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Q1: CAS (Code Access Security) is a/an ____ -based security system.

(1) Access (2) Code (3) Evidence (4) Permission (5) Principal

Q2: Class SuperList implements an indexer: public string this [int index]; When index is
not within valid range, the indexer should throw:
(1) NotSupportedException (2) IndexOutOfRangeException
(3) InvalidOperationException (4)ArgumentOutOfRangeException

Q3: Which one complies with .NET design naming guideline:

(1)CLSCompliantAttribute (2)HttpSessionState.SessionID
(3)Color.FromArgb (4)System.MarshalByRefObject

Q4: Which one works without an exception:

(1) object[] demo = new object[10];
demo[10] = "demo10";
(2) System.Collections.ArrayList demo = new System.Collections.ArrayList(10);
demo[9] = "demo9";
(3) System.Collections.Hashtable demo = new System.Collections.Hashtable(10);
demo[8] = "demo8";


1 . Which one of the following namespaces contains the definition for IdbConnection ?

A. System.Data.Interfaces

B. System.Data.Common

C. System.Data

D. System.Data.Connection

2 . Select the Interface which provides Fast, connected forward-only access to data

A. IdataRecord

B. Idatabase

C. IdataReader

D. Irecorder

3 . How do we Delete, Update, Select data in a Dataset ?

A. Using SQLDataAdapter

B. Using SQLDataReader

C. Using SQLCommand
D. None

4 . Which of the following is not a member of ConnectionObject ?

A. BeginTransaction

B. EndTransaction

C. Execute

D. Open

5 . Is it Possible to Serialize HashTable with XMLSerializer

A. Yes

B. No

6 . What is the Full Form of WSDL ?

AWeb System Description Language

B. Web Services Detail Language

C. Web Service Description Language

D. None

7 . What is the difference between Server.Transfer & Response.Redirect ?

A. No Difference

B. Server.Transfer needs a roundtrip, Response.Redirect does not

C. Response.Redirect needs roundtrip, Server.Transfer does not

D. Server.Transfer can transfer user between 2 applicaions


8 . Which Language can Support SOAP ?




D. All of the above


9 . What is the size of the session ID ?

A. 32 bit long string

B. 32 bit long double

C. 32 bit long character

D. 32 bit long integer


10 . Which of the following extension does a webservice file will have ?





11 . What is a strong name?

A. Public Key

B. Private Key

C. Combination Of both Public,Private key and digital signature


12 . What is the purpose of Reflection?

A. For Reading metadata at runtime

B. For knowing version of assembly

C. For finding path of an assembly


13 . Is it possible edit data in a repeater control

A. No

B. Yes

14 . Why is Global.asax is used for ?

A. To implement application & Session level events

B. To store configuration information

C.To store styling information

D. None of the above


15 . What is a diffgram ?

A. The one which renders the dataset object contents to XML

B. Finds the difference in two objects

C. Finds the difference in two files

D. None of the above

16 . What is the lifespan for items stored in viewstate ?

A. Exists for the Life of the current page

B. 20 mins

C. 2 mins

D. 2 sec

17 . What data types do a Rangevalidator supports?

A. Integer

B. String

C. Date

D. All of the above


18 . Select the output of the statement < form method=post action="test.aspx" >

A. Transfers all the form data to test.aspx with HTTP headers

B. Transfers all the form data to test.aspx with out HTTP headers

C. Calls post method on test.aspx

D. None of the above


19 . What is the out put of the following code : byte a=200; byte b=100; byte c=a+b; Response.Write
( C );

A. 300

B. Compile Time error

C. Run time Error

D. Just prints ?C?


20 . What is the out put of Following code : String a="Hello"; String b="World" ; String c= a+b ;
Response.Write ( "C");

A. Hello world

B. C

C. A+b

D. None of the above

21 . Whats the significance of Request.MapPath( ) ?

A. Maps the specified virtual path to a physical path

B. Maps the specified absolute path to virtual path

C. None

22 . Which of the following are not a member of Server Object ?

A. Execute

B. Transfer

C. Open

D. HTMLDecode

23 . What is the significance of Server .MapPath ?

A. Returns the physical file path that corresponds to virtual specified path

B. Returns the Virtual Path of the web folder

C. Maps the specified virtual path to Physical path

D. None

24 . What is the Server.MachineName does ?

A. Gets the Server's Machine Name

B. Gets the Referred Web site name on the server

C. Gets the Client Machine Name

D. None

25 . Whats is the significance of Response.ClearHeaders( ) ?

A. Clears all Headers from the buffer stream

B. Clears all the section value from rendered HTML File

C. Clears the content of the Rendered page

D. None of the above


26 . What is the significance of Response.AddHeaders( ) ?

A. Adds HTTP Headers to output stream

B. Adds Tag to rendered Page

C. Add Headers to the web site

27 . What is the difference between HTTP handlers & HTTP modules ?

A. Httphandler is an class and Httpmodule is an assembly

B. Httphandler is an event handler and httpmodule is module to do some task

C. Both of the above

D. None of the above


28 . Which namespace allows us to formauthentication ?

A. System.Web.Ui.Forms.Security

B. System.Web.Security

C. System.Web.Configuration

D. System.Web.Services

29 . Which method displays the custom control ?

A. The Prerender

B. Render

C. Page_Load

D. Display

30 . When is the user controls code is executed ?

A. After the page_init event of webform

B. After the webform loads

C. Before Page_init event of web form