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piles) The test setup information for dynamic pile testing on r.c. bored piles is as follows. Refer also to Figure: 1. Preparation of Pile Head 1. The pile top shall be re-built for a length equal to 1.8-2.0 times the pile diameter with an atleast 4mm thick steel casing to provide smooth finish. Alternatively shuttering / formwork can be used. Two openings / windows (300mm x 300mm) diametrically opposite to each other shall be made if casing is used. This is for fixing gages to pile. The opening shall be located about 1.5 times the pile diameter below the pile top. 2. Dowel bars shall be kept intact and shall be spliced with additional reinforcement provided in the built-up portion. Minimum cover of 75mm shall be provided even in the built-up portion of the pile. 3. The strength of concrete in the built-up portion shall be equal to or one grade higher than the pile concrete in order to withstand the impact of the falling ram. Material required for conducting the test 4. __mm thick plywood cushion with diameter equal to pile diameter shall be kept ready at the time of testing. 5. Steel helmet atleast __mm thick and with diameter as mentioned in sketch (Figure: 1) shall be kept ready at the time of testing. The helmet should not be welded to the pile casing. 6. A __-ton hammer with diameter not greater than pile diameter shall be used for testing the pile to a capacity of approximately __tons (for ----mm ). The hammer (filled with concrete and steel) should have 8mm thick casing / liner with 40mm thick base plate. Also steel cage should be welded to the liner. Central hook should be provided for lifting the hammer without any tilt to avoid eccentric blows. The fall height is expected to vary from 1m to 3.5m. Other arrangements to be made available by the client/contractor 7. Provisions shall be made by the contractor on site to shift the hammer, plywood cushion, steel helmet, etc. from one pile to another. 8. A __-ton crane capable of free falling a __-ton hammer with its single line (single hoist or pulley) shall be arranged on site (for testing load of __ tons in this case). 9. A 220V single-phase power supply through AC mains shall be made available near to the pile being tested to drill holes for fixing the gauges. 10. The data supplied for testing shall include the pile diameter, total length, pile penetration, cutoff level, concrete strength, soil investigation data, bore log, etc. The above specifications constitute the test setup information for dynamic pile testing, and shall be adhered to by clients for proper results. Any questions regarding the above instructions shall be referred to Pilex India further clarifications. ***********************