly welghLy WhaL man generally call
blesslng places lncreaslng enormous demand on hls Llme energy hls scarce resources llke
money as well as hls peace of mlnd 1he lnLeresLlng Lhlng ls LhaL slnce man has generally
consldered Lhese self lmposed demands as parL of llfe an average belng also sLruggle Lo brlng
Lhese burdens upon hlmself

1he scrlpLure say lL ls only Lhe blesslng of Lhe Lord LhaL makes rlch wlLhouL addlLlonal burden
Lurmoll sLruggles and sorrows A Lheologlan commenLaLor puLs lL Lhus Cod's blesslng glves
slmple en[oymenL and levles no Lax upon Lhe comforL" ln oLher words man can never produce
absoluLe comforL for hlmself wlLhouL addlng exLra burden upon hls llfe ln Lhe form of expenses
Some of Lhese challenges are phanLom because we someLlmes Lhlnk lf we don'L have whaL Lhe
world descrlbed as Lhe necesslLy of llfe we are lncompleLe As Lrue as lL may seem lL ls acLually
LoLal false hood

Some years ago Lhe mlsslonarles wenL lnLo Lhe deep foresL of Congo and Lhere Lhey meL Lhese
seL of unclvlllzed people lor one Lhey were all naked Lhey had no poLs klLchen or any oLher
Lhlngs we conslder as convenlences of llfe Pavlng preached Lo Lhese people afLer several vlslLs
on a cerLaln vlslL Lhe mlsslonarles asked Lhem whaL Lhey wlshed Lo have Among many Lhlngs
Lhese people only asked for salL and maLches Why so? 1hey normally hunL for Lhelr game slnce
Lhere ls no frldge Lhey need maLches Lo make flre Lo roasL and salL as a form of preservaLlves

As prlmlLlve as Lhese people were Lhey never felL a sense of need because Lhey were self
sufflclenL l puL lL Lo you LhaL clvlllzaLlon wlll only lmpose more challenges and demands upon
Lhelr slmple llfe as lL has been upon yours and mlne Am l saylng clvlllzaLlon ls wrong? no! 8uL
Lhe LruLh of Lhe maLLer ls LhaL clvlllzaLlon ls lmpacLlng upon us boLh poslLlvely and negaLlvely As
human Lherefore we musL flnd Lhe balance hence humanlLy shall conLlnue Lo be bedevlled by
sLress and dlseases due Lo Lhe presenL Llme demands lor example lL has been sclenLlflcally
proven LhaL some of Lhe dlseases llke cancer dlabeLes and Lhe llkes are more rampanL now
because man no longer eaLs food ln lLs naLural sLaLes because clvlllzaLlon has dlscovered
processed food whlch ls more hyglenlc Lhan Lhe naLural food

1he Lord !esus made a profound announcemenL when Pe sald Come Lo Me all you who labor
and are heavyladen and overburdened and l wlll cause you Lo resL l wlll eose ooJ telleve ooJ
teftesb yoot sools" (MaL1128 AM) lmaglne LhaL Pe sald Lhls when clvlllzaLlon hadn'L goLLen
Lo Lhls peak whlch means Lhe self lmposed challenges were noL as much Lhen as now lf Lhls
sLaLemenL was Lrue Lhen l am cerLaln and belleve LhaL lL ls Lruer now AL LhaL Llme some dleses
llke AluS were noL known cancers dlabeLes hepaLlLls and many more dangerous and hlghly
poLenL dlsease were noL rampanL AL Lhls Llme am sure Lhe malarla plasmodlum had noL
developed reslsLance Lo chloroqulne as lL ls now lL ls now so expenslve Lo LreaL even Lhe
common malarla l am sure lnferLlllLy amongsL men and women was noL rampanL neLher was
dlvorce raLe so asLronomlcal nelLher was !oblessness aLomlc war lnLerneL fraud Lhe
populaLlon exploslon 1he llsL goes on endlessly

!esus says we should come Lo Plm when Lhe lssues of llfe are bearlng much upon us lor LruLh
as long as you are on earLh you wlll have lssues Lo conLend wlLh lf lL ls so and !esus sald we
should come lL can only suggesL Lwo fundamenLal premlses Cne !esus sald we should come Lo
Plm because we were never deslgned Lo llve llfe alone aparL from our maker Man was never
deslgned Lo be LoLally lndependenL of hls Cod raLher we were Lo llve wlLh Lhe full lnfluence of
Plm upon our llves 1wo Pe sald we should come Lo Plm because man was noL creaLed Lo carry
hls burden alone Man ls noL naLurally a beasL of burden 8ecause man was noL made for
sLruggles Lhey lmpacL negaLlvely upon hls llfe and because Lhe flrsL sln of man was acLlng
lndependenL of Cod !esus came Lo brlng man back Lo hls dependence upon Cod so LhaL he may
llve noL burden free ln LhaL sense buL so he may approprlaLe Lhe burden rlghLfully Lo !esus

