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Arinar S.

Demain BSM 4

Prof. Quirima Jopson Social Science 105

Reproductive Health Bill as Protagonist To the Republic of the Philippines

Economic growth has always been the goal of the Philippine government and its people. However, this goal seems to be very difficult to achieve due to lots of hindrances. One of these hindrances is the overpopulation which is very clear and obvious. In addition, as we all know, overpopulation results to heavy issues such as poverty and many more. And finding solutions for these issues are the real problem our country is facing. In connection to this, the Philippine government is trying its very best to find prevention to these problems. And one of these preventions is to pass the Reproductive Health Bill. However, approval of this bill seems to be complex because of numerous violent reactions thrown by some of the Filipino citizens. Until now, it is still debatable if what really outweighs what, if it is the advantages or the disadvantages of RH Bill. In regards to this controversial topic, my stand would be YES to RH Bill. Firstly, if this bill would be passed the large number of our population would then be decreased because there will already be a good family planning. Consequently, the demand of the people for food and other things would also decrease. And through time, there would be enough food for everybody. There would also be job for everybody. Unemployed people would relatively decrease. Moreover, because no one now is starving the crime rate would then also decrease. This is because, as we all know, the main reason why people commit crime is due to poverty. With

enough number of populations in our country it would be easier for the government to have better control over the people. Therefore, peace and harmony would dwell in the country. Moreover, the natural resources and other resources would be saved for the present and for the future generation. Another, pollution would also be lessen. With the eradication of poverty and establishment of peace it would now be easier for our country to reach its goal which is to have Economic Growth. Secondly, RH Bill would also secure the health not just of the women but also of the men. It prevents the rampant issue among teenagers which is the pre-marital sex by educating the teens. It is very much opposite to what the anti-RH Bill are saying that it tolerates pre-marital sex because it actually prevents. It is primarily because this bill presents age appropriation. It means that the availability of these contraceptives is not open to teenagers but only to people who are appropriate to engage in sex. And it would also give the women the right to decide on their own as to the number of their children because as often it is the fathers who decide as to this matter. Thirdly, to contradict to the claims of the Church that it is anti-life because according to their understanding it is pro-abortion. But, it is not true because these contraceptives are used to prevent pregnancy, meaning there will be no meeting of egg cell and sperm cell yet and so no baby is formed yet. If people would just understand better this bill, they would realize that this is really not that bad as what they are thinking. Instead of doubting and questioning this bill, Filipino citizens must just give their support not just to RH Bill but to every program our government is passing. Filipino people must participate and take action to make every program effective and efficient.