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SAMPLE OF REFLECTION PAPER Social Impact Analysis and Environmental Impact Analysis In twentieth century, peoples awareness toward

environment depletion increased dramatically. The deterioration of environment, climate change had woke people up from their dreaming. Afterward, environment impact analysis and also social impact analysis became major consideration in every developmental project. I learn Social Impact Analysis, by conducting a stakeholder interview of Medina Fez case. This interview was aim to know the inhabitant and other stakeholder aspiration toward the project. In this exercise I practice my understanding to ask right questions to those who affected by project. In the process, I was able identify how a restoration project could affect the community. I conclude to identify stake holders want is difficult without frequent practice . Aside from asking technical question, I was asking cross cutting issue questions, such as how the project will affect woman and children ? Who will be in vulnerable condition if the project is being done ? My take from this exercise is, to be a project holder / assessor we must understand basic question to be asked in real situation and real stakeholder. By understanding what people want, it will ensure a project run effective and efficiently. From the exercise, I also have experience in conduct an Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) of Coal Mining. The exercise give me idea on how to conduct EIA cautiously, a good EIA will prevent community from potential damage and loss of a coal mining project. I also have experience how difficult the EIA process in the real situation. In the exercise when we have to made decision between two coal mining sites, our group was challenged to think multi dimension, not only criticize technical factors but also should consider social impact of a project toward people in surrounding environment. For example when decide which site has less impact toward people and company, half of the group member consider site A as their choice, because it give less damage toward natural resources, in fact this site impacted people who live nearby the mining site. While for site B, although it quite far from people dwelling, but the probably project will damage forests and also local tribe who lives there also big. In conclusion, to conduct an EIA, we should consider SIA. The biggest learning from this exercise for me is, I know how to decide a project site base on availability of data and ability to see environmental effect. Learning technical skill will allow me asking right questions, while learning social analysis will give a better perspective of how the project will impact toward human being. This experience can be applied into a real situation whenever I am dealing with such kind of infrastructure project. eddieslim 2011