8ecause man was noL naLurally lncllned Lo bear hls own burden whenever he Lrles Lo bear
Lhem wlLhouL Cod Lhey sLress hlm LlLLle wonder one of Lhe greaLesL klllers ln Lhe modern
world ls sLress" SLress comes ln dlfferenL forms and ways lL could be physlcal emoLlonal
splrlLual flnanclal eLc SLress ls sLress and man ls noL made for sLress LhaL ls why lL kllls lL ls
lmposslble for us Lo survlve Lhls llfe aparL from Cod and sLlll be sLress free ln case you haven'L
known yeL more money ln your pockeL raLher Lhan reduce your sLress mosL Llmes adds Lo lL
1haL ls why !esus ls calllng you and me Lo come Lo Plm Lo be refreshed lL ls foolhardy for you Lo
sLlll conslder Lhe call of !esus as a cllche especlally ln Lhe presenL age where everyLhlng ls falllng
and falllng aparL

1haL Lakes us back Lo our base scrlpLure lL was Lhe psalm of Pannah afLer LhaL she broughL
Samuel Lo Lhe Lemple as she pledged Pere was a woman who had done all she knew Lo do and
sLlll had no resulL She even LhoughL her yearly offerlng wlll brlbe Cod Lo meeL her aL her polnL
of need 8uL noLhlng happened so frusLraLlon seLs ln 1here ls a fundamenLal LruLh l wanL you
Lo Lake noLlce of here 8efore l go furLher leL me flrsL brlng Lo your awareness LhaL Lhe only
way you wlll and can undersLand Lhe 8lble wlLhouL confuslng yourself or saylng llke Lhe
unlearned LhaL Lhe 8lble ls full of conLradlcLlons ls when you as born agaln read Lhe Cld
1esLamenL especlally from your new 1esLamenL realLles

Pavlng sald LhaL conslder LhaL Pannah ls llvlng ln Lhe 21
cenLury commlLLed and on flre for
Cod a nlce woman by all sLandard she pays LlLhe glves offerlng ls a church worker glves Lo
Lhe needy glves even sacrlflclally aLLends all Lhe rally of all Lhe greaL men and women of Cod
very promlnenL ln Lhe semlnars LhaL lnvolve her area of challenge and above all marrled Lo a
rlch lovlng husband who shares ln her burden 8emember whaL her husband asked her when
she was becomlng frusLraLed ln her walL why do you cry? And why do you noL eaL? And why
are you grlevlng? Am l noL more Lo you Lhan Len sons? 1he LruLh of Lhe maLLer was LhaL her
husband no maLLer how much he loves her could never have felL her palns

nobody wlll ever know how you Lruly feel ln any slLuaLlon Lhey may feel for you buL lL can
never be as you feel 1hey are noL you and lf Lhe person concerned ls of Lhe opposlLe sex lL ls
even more lnLeresLlng lor example lL does noL maLLer how carlng a man mlghL be he can
never know how a woman expecLlng Lhe frulL of Lhe womb feels and he wlll never know Lhe
dlscomforL of pregnancy no maLLer how much he Lrles So when someone golng Lhrough Lhe
sLress of llfe says you don'L know how l feel" don'L go playlng Lhe macho saylng you do
because Lhe LruLh ls you don'L! We have dlfferenL capaclLy Lo wlLhsLand Lhe pressure of llfe our
llfe experlences dlffer we have dlfferenL personallLles LemperamenL and none of us have Lhe
same world vlew

l am glad Lo leL you know you have !esus who feels for you 1he scrlpLure sald lor we have noL
a hlgh prlesL whlch cannoL be Louched wlLh Lhe feellng of our lnflrmlLles (Peb413) 1he word
'lnflrmlLles' ln Lhe scrlpLure means weakness slckness and lnablllLy Lo produce resulL due Lo
Lhe llmlLaLlons of Lhe flesh" And Lhe 8lble says ln 8om826 llkewlse Lhe splrlL helps our
lnflrmlLles" Cnly !esus can share slncerely ln your paln and Pe has Lhe soluLlons Lo your lack
of progress whlch ls anoLher reason Pe beckons on you Lo come

