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Is 1ack Hartnett a transformational or transactional leader, explain in detail ?

Jack Hartnett leadership style as it is described in the text is anachronism. He runs his
business in his own way. The styles that he has chosen to run his business describe him as
also a good leader and an equally diIIicult to cope with leader.
The things that made him a diIIicult to cope with leader is that he enIorce his employees with
his own Eight Commandments, that his employees have to Iollow. II they don`t Iollow these
commandments he will Iire them. An example oI his Commandments is, I will tell you only
one time. It is a very strict commandment and you can expect many employees to Iollow
some unreasonable statements.
On the other hand in the text it describes the other side oI his leadership style.
Jack Hartnett is a Transactional leader as; he guides and motivates his workers in the
direction oI established goals by clariIying role and task requirements.
Jack may well be a good example oI the Directive leader in House`s path goal leadership
As it is written in the text he is also a good leader and he knows what he wants Ior his
business, how to keep his employees and how to run his business Ior high proIit.
He is doing top-lever hiring by himselI and he spends a lot oI time with them and their
spouses so he can Iind all inIormation about them. He wants to Iind all inIo about them
because one oI his goals is to have employees that are willing to work with him Ior a long
time. He likes to have employees that are loyal and are willing to work hard Ior him.
Working with Jack Hartnett, will ensure you a home, Iamily, community and a place to grow.
He will be there Ior you when you have problems with your Iamily and spouse, because he
wants employees to be Iocused when they are working and not thinking about Iamily
Jack Hartnett is a good leader because he spends a lot oI time with his employees playing
golI and also wants to create bonds that last with his employees, also working with Jack
Hartnett means that you will get paid above national averages.
As it is described in the text Jack Hartnett likes to have Iun with his employees and he makes
jokes with them. Is good to have some Iun time with you employees, not only to pressure
them to work well and eIIiciency but also have Iun with them so their working day became
more enjoyable.
Jack Hartnett has two leadership styles. II you want to work with him you need to obey his
strict rules but in the other hand you will have many advantages. He is a good leader because
all oI the above and he try to have good relationship with his employees. He is a hard
working person, he has a vision Ior his company and he does his best to achieve it. His
Iollowers are willing to work hard Ior him and they are rewarded in many ways Ior their
obedience and loyalty.

What situational variables do you think explain his success at Roger`s?

Jack Hartnett is a successIul business man., Ior many reasons. Selecting people looking Ior or
tolerant to such kind oI authoritative leadership style .High pay .Relationship building with
some employees. Cultural elements employees may come out oI a conservative area where
his personal questioning would be acceptable.
Jack Hartnett has a vision, he knows what he wants, Iollowers that he knows how to keep
them and knows how to run his business Ior high proIit.
One thing that made him successIul is that he runs his business in his own way. The way he
chose to lead his Iollowers gave him loyal Iollowers that obey his rules. He is like a Iriend to
his employees and like a Iamily to them. He knows everything about them, their Iinancial
situation and Iamily. He respects their Iamily situation and he takes them Ior training with
their Iamilies. These things gave him the chance to have long liIetime working together with

Would you work for him?
In the second part oI the question iI I would work Ior Jack Hartnett the answer in no.I
wouldn`t work Ior his company.I don`t like the idea oI the Eight Commandments. I like in an
organization to have rules and legislations but rules that are Iair to all the people oI the
organization. An example oI Hartnett`s eight Commandments is, `I will tell you only one
time`. This Commandment is very strict and not Iair because some people might Iorget or
perceive things in diIIerent ways. Also is very strict to have such rules and expect your
employees to Iollow and obey them. In a company I like to participate and be able to agree
and disagree with the employees and managers. I like to Ieel Iree to say my opinion and
participate in decision making and tell my opinion.
In Hartnett`s organization they also have advantages Ior employees and one oI the main
advantages is the salary. But Ior me the most important is to belong in an organization that I
Ieel Iree and that will give me a chance to develop my ideas and my vision and maybe
became a leader by myselI.
ThereIore as students, we would be bothered with Jack`s Dictatorial leadership style.

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