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1. Title of the article: Wanted: Mars...Dead or Alive? 2. Author(s): Geoffrey A. Landis 3. Explain in two or three sentences why you have chosen this article! One year ago at Bioskop Trans TV, I saw a film which explained the mistery of Mars, that is Red Planet. That film told about the scientists who succeeded to breed the blue alga in Mars and the astronouts could breathe there. I am sure, the experience of saw that film, can be used if I choose this interesting article. 4. Explain briefly in four or five sentences what the article is about! Scientists was surprised and was disappointed because the photography result of Mars by Mariner 4. For up until the Mariner pictures, scientists had thought that Mars was a planet a lot like Earth, but The Mariner Spacecraft found that Mars was not so much like. The Mars that Mariners camera revealed was a cratered desert with an atmosphere so thin that it was barely more than a vacuum. Mars is inhospitable, but it was always cold and dry. The question Is there alive in Mars? might finally be answered in the first quarter of the twenty-first century because in fact, right now, some scientists are proposing plans for an expedition to Mars in fifteen to twenty years time. 5. What is the writers message or purpose in writing this article? The writers objective wrote this article is to inform the readers with the evidence of Mars photograph by Mariner that Mars is not like the scientists assume. Mars actually was bitterly cold and dry, held no trace of life - not even microscopic plants - and appeared to have no water. 6. Give your personal comment on the article as a conclusion of your article review! Mars mistery is really interesting to be studied by many people such as scientists, astronouts, and also me. Day by day, Earth is going to be hot planet.

The brilliant people imagine to live in out of Earth in the future in case of armageddon come to Earth. They try to make it come true. Many effort and creativity have done for study all about Mars in order to built a living place there. I am optimistic with sciences progress in the Earth, Mars will be the second Sky Park after Earth.