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Samp|e of kef|ect|on aper |n Negot|at|on

1hls paper would llke Lo relaLe some of negoLlaLlon sklll and Lheorles whlch l had learned ln
class room and observe how far Lhe posslblllLy of Lhls lessons could be applled ln my
organlzaLlon a small clvll socleLy organlzaLlon (CSC) ln lndonesla and how Lhe negoLlaLlon
Lheory from Lhls course could developmenL of myself furLher 1he dlscusslon ln Lhls paper
malnly wlll be focused on how negoLlaLlon sklll knowledge and Lechnlque can close negoLlaLlon
gap ln organlzaLlon
l sLarL my reflecLlon by looklng aL Lhe predlcLlon of slLuaLlon ln Lhe nexL couple of monLhs when
l am back on my work place AL LhaL Llme CSC wlll face varlous challenges 8alslng fund for
programs and susLaln program ln Lhe communlLy wlll be obvlous challenge 1hese are only few
challenges whlch need Lo be addressed carefully by organlzaLlon ln Lhe fuLure moreover Lhe
soclal economlc and pollLlcal slLuaLlon also conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe uncerLalnLy slLuaLlon
WlLh Lhese predlcLlon ln shorL run organlzaLlon's performance wlll be affecLed whlch lndlcaLed
by less compeLlLlve due Lo lnablllLy Lo perform well ln long run Lhese slLuaLlon wlll prevenL Lhe
organlzaLlon Lo achleve vlslon and mlsslon Slnce organlzaLlon should engage wlLh many parLles
a CSC Manager should masLer Lhe arL of negoLlaLlon Lo assure organlzaLlon achlevemenL ln Lhe
In Chaot|c s|tuat|on negot|at|on sk||| |s needed
Some experLs predlcL ln 21
cenLury world wlll be Lurn ln chaoLlc condlLlon Cne of
characLerlsLlc ls a small changes ln Lhe beglnnlng could have blg lmpacL ln Lhe end uslng Lhls
predlcLlon we can assume applylng effecLlve negoLlaLlon could brlng slgnlflcanL resulL for
organlzaLlon and vlce versa ln chaoLlc era sLrong leadershlp ls needed Lo overcome poLenLlal
problem and Lhls sklll ls lmporLanL for nCC leader who's known as an acLor who can play
lmporLanL role as balanclng power for governmenL and prlvaLe secLor
1he CSC worklng area ls span from provldlng humanlLarlan ald unLll advocacy of pollcy all of
Lhls fleld has relaLe wlLh many sLakeholder mosL of Lhe sLake holder of are smarL and crlLlcal
Lhey glve feed back or challenge Lhe ldeas of CSC a solld undersLandlng of negoLlaLlon process
become lmporLanL ln chaoLlc era relaLe wlLh many sLakeholder mean many lnLeresL wlll
lnvolve Lhls slLuaLlon could be dlfflculL for CSC Lo cholce Lhe besL opLlon among many
1herefore Lo be relevanL CSC should sLlck Lo organlzaLlon vlslon and mlsslon whlch wlll ensure
Lhe mandaLe remaln approprlaLe for Lhe beneflclarles
uncerLalnLy condlLlon and complexlLy condlLlon noL only face by CSC buL also buslness secLor
When every parLy ls connecLed lnLer unlL coordlnaLlon become cruclal Whenever Lhe condlLlon
ls hlghly senslLlve Lo lnlLlal condlLlon dependency among unlLs ln organlzaLlon wlll lncrease and
Lo make lL worklng properLy lL requlres conLlnuous negoLlaLlon process
AnoLher reason why negoLlaLlon sklll ls lmporLanL for organlzaLlon ls because Lhe globallzaLlon
has change Lhe markeL and paLLern of compeLlLlon Consumers become more crlLlcal Lhey
easlly geL revlew of a producL from Lhe lnLerneL and Lhls could be serlous Lhread for
organlzaLlon whlch employs old sysLem Cld fashloned approach lndlcaLed by hlerarchlcal and
cenLral command wlll noL effecLlve and obsoleLe 1o be always relevanL for lLs beneflclarles
organlzaLlon should negoLlaLe wlLh all sLakeholders Aslde from changlng of Lhe markeL and
global compeLlLlon CloballzaLlon also affecLed Lhe demographlc varleLy More people are
