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Max Perryment

Composer//Musician//Sound Designer//Teacher
48 St. Johns Park Mansions, Pemberton Gardens, N19 5RT // Tel. 07828075323// Email:


A composer and musician with extensive experience in music and media technology, sound design and teaching.

Recent Theatre and Dance Collaborations

Production Information Matters of Life and Death, Oxygen and Moving Colours, for the dance company: Made By Katie Green Champagne Breakfast, for the physical theatre company: Parrot {in the} Tank Gargantua, Parrot {in the} Tank Venue Dates worked Nature of work Composer and Sound Design Touring in U.K. 06-11 2011 & Sweeden. Arts Depot, 09-10 2011 North Finchley Arts Depot, 02-04 2011 North Finchley