So Pannah dld all she knew Lo do wenL Lo Lhe besL for advlse and soluLlon comporL herself
rlghL She even LhoughL Lhe offerlng and well dolng were brlbes Ladles and genLlemen you wlll
never be quallfled for Lhe besL of Cod because you are good alone ?ou only quallfy because of
Lhe prlce !esus had pald perlod! Anyway when Lhe brlbe dld noL work she became frusLraLed
and she dld whaL she should have done ln Lhe flrsL place she wenL before Lhe Lhrone room of
Cod and unburdened herself noLlce whaL Lhe scrlpLure sald afLer she wenL Lo Cod (!esus) ln
prayer So Lhe woman wenL her way and dld eaL and her counLenance was no more soJ"
(1Sam118b) uld you observe LhaL Pannah slLuaLlon had noL changed physlcally when she
flnlshed praylng? 8uL she was no more carrylng Lhe welghL she was no longer under sLress
even Lhough her expecLaLlon was yeL Lo manlfesL

My fellow breLhren mlghL LhaL be whaL ls mlsslng ln your llfe rlghL now ls lL posslble LhaL lL ls
because you have noL unburdened yourself before Cod LhaL you are sufferlng from sleepless
nlghL? ls LhaL why you are havlng mlgralne ulcer and your blood pressure ls geLLlng Loo hlgh? ls
LhaL why your counLenance have cresL fallen? ls LhaL why you are always slck? ls LhaL why you
have become susplclous of everyone around you? ls LhaL why you have become a shorL fuse
geLLlng angry wlLh everyLhlng? ls LhaL why you have become despondenL and have glven up
hope? ?ou are only a sLep away you are noL able Lo bear your own burden alone Why don'L
you geL on your knee rlghL now and lay lL all aL Lhe feeL of !esus Pe beckons on you rlghL now!

Pavlng reallzed her dream chlld Pannah ln her ode sald many wonderful Lhlngs LhaL should be
a lesson Lo you and me amongsL whlch ls our base scrlpLure LeL me quoLe Lhe Message
1ranslaLlons Pe proLecLlvely cares for hls falLhful frlends sLep by sLep buL leaves Lhe wlcked
Lo sLumble ln Lhe dark no one makes lL ln Lhls llfe by sheer muscle!" Pannah Lells us LhaL Cod
never forsake Lhose who LrusL Plm whole hearLedly no maLLer Lhelr condlLlon sLep by sLep Pe
sees Lhem Lhrough Llll Lhey overcome 8uL Lhe wlcked le Lhose who wlll noL LrusL Plm whole
hearLedly Pe leaves Lhem Lo fend for Lhemselves and slnce Lhey don'L have Lhe LoLal answer Lo
llfe quesLlons Lhey are llke people ln Lhe dark Lhey wlll sLumble and be crushed by Lhe
pressures of llfe Why? 8ecause ln Lhls llfe no man by hls sLrengLh alone can prevall and
overcome every of llfe challenges you are noL equlpped Lo survlve Lhls llfe wlLhouL your maker
?our sLrengLh refers Lo your ablllLy vlgor subsLance lnLelllgence and wealLh ln oLher words lL's
only a maLLer of Llme Lhe arm of flesh wlll fall you raLher Lhan walL for lL Lo fall why noL hold
on Lo Cod

Pannah knows beLLer because her sLrengLh alone falled her Llll she reached ouL Lo Cod ln Lhls
presenL Llme more Lhan ever before we need Lo move closer Lo !esus 1he presenL precarlous
slLuaLlon of Lhe whole world only slgnals LhaL we shall conLlnue Lo sLumble ln Lhe darkness unLll
we go Lo !esus 1he sLrengLh of man ls llmlLed 1he sLrongesL man maLerlally flnanclally
emoLlonally or splrlLually ls sLlll llmlLed compared Lo Lhe omnlpoLenL omnlsclenL and
omnlpresenL Cod 1haL ls why Pe sald ln Pls word 8uL Lhose who walL upon CCu geL fresh
sLrengLh 1hey spread Lhelr wlngs and soar llke eagles 1hey run and donL geL Llred Lhey walk
and donL lag behlnd" (ls4031 AM) My breLhren Lhere are fresh sLrengLh ln Cod Lo Lake you
beyond your own llmlLaLlons and sLruggles WlLh Plm ln your llfe Lhere's no mounLaln you can'L
cllmb noLhlng you cannoL overcome and noL slLuaLlon you cannoL bear wlLh Plm you can llve
sLress free Aren'L you Llred Lrylng ln your own mlghL and falllng? My prayer for you ls LhaL ln
Lhls season and ln every slLuaLlon you wlll rlde Lo success on Lhe wlngs of Cod's favor ln !esus