Lravellng across conLlnenLs for dlfferenL purpose and Lhose people cannoL dlrecLly separaLe
from Lhelr own culLure culLural lnfluence someLlmes can have an effecL ln dolng buslness
8elng buslness parLner for forelgner we should aware of oLhers culLure negoLlaLlon sklll
wlLhouL conslderlng culLural facLor wlll be aL rlsk of unproducLlve culLural mlsundersLandlng and
cosLly confllcL An effecLlve sLraLegy Lo prevenL culLural mlsundersLandlng should be seL up
An example of negoLlaLlon wlLh forelgner came from my organlzaLlon 1hls example lllusLraLes
how negoLlaLlon sklll play lmporLanL role for CSC LasL year 2010 my organlzaLlon submlLLed a
program proposal Luropean donor 1he LlLle of Lhe program proposal was Clvlc LducaLlon for
nCC acLlvlsLs ShorLly Lhls proposal was accepLed and proceeds lnLo furLher sLep negoLlaLlng
Lhe budgeL ln negoLlaLlon process my organlzaLlon's lnLeresL was donor should cover all
program componenLs we wanL donor be responslble 100 per cenL ln all flnanclal aspecLs uue
Lo lack of negoLlaLlon ablllLy aL LhaL Llme my organlzaLlon only focus on flnanclal aspecL and
reslsL glvlng counLerparL fund 8eflecLlng Lhls experlence my organlzaLlon's lnLeresL ln LhaL
process was dlsLorLed
ln negoLlaLlon process Lhere are Lwo lnLeresLs LhaL should be conslder hard lnLeresL and sofL
lnLeresL lrom Lhe Lheory l reallzed my organlzaLlon only focus on 'hard lnLeresL'by refused Lo
conLrlbuLe counLerparL fund Lo supporL Lhe Lralnlng AL LhaL Llme wllllngness Lo llsLen whaL
Lhe donor's lnLeresL was low 8eflecLed from Lhe lesson ln SnCM class l know LhaL ablllLy Lo
llsLen oLher parLles' lnLeresL ls lmporLanL Lo creaLe value ln a negoLlaLlon process WlLhouL
address oLher parLy's lnLeresL carefully negoLlaLlon process mlghL noL worLhy ldeally my
organlzaLlon should also conslder Lhe 'sofL lnLeresL' such as bulld long Lerm relaLlonshlp wlLh as
donor and noL [usL focus on 'Langlble' lLems such as poLenLlal flnanclal losL lf dedlcaLe some
budgeL for program 1hls ls [usL slmple example on Lhe lmporLance of undersLandlng oLher
lnLeresL My reflecLlon every organlzaLlon should be flexlble Lo coop wlLh slLuaLlon negoLlaLlon
process should seeks [olnLly declde acLlon process of [oln problem solvlng
WheLher ln soclal organlzaLlon or buslness organlzaLlon compeLenL person Lo represenL
organlzaLlon ln a negoLlaLlon process ls needed CrganlzaLlon should prepare seL of sLraLegles
before sLarL negoLlaLlng wlLh sLakeholder ln chaoLlc slLuaLlon
a|anc|ng the econom|c and soc|a| benef|t
8alanclng Lhe economlc and soclal beneflL ls lmporLanL ln dolng negoLlaLlon a person wlLhouL
enough sklll usually made common mlsLakes by focuslng only on hls slde lor example when
negoLlaLors only focus wlnnlng ln economlc slde wlLhouL conslderlng furLher relaLlonshlp and
falrness of oLher parLles AlLhough wln ln economlc slde ls good buL Lhls achlevemenL has low
value l should admlL Lhe moLlvaLlon Lo seek 'falrness' ln negoLlaLlon become one of lmporLanL
conslderaLlon ln CSC Lconomlc values someLlmes become second prlorlLy ln sLraLeglc
negoLlaLlon course as fuLure manager l learned how Lo balance Lhe lnLeresL Lo galn hlghesL
resulL and creaLe value 8ulldlng relaLlonshlp wlLh sLakeholder ls lmporLanL ln developmenL
work however emphasls on economlc should also be conslderaLlon
My organlzaLlon has malnLalned good relaLlonshlp wlLh forelgn donor mosL of Lhe donors are
come from Luropean counLrles As parL of monlLorlng and evaluaLlon process donors are
regularly verlfylng progress of Lhe programs and ad[usL compulsory lLem such as LransporLaLlon
cosL or salary cosL We usually greeL our guesLs lnformally however someLlmes Lhe meeLlng
