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VCCA8ULAk CI "1he humorous gu|de to co||ege students w|th hover|ng parents"

uorm (noun)
lnformal shorL word for dormlLory lL also means a sLudenL resldenL or a resldence hall

lranLlc (ad[ecLlve)
1 uesperaLe or wlld wlLh exclLemenL passlon fear paln eLc frenzled
2 Archalc lnsane mad

Cllnglng (cllng)
As a verb (used wlLhouL ob[ecL)
1 1o adhere closely sLlck Lo 1he weL paper cllngs Lo Lhe glass
2 1o hold LlghL as by grasplng or embraclng cleave 1he chlldren clung Lo each oLher ln Lhe
3 1o be or remaln close 1he chlld clung Lo her moLhers slde
4 1o remaln aLLached as Lo an ldea hope memory eLc uesplLe Lhe predlcLlons Lhe
candldaLe clung Lo Lhe bellef LhaL he would be elecLed
3 1o cohere

As a noun
6 1he acL of cllnglng adherence aLLachmenL

1ad (lnformal noun)
1 A small chlld especlally a boy
2 A very small amounL or degree blL lease shlfL your chalr a Lad Lo Lhe rlghL 1he frosLlng
could use a Lad more vanllla

Poverlng parenLs
Also called hellcopLer parenLs a parenL who ls overly lnvolved ln Lhelr chlld's llfe Maybe Lhelr
klds become boomerang klds laLer

8oomerang klds
A chlld (usually an adulL) who moves back home for flnanclal reasons malnly

8andaged (8andage)
As a noun
1 A sLrlp of cloLh or oLher maLerlal used Lo blnd up a wound sore spraln eLc
2 AnyLhlng used as a band or llgaLure

As a verb (used wlLh ob[ecL)
3 1o blnd or cover wlLh a bandage Lo bandage Lhe ankles of a fooLball player Lo prevenL

klckball (noun)
A chlldrens game (slmllar Lo baseball) ln whlch a large lnflaLed ball (as a soccer ball) ls klcked
lnsLead of belng baLLed

8abylng (verb)
1 1o LreaL llke a young chlld pamper
2 1o handle or use wlLh speclal care LreaL genLly

lled Lhe nesL (phrase)
1o leave your parenL's house

rone (ad[ecLlve)
1 Pavlng a naLural lncllnaLlon or Lendency Lo someLhlng dlsposed llable Lo be prone Lo
2 Pavlng Lhe fronL or venLral parL downward lylng face downward
3 lylng flaL prosLraLe
4 Pavlng a downward dlrecLlon or slope
3 Pavlng Lhe palm downward as Lhe hand

As a noun
1 A plece of cloLh or oLher absorbenL maLerlal folded and worn as underpanLs by a baby noL
yeL LolleLLralned
2 Also called dlaper cloLh A llnen or coLLon fabrlc wlLh a woven paLLern of small consLanLly
repeaLed flgures as dlamonds
3 Also called dlaper paLLern such a paLLern orlglnally used ln Lhe Mlddle Ages ln weavlng sllk
and gold

As a verb (used wlLh ob[ecL)
4 1o puL a dlaper on
3 1o ornamenL wlLh a dlaper llke paLLern

8ashes (noun f)
1 An erupLlon or efflorescence on Lhe skln
2 A mulLlLude of lnsLances of someLhlng occurrlng more or less durlng Lhe same perlod of
Llme a rash of robberles lasL monLh

Clue ln (phrasal verb)
1 1o provlde wlLh useful or rellable lnformaLlon Clue us ln on how Lhese forms are Lo be fllled
2 1o make famlllar or aware Pas she been clued ln abouL Lhe rules of Lhls offlce?

As a noun
1 1he parL of a garmenL LhaL covers Lhe arm varylng ln form and lengLh buL commonly
2 An envelope usually of paper for proLecLlng a phonograph record
3 Machlnery A Lubular plece (as of meLal) flLLlng over a rod or Lhe llke

As a verb (used wlLh ob[ecL)
4 1o furnlsh wlLh sleeves
3 Machlnery (1o flL wlLh a sleeve) [oln or fasLen by means of a sleeve

CverproLecLlve (ad[ecLlve)
unduly proLecLlve

unduly (adverb)
1 Lxcesslvely unduly worrled
2 ln an lnapproprlaLe un[usLlflable or lmproper manner unduly crlLlcal

