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London Colloidal Silver

About Colloidal Silver

What is Colloidal Silver? Colloidal Silver is an unrivalled Anti-biotic that destroys nearly all types of virus antibiotic harm the kidneys and liver, Colloidal Silver promotes healing. and bad fungi and bacteria is harmless to all parts of the body. While many types of

Colloidal Silver Eye

Colloidal silvers primary application was as a topical antiseptic. Use of silver, in the form of silver nitrate solution, is still required by law in most states in the US to be used in newborns as a topical eye drop to prevent eye infections.

1-2 drops 3-4 times a day gives reports of great results with eye infections such as Conjunctivitis or Sty. London Colloidal Silver would recommend trying Colloidal Silver in 12 or 30ppm solution to try against ANY eye problem

Colloidal Silver Uses


The information provided on this website should not be for the diagnosis of disease, and/or replacement of professional medical advice. In every instance first consult your G.P and/or any other certified professional for any health concern that you may have for any Colloidal Silver product listed on the London Colloidal Silver website. Silver Colloid; Colloidal Silver has several possible applications, where only a few of these are listed below as it would be near impossible to inform of every use of Colloidal Silver, however, we hope to cover the most relevant. It is used in wound

dressing bandages in the British Armed Forces, US Army and even NASA. If in doubt, medical consultation should be taken from your doctor prior using Colloidal Silver.

What can ColloidalSilver cure?

Eczema - London Colloidal Silver is one of the best treatments for Eczema on the market today. Insects Bites - apply Colloidal Silver two to three times daily, or whenever the itching occurs. Colloidal Silver gives a soothing treatment to bites and stings also preventing further infection. promoting healing. Burns and Scalding - Administer immediately repeating three times daily. Soothes the skin also Athletes Feet - Clean feet and spraying/blotting sparingly with the Colloidal Silver. Alternatively, for half an hour to an hour.

for best results soak feet in a bowl or foot-spa with one part Colloidal Silver and four parts water Cuts and Grazes - Use three times daily. Cleans the area and helps stay infection free. Sore Throat - Gargling a tablespoon for around two minutes - longer the better. Rashes Colloidal Silver on rashes three times daily, gives a soothing effect promoting healing. also reducing the risk of the spot infection.

Chicken Pox Colloidal Silver is ideal for Chicken Pox spots reducing itching, promoting healing, Acne <-Click for more info.- Spray or apply Colloidal-Silver to the affected area three times daily. Sunburn - spray the affected area and repeat at hourly or two-hourly intervals during the first few hours after burning.

Other Uses of Colloidal Silver

Nappy Rash Apply Colloidal Silver to the affected area. After Shave - Colloidal Silver makes brilliant after shave. We are close to releasing a special Colloidal Aftershave which will be of a Sandalwood fragrance, similar in fragrance to the Fahrenheit range.

Pets Colloidal Silver can be applied to the treatment of animals and birds with skin defects by applying several times daily till relief is achieved. Trace Element Supplements - Colloidal Silver is poplar with many users as a trace element Future Products

supplement. 5Ml / teaspoonful daily is known to promote great general health and well-being. We are looking to extend our Colloidal Silver Range,

Colloidal Silver for Pets

This is a report on how I used Silver Colloid for our dog Gaffer, and how you can use colloidal silver on all your pets! Just over a month ago our dog Gaffer came down very sick. I seen him outside struggling to go to the toilet. When he came inside he was walking very slowly and didnt seem himself. Over the next hour he just got worse he could hardly walk and then he just wasnt moving, he was just laying there. I got really worried about Gaffer and decided to give him some colloidal silver. I got a nasal spray bottle and used it to squirt colloidal silver in his mouth. I did that every half an hour for 2 hours after that time he got up walked outside and was able to go to toilet fine, but was a bit gastric. I now assumed he had had an upset stomach, he was feeling very hot to touch. I continued with nasal spray bottle and used the small bottle to tip some in his mouth. colloidal silver every hour and now he was happy for us to give bigger doses; I took the top of the After 4 hours we went down to every 2 hours of Colloidal-Silver doses. By that night he was a lot more himself and doing his usual bark/talk ( Gaffer is quite vocal in the way he talks to us) type he does to say hey I'm hungry. He ate dinner but then went and slept the whole night. The next day he was his usual happy self again as if nothing had happened. If you are buying colloidal silver from us and you have a dog or pet that you may have to give colloidal silver liquid to at some stage I hope this can be of use to you. am thankful that I had the colloidal silver for him to take. My pets are very dear to me and I know that on the weekend I got a real scare with Gaffer and I

