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KOREATOWN OAKLAND Koreatown Northgate Community Benefit District Board of Directors Meeting Office, 2633 Telegraph Avenue # 107

April 13, 2011- 4:30 p.m. Present: Phil Porter, Sheila Katz, Kuen Bae Yoo, Jack Beallo (came late), Alex Hahn (left early), Byoug Joo Yu Absent: Monrelle Williams, Jonathan Bae, Mohsin Sharif Staff: Marco Li Mandri, Shari Godinez, Claudia Briones Guest: Rose Pratt Nervis, Linnea Graff, Marcus Clark, Tao Mathews, Officer Brown MINUTES: Subject 1. Introduction Discussion Phil Porter introduced Marco Li Mandri and Shari Godinez. He reminded everyone that we did not meet as a full Board last month and that the Executive Committee has been exploring different options for employing Shari and that we will be discussing hiring her as an employee in item 4a. Discussion Phil asked if anyone had any corrections to make on the February 9th minutes and there was none. Phil made a motion to approve the minutes, all approved, no abstentions. Discussion No announcements No Action Action No action

Subject 2. Approval of February 9th Board of Directors minutes.

Action February 9, 2011 Koreatown Northgate Board of Directors meeting minutes approved. Action

Subject 3. Introductions and Announcements, introductions of new residents, business and property owners.

Subject 4. Executive Committee Report. a. Hiring Shari Godinez as an employee, amount not to exceed $45,000 for balance of calendar year 2011, (April December). b. Approval to purchase computer and related material c. Get Payroll Service d. Review of 2011 budget by Executive Committee e. Review of delinquencies since 2008

Discussion a. The Executive committee met and explored different employment options for the Executive Director position. They worked on cementing the relationships with Marco and Shari. The committee viewed several possibilities and decided to hire Shari as an employee and have worked out the details. They first explored hiring Shari as an independent contractor and that didnt work out. Marco mentioned that the cost of the position will not exceed $45,000 through the end of the year. The CBD will purchase workers comp insurance and will not provide medical insurance. b. The Executive Committee agreed to purchase the necessary computer equipment to set up the office. The total amount is $1,837.50. c. Payroll service: The CBD can use Tuula or another outside payroll service. We will only have one employee. The amount including the services should not exceed $5,000 per month. d. Review the 2011 budget: Do to the change in hiring the 2011 budget will need to be reviewed and adjusted. This will be done by the Executive Committee and will be presented at the next full Board meeting. e. Marco said he has been looking at the delinquencies in the assessments in the last two years and that $20,000 is missing from the past budgets. Once we collect those delinquencies, the 2011 income will be higher than the budgeted amount. There was a question about collecting on foreclosed properties. Marco said the foreclosed properties will be paid when the bank takes it back. Marco said that the 2011 budget should be based on the average actual intake. The question was asked, How long does it take once the bank owns the property? Marco said the disbursements from the city are in December and April and there is also a residual at the end of June. Sheila mentioned that out of 45 units in her building there are 10 foreclosed on in the last 3 few years. Marco mentioned that the Baptist church has not paid their assessments. The Baptist church was suing the city on the assessments issue.

Action Vote to approve hiring Shari Godinez as an employee: All approved.

Shari will purchase the office equipment. Shari will get quotes from payroll service businesses and Jack Beallo will choose one. New Budget proposal will be attached to the next Board packet.

Marco will email the hardship policy to the Board.

Subject 7. Chairs for each Committee

Discussion Phil assigned Board members to the Committee Chair positions. He decided he would like the Chair of the Committees to not be from the Executive Committee. Phil asked BJ to chair the Security and Operations Committee, Jonathan to Chair the Marketing and Identity Committee, and Alex Hahn to Chair the Land Use Committee. The committees will meet as needed. Phil asked the members if they are willing to be the Chairs. They agreed. BJ asked for extra time to review the security and operations before having a meeting that was scheduled for April 20th. Discussion Marco announced that last year the CBD spent $25,000 on graffiti removal, and $48,000 on sidewalk cleaning for a total of $67,000 on maintenance. He asked First Building Maintenance to come back with a proposal that included everything but did not exceed $4,000 per month. Marcus Clark came back with 5 proposals and the Executive committee asked him to go with #5 immediately. Shari provided the details on proposal #5 to the Board. Marco said the Security and Operations Committee will look at where we get the greatest return for our money. Marcus Clark stated that over the last several years, gas and everything has gone up and their costs for services have not gone up. They we were asked to stop doing graffiti abatement. As far as they knew they tried to keep the cost down and provide full service. They were asked to cover both public and private property. Their service costs havent gone up over the last 3 years. Phil explained that we are all aware that the graffiti problem has exploded over the last several months and that we just need to bring the expense in line with what the CBD can afford. Discussion Marcus Clark asked if the Board wanted suggestions on how they can provide services. Marco said they will provide all the proposals 5 to the SO Committee from Marcus Clark. Safety 1st announced that the City/Public Works has a new policy where they will only

Action Sheila made a motion to accept the new committee structure and the appointment of the Chairs. Alex: Second the motion. All in favor Motion passed. Shari will reschedule the April 20th meeting for the SO Committee. Action

Subject 8. First Building Maintenance, cleaning service provider and issues of graffiti

Subject 9. Send to SOBO committee for review


Next Board Meeting:

May 11, 2011 4:30 pm

Minutes taken by: Shari Godinez