As a noun
1 A rounded mark or sLaln made by forelgn maLLer as mud blood palnL lnk eLc a bloL or
2 SomeLhlng LhaL mars ones characLer or repuLaLlon blemlsh flaw
3 A small blemlsh mole or leslon on Lhe skln or oLher surface
4 A small clrcumscrlbed mark caused by dlsease allerglc reacLlon decay eLc
3 A comparaLlvely small usually roundlsh parL of a surface dlfferlng from Lhe resL ln color
LexLure characLer eLc a bald spoL
6 A place or locallLy A monumenL marks Lhe spoL where WashlngLon slepL
7 usually spoLs laces of enLerLalnmenL or slghLseelng lnLeresL We wenL Lo a few spoLs Lo
dance and see Lhe floor shows
8 SpoL announcemenL
9 A speclflc poslLlon ln a sequence or hlerarchy 1he choral group has Lhe second spoL on Lhe
program rlghL afLer Lhe dancers Pe moved up from second spoL Lo become presldenL of Lhe
10 Cards
a one of varlous LradlLlonal geomeLrlc drawlngs of a club dlamond hearL or spade on a
playlng card for lndlcaLlng sulL and value
b any playlng card from a Lwo Lhrough a Len Pe drew a [ack a queen and a Lhree spoL
11 A plp as on dlce or domlnoes
12 Slang a plece of paper money almosL always lndlcaLed as a flve or Lendollar blll Can you
loan me a flve spoL unLll payday?
13 Also called spoL lllusLraLlon a small drawlng usually black and whlLe appearlng wlLhln or
accompanylng a LexL
14 Chlefly 8rlLlsh lnformal
a a small quanLlLy of anyLhlng
b a drlnk a spoL of Lea
13 A small croaker LelosLomus xanLhurus of Lhe easLern coasL of Lhe uS used as a food flsh
16 SpoLs lnformal CommodlLles as graln wool and soybeans sold for lmmedlaLe dellvery
17 SpoL prlce
18 lnformal spoLllghL (def 1)

As a verb (used wlLh ob[ecL)
19 1o sLaln or mark wlLh spoLs 1he grease spoLLed my dress
20 1o remove a spoL or spoLs from (cloLhlng) especlally before dry cleanlng
21 1o sully blemlsh
22 1o mark or dlverslfy wlLh spoLs or doLs as of color We spoLLed Lhe wall wlLh blue palnL
23 1o deLecL or recognlze locaLe or ldenLlfy by seelng Lo spoL a hldlng chlld
24 Lo place or poslLlon on a parLlcular place Lo spoL a bllllard ball
23 1o sLop (a rallroad car) aL Lhe exacL place requlred
26 1o scaLLer ln varlous places Lo spoL chalrs here and Lhere ln Lhe room
27 lnformal spoLllghL (def 3)
28 MlllLary
a Lo deLermlne (a locaLlon) preclsely on elLher Lhe ground or a map
b Lo observe (Lhe resulLs of gunflre aL or near a LargeL) for Lhe purpose of correcLlng alm
29 hoLography Lo remove spoLs from (a negaLlve or prlnL) by coverlng wlLh opaque color
30 SporLs Lo glve or granL a cerLaln margln or advanLage Lo (an opponenL) Pe spoLLed Lhe
Lyro 12 polnLs a game 1he champlon won alLhough spoLLlng Lhe challenger LwenLy pounds
31 (ln gymnasLlcs) Lo waLch or asslsL (a performer) ln order Lo prevenL ln[ury
32 Slang Lo lend Can you spoL me LwenLy for LonlghLs game?

As a verb (used wlLhouL ob[ecL)
33 1o make a spoL cause a sLaln lnk spoLs badly
34 1o become spoLLed as some fabrlcs when spaLLered wlLh waLer
33 MlllLary Lo serve or acL as a spoLLer

As an ad[ecLlve
36 8adlo 1elevlslon
a perLalnlng Lo Lhe polnL of orlgln of a local broadcasL
b broadcasL beLween announced programs
37 Made pald dellvered eLc aL once a spoL sale spoL goods

38 hlL Lhe hlgh spoLs lnformal Lo deal wlLh or lnclude only Lhe ma[or polnLs of lnLeresL WlLh
buL a llmlLed amounL of vacaLlon Llme he concenLraLed on hlLLlng Lhe hlgh spoLs of Lurope
39 PlL Lhe spoL lnformal Lo saLlsfy a wanL or need as Lo quench LhlrsL lced Lea hlLs Lhe spoL
durlng Lhe hoL summer monLhs
40 ln a (bad) spoL ln an uncomforLable or dangerous predlcamenL 1he LourlsLs found
Lhemselves ln a bad spoL afLer Lhey losL Lhelr money ln Las vegas
41 knock spoLs off 8rlLlsh Slang Lo ouLdo easlly beaL
42 on Lhe spoL
a wlLhouL delay aL once lnsLanLly
b aL Lhe very place ln quesLlon
c ln a dlfflculL or embarrasslng poslLlon
d ln a poslLlon of belng expecLed Lo acL or Lo respond ln some way

Choke ouL (LranslLlve verb)
1o casLlgaLe excorlaLe Lo make someone feel ouL of oxygen or exLremely worrled abouL

CuL of slghL (phrase ad[ecLlve)
1 Slang fanLasLlc greaL marvelous an ouLofslghL gulLarlsL
2 8eyond reason exceedlngly hlgh ouLofslghL hosplLal bllls

1rench coaL (noun)
A waLerproof overcoaL sLyled along mlllLary llnes belLed wlLh sLraps on Lhe shoulders and
lower sleeves