P.S. Before you make any comments about Gaffer; he is an Irish Blue Staffordshire - He was this colour before taking Colloidal Silver :-P

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

There are a great range of health benefits by using Colloidal Silver Better Immune System Better Overall Health Better Skin

Colloidal silver has been reputed to be able to kill 650+ micro-organisms.

It has been reported to be effective against: acne, AIDS, allergies, arthritis, athletes-feet, boils, burns, candida, cystitis, diabetes, eczema, hay-fever, indigestion, parasitic infections, psoriasis, ringworm, warts and yeast infections. It can be used orally or topically. When taken orally you can place droplets directly under the tongue or drunk. Silver is often used topically by spraying onto cuts, burns, skin-infections and/or acne.

Olive Leaf Extract

One other great natural antibiotic which works brilliantly with Colloidal Silver is Olive Leaf Extract. Research by the American Society for Microbiology, found that Olive Leaf Extract inhibited the growth of every virus, bacteria, fungi and protozoa it was tested against. The anti-viral activity is due to the action of Oleuropein on the protein coat of a virus. The

synergistic structure of anti-oxidant polyphenols, esters, flavonoids, and multiple iridoids work together to weaken disease causing organisms and interfere with the ability of a virus to assemble

at the cell membrane.

It acts to prevent the onset of colds, flu, a range of viruses, yeast & bacterial infections & parasites. Olive-Leaf has high levels of antioxidants (more than green tea) and builds the immune system by stimulating phagocyte production which enables immune cells to destroy microbes.

Colloidal Silver Dosage

Our body is a complex system that may prevent certain concentrations of Colloidal-Silver from reaching an affected area. Since Silver-Colloid can only kill pathogenic-organisms when it is in to be successful. One teaspoonful of a 5 parts per million [PPM] solution of Colloidal Silver is equivalent to about 25 micrograms [mcg] of silver. Anywhere from 1 to 4 teaspoonful [25 - 100 mcg] per day is generally considered to be "NUTRITIONAL dosage, and is safe for extended periods of time. Amounts higher are regarded as "THERAPTIC" doses, and should be used only periodically. Alternative health practitioners usually recommend one table-spoonful daily for 4 days in order to establish a level, and then one teaspoonful daily for maintenance [proportional to body weight for children]. After six weeks, a pause of several weeks has also been suggested by some doctors. natural health practitioners have often recommended taking double [or even triple] the "nutritional" dose for anywhere from 30 to 45 days in order to provide general protection, and then reducing it to a smaller maintenance dose. In acute conditions, amounts ingested have ranged anywhere from 1 to 32 ounces per day. In cases involving an illness or sudden exposure to a harmful organism [such as anthrax spores], contact for a sufficient period of time, then the dosage must be higher in-terms of concentration

How is Colloidal Silver Made?

Most brands of Colloidal-Silver are inferior in terms of quality and vale. The highest quality grade of Silver Colloid is produced by electro-colloidal, non-chemical process using electric-arc technique whereby the Silver particles / distilled water are colloided. In other words, dispersed within and bound to one another by electric current. This method allows for the concentration of Colloidal Silver to be measured in parts-per-million [PPM]. These super-fine Silver particles are suspended in de-mineralized water. Some products containing high proportions of silver do not remove bacteria any more effectively

than the safe range of 10 to 30 parts per million [ppm] do. damage the product.