should ended before Llme because our forelgn guesL wanLed Lhe negoLlaLlon process qulck and
focuses uue Lo boLh parLles have dlfferenL lnLeresL someLlmes mlsundersLandlng happened
lor example when handllng a communlLy program our sLaff usually face dlfflculL slLuaLlon
whlch lnslsL us change Lhe pollcy we wanL our donor undersLand Lhe process and glve
flexlblllLy Lhls klnd of slLuaLlon usually lead a dlspuLe among boLh parLy Cur lnLeresL ls
flexlblllLy ln run Lhe pro[ecL due Lo parLlcular slLuaLlon buL Lhe donor lnLeresL was our
organlzaLlon should show Lhe resulL of program llke whaL has wrlLLen ln Lhe proposal Lack of
undersLandlng from oLher parLles made us consclous abouL culLural dlmenslon ln Lhe
negoLlaLlon process alLhough culLural mlsundersLandlng rarely happen buL lL mlghL affecL Lhe
effecLlveness of negoLlaLlon process lf noL belng anLlclpaLed from beglnnlng My reflecLlon by
undersLand Lhe culLural dlmenslon organlzaLlon wlll show appreclaLlon Loward oLher parLles
Strateg|c Negot|at|on |n ract|ce
AfLer learn many negoLlaLlon sklll l wanL pracLlce my negoLlaLlon sklll by applylng
recommendaLlon ln my managemenL research reporL ln my pro[ecL l recommend
managemenL of my organlzaLlon Lo lmplemenL a sysLem whlch makes organlzaLlon more
effecLlve and efflclenL by uslng knowledge managemenL 1hrough Lhls sysLem organlzaLlon
wlll prevenL Lhe losL of knowledge from senlor sLaff
8egardlng wlLh Lhls ldea l found ouL some poLenLlal challenges ln Lhe organlzaLlon SLrucLurally
my organlzaLlon dld noL have sLaLuLe Lo lmplemenL Lhls ldea As a pro[ecL offlcer l should
negoLlaLe wlLh managemenL of organlzaLlon Lo malnsLreamlng Lhe ldea of knowledge Lransfer
process for Lhe sLaff 8ecause lL requlre organlzaLlon Lo creaLe a new sLrucLure and allocaLe
some budgeL as an appllcaLlon of reward sysLem whlch cerLalnly wlll affecL organlzaLlon's
flnanclal negoLlaLlon wlll be lmporLanL
1he lssue here ls how Lo malnsLream Lhe knowledge Lransfer process 1he lnLeresL of
managemenL whlch l could ldenLlfy ls on how Lo lmplemenL Lhls process uslng mlnlmum
budgeL whlle Lhe lnLeresL of sLaff whlch l could ldenLlfy ls every knowledge Lransfer process
should be rewarded by organlzaLlon
8oLh managemenL and sLaff can sLarL Lhe negoLlaLlon and Lry Lo assess Lhelr own lnLeresL ln
order Lo creaLe value ln process l wlll suggesL four sLep llrsL separaLe Lhe sLaff lnLeresL wlLh
Lhe problem of reward ln Lhe muLual agreeable soluLlon boLh parLy should agree LhaL
knowledge Lransfer process ls lmporLanL for organlzaLlon and need Lo be address carefully Lo
prevenL Lhe losL of organlzaLlon knowledge Secondly Lhe negoLlaLlon should focus on Lhe
lnLeresL of each parLy boLh managemenL and sLaff should wlll Lhe llsLen Lhe lnLeresL
explanaLlon of from each sLaff 1hlrd afLer each parLy speaks Lhelr mlnd creaLlve soluLlon
should be lnvenLed for muLual galn lourLh lnslsL on uslng ob[ecLlve crlLerla by dlscusslng Lhe
Lerm and condlLlon how Lhe knowledge Lransfers can be lmplemenLed each parLy seek a falr
soluLlon for Lhe process
ln concluslon assesslng negoLlaLlon requlres ablllLy Lo undersLand Lhe slLuaLlon Lhe key person
address Lhe gap beLween whaL already know and whaL should know 1he gap can be mlnlmlzed
Lhrough conLlnuous exerclse of negoLlaLlon good negoLlaLlon creaLes value for Lhe group we
represenL and lncrease chance of problem solvlng CrganlzaLlon need a manager who able Lo
llve wlLh lL CSC wlll face more and more lnfluenLlal sLakeholder whlch mean greaLer challenge
and greaLer dlverslLy whlch requlre negoLlaLlon
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