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The two day workshop on Management Dynamics conducted by MBA was very successful. Here I am going to discuss about our session of the workshop by using A Dime Model.

Assessing Needs As business trends are changing day by day so we need to update and train ourselves. Therefore, it was the need to conduct a workshop where especially students were encouraged and provided with the opportunity to learn different tactics for survival. Prioritizing Needs The needs for the two day workshop on Management Dynamics can be prioritized as under; Achieving Success. Building communication skills of the students. Expanding knowledge base of the audience. Increasing hope for survival.

The design of our session was simple but quite impressive, which includes the followings. Defining Objectives Importance of positive attitude and success. Types of attitude. When people become aware of their negative attitude then why dont they change their attitude to positive. If they are willing to change their negative attitude to positive then how can they change it. Benefits of positive attitude.
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Developing Lesson Plan Our session was planned for two hours in which different activities were conducted in order to involve the audience. Developing Material In order to conduct our session effectively we made our best efforts for collecting data using different sources like Internet, books, Teachers help etc. Selection Of Trainer When the phase of collecting data for our session then all of the group members were assigned different tasks like presentation, role playing etc, in order to get trained the audience. So all of the group members were like trainer at their part. Selection of Methods & Techniques The methods used to conduct our session was quite simple but attractive. In our session we used three different techniques which are, Presentation. Role Playing. Activities. Scheduling of Program Ours session Success is an Attitude was scheduled on the second day of the workshop in the morning at 10:00 am to 12:00pm in the Language lab.

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When all the arrangements of the workshop were accomplished then it was the time to implement our program, which was implement in a very effective manner. Delivering HRD Program/Intervention After having completed all the requirements of the workshop it was time to implement our plan. The doors were opened for the registered participants and presentation on Success is an Attitude was delivered to them.

Evaluation Criteria Although we were confident of conducting our session effectively, we formulated a feedback program in which at the end of session audience were given a feedback form to get their true opinion about our session. Evaluation Design Evaluation design was based on two approaches which are as under, Teachers Feedback. Students feedback. In the first one teachers who were attending workshop were asked by supervisor to share their opinion about session. In the second design rest of the audience were given a feedback form to rate the session according to their understanding. Interpretation of Results After having feedback of both the categories of audience our supervisor Mr. Umar Hassan interpreted the results in the form of academic grades.
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