All our products are made in refrigerated, hygienic environment with low levels of light to We are also working on newer products to better the London Colloidal-Silver range. What is Sovereign silver? And what is special about it? Sovereign Silver is basically the same as the Colloidal Silver that we produce It basically refers to

a proper colloid which is made from pure silver in pharmaceutical grade de-mineralised/distilled water. Where as the cheaper or lesser quality Colloids are simply dissolved/salt solutions which do not last and can case more harm than good. The amateurish Silver Colloids are generally made with salt solution to speed the process up, giving large particle size and then sing De-Ionised as opposed to proper distilled water which again will case large silver particle size which is also no good. Over the past few decades, the term Colloidal Silver has been misused by people that produce (knowingly or unknowingly) silver products contaminated by salts, proteins, compounds, stabilizers, and oxidation all of which serve to degrade and/or diminish the bio-activity of the silver, and render it useless and potentially toxic. Generally glass bottles are used to preserve fine colloids; however, London Colloidal uses special amber sealed plastic containers as it lowers production, postage and reduces the damages cost with the longevity only being reduced by a marginal level.

Colloidal Silver Cream

Colloidal Silver Cream; We are soon to be releasing a Colloidal Silver Cream, which will be a superior alternative to the argent-um plus - silver msm cream at a more sensible price. London Colloidal Silver face cream upon release will promote beautiful skin by repairing damage

and preventing infections, making it one of the best all-round skin treatments on the market.

Colloidal Silver AfterSun and Sun Lotion

London Colloidal Silver will soon be releasing a Colloidal Silver based after-sun lotion which will help the pain of sun burn and protect against future sun exposure. Colloidal Silver has recently been shown by scientists to have good healing on most types of skin inflammation. It has been used for many years in many specialist burns clinics around the world reducing pain, improving recovery times, resulting in less scarring. London Colloidal Silver After-Sun lotion combines these with calendula, marigold, tea-tree, aloe-vera, chamomile extracts and arnica oil giving all round recovery to sun exposure.

London Colloidal Silver will also be releasing a Colloidal Silver based Sun Lotion of factor 30 and 50 which will have the qualities of a top end sun lotion with the extra beneficial healing and protective properties of Colloidal Silver which will concurrently give an excellent skin treatment.

Soap, Shower Gel & ACNE Cream

Colloidal Silver Soap / Shower Gel; London Colloidal Silver is also developing a Luxury Colloidal Silver based Shower Gel which will be available in a beautiful sandalwood fragrance. Of the highest quality and will both work as an excellent natural herbal and alternative treatment for many skin conditions.

Colloidal Silver ACNE Treatment We are also developing a specialist ACNE treatment.

Colloidal Silver FAQ's

Will Colloidal Silver turn me blue? NO; if you but a quality product like that of ours there is no chance. It is like saying if you drink Vodka yo will damage your eyesight; or eating out will give you food poisoning only if you buy counterfeit Vodka which is made using Methanol instead of Ethanol, then there is a chance of damaging yourself and in many ways this probably applies to everything in life you buy. Colloidal silver in the proper size particle and within safe parts per million ratios have been effective against many problems. Unfortunately, more is not always better, some products have too high a ppm and / or too large particles size which can lead to potential trouble. Also when people work in unclean environments, use the wrong equipment or when they use tap or mineral water and Distilled Water). instead of distilled (more commonly it is when people confuse themselves with De-Ionised Water Even though this is only in extreme cases; London Colloidal Silver have been in business for nearly ten years now without complaints and this is good enough for us that our product is safe.

We also have the belief that Alternative Medicines such as ours are discredited by government officials and large pharmaceutical companies because it affects their business. After-all you cannot licence or patent nature, so if there is a product with no side effects, toxins, does the job of bad press and always using the same story of one person (Paul Karason) where there are reports of him turning blue. This was false, he did turn blue but not from Colloidal Silver, he turned blue from his own stupidity. He was making a home-made ionic solution which he believed to be Colloidal Silver which gave him argyria; a skin condition that turns the skin a bluegray colour. To make the solution even more harmful, he added salt to the concoction and then known to cause Argyria. He then applied the mixture to his skin causing him to become an used electrolysis to make a high concentration of silver chloride with large particles; which is well internal and external photographic plate. To finish himself off, he used a tanning bed to "fix" the silver in his body. The moral of the story is to know the difference between true colloidal silver and ionic silver or silver proteins, and don't try to make either at home! better and costs less than half the price it will case them upset, which is why there have been lots

The Blue Man charade demonstrates once again that the mass media cannot be trusted to report anything that even resembles a truthful "news" story. All "news" today is propagated with an agenda just like the phony economic statistics put out by the U.S. Or British government