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Words have power. Some words have more power than others. Vibration has sound. Sound goes where other properties cant. Intention has direction. A plan with a goal makes a difference.

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This book is about feeling better and feeling better more often. While the first two chapters of this book describe how this method works, they contain ideas and concepts that might be unfamiliar. Fortunately, understanding the theory about how the Feel Technique works is much less important than simply using it. Understanding how an engine works doesnt help you to drive, only practice does that. Same principle here. How to use the Feel Technique is covered in the third chapter. This book about feeling better and getting more out of life, so how do we do that? By developing your capacity to feel more than you do now. To feel more, your nervous system has to be stimulated. Your nervous system keeps you alive, providing the ability to respond and feel. These are a few of the more important functions of what your nervous system does best. Youre not aware of how your organs keep you alive. Unless you have a background in medicine or physiology, you dont know whats going on inside you. You are aware, though, of your feelings. You mostly do know how you feel.

A bell works best when its rung. A wheel works best when it spins. And a lamp works best when it shines. You work best when you feel the most. What helps you work at your best is a nervous system that can function at full capacity. When the nervous system functions at full capacity, it increases your ability to feel more. To help the nervous system function at full capacity, we want to stimulate it. Vitamins, good food, and adequate sleep maximize the nervous systems potential. Stimulating it, though, requires effort, such as exercise and meditation. Exercise stimulates the nervous system through exertion. Meditation stimulates it through repetition. The Feel Technique is a meditation that stimulates the nervous system. This method uses the subconscious mind to reach unconscious processes. When we stimulate the nervous system to feel more to its capacity, you feel more. The nervous systems job is to help you feel. Thats what it was designed to do: Help you feel. Chapter three describes how to use the Feel Technique in three different ways: First, as a simple meditation, focusing on a sound of a word. Second, as a body focus meditation, in order to undo tension. And third, socially, when youre with people. The Feel Technique can be used mentally, physically and socially. Each of the three variations of the technique uses the word feel as a silent vibration. Each method uses repetition as a way to activate the subconscious to influence unconscious processes. For the purposes of this book, the practice of this technique is called FEEL. During FEEL you silently focus on the sound of the word feel. The technique is on of simply repeating feel again and again in your mind. Sound, even silent, carries a vibration within the brain, where it is heard.

Thought itself is a vibration, measurable on an EKG. Repetition makes that vibration resonate within the psyche. When you repeat a word over and over again, after a while, the word loses its meaning. After repeating feel for a while, you will go into a light naturalistic trance. In this naturalistic trance, youre not thinking of what the word feel means. However, unconsciously, the vibration of feel still contains meaning and a command. This technique uses the subconscious to transport the vibration of feel to the unconscious mind. This vibration contains a request /command that is delivered to the core of self. New research demonstrates that stress ages us by disrupting our DNA. Stress physically gets to the tips of the DNA strands and undoes them! Stress disrupts your DNA; however, vibration calms and stimulates it. Though the sound is silent, the vibration is heard within the psyche. Repetition activates the subconscious to carry the signal to the nervous system. The vibration then stimulates the nervous system to feel more to its capacity. When the nervous system is stimulated to feel more, naturally, you feel more. A lot of people are interested in outer space, the moon and mars. Others want to know more about creatures living on the ocean floor. Not very many have an interest in a journey of their inner being. Since youre reading this, you must be one of them. You must be an Inner Space Explorer! The journey of the inner mind sounds like a dark and scary place. And, at times, it can be. Fortunately, knowledge overcomes fear. For those inclined to make the journey within, the subconscious mind is a wonderfully rich resource of information that makes a significant difference in day to day living. The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and

falling back into the great subterranean pool of the subconscious from which it arises. Sigmund Freud