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Use of English
Cloze Test (Vocabulary) Underline the correct word or phrase 1. What do you like doing best .your spare time? A/ for B/ when C/ in

2. Paul likes photos. A/ making B/ taking C/ doing

3. His brother is not..on walking. A/ interested B/ decided C/ keen

4. Does your sister play..? A/ the piano B/ pianos C/ a piano

5. I like my house because it has lots of.. A/ place B/ area C/ space

6. I used to the room with my brother, but he is a student now and lives in Sofia. A/ live B/ part C/ share

7. Excuse me, how do I to the post office from here? A/ find B/ get C/ come

8. When you come to the end of street, turn A/ to left B/ left C/ the left

9. I dont know where we are. Im completely.. A/ lost B/ missed C/ absent

10. The cinema is ..the left. A/ on B/ at C/ by

11. Kate usually most of her time reading. A/ passes B/ spends C/ stare

12. You can wash your hands in the the bathroom. A/ shower B/ basin C/ sink


1 Read the text about Mars exploration and match the information (AF) with the paragraphs (15). There is one extra piece of information. Mars 1 ___When you dream about going places, where does your mind take you? The Grand Canyon, Africa or New York? If you spend time looking at the stars, you can notice a bright one thats a bit red. This is Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun. But more importantly, its the next place humans want to explore. 2 ___Mars is so much like the Earth that we want to go there and see what happened. Where did the water go? When we look at pictures of Mars, we see places where there was water a long time ago, for example big canyons and ice caps at the north and south poles of Mars. 3 ___But something happened on Mars to make the water disappear and make it a cold place with a very thin atmosphere. So, were sending robots equipped with special instruments to Mars to study the planets environment and look for signs of life. 4 ___Scientists have organised international expeditions to Mars. Do you remember Mars Pathfinder that landed on Mars on July 4, 1997? It sent back about 17,000 pictures of the Red Planet. 5 ___Thanks to modern technology we can follow other missions to Mars - for example, the Mars Odyssey mission. The spaceship was launched on April 7, 2001. On the Internet we can find exciting reports and images of its flight. Although the mission officially ended on August 24, 2004, its new project manager says Odyssey has enough flight system resources to carry on its exploration through the next 10 years.

A Equipment to examine Mars B Present missions to Mars C Life on the Red Planet

D Past missions to Mars E Next planet to visit F Landscapes on Mars

Reading 1 E, 2 F, 3 A, 4 D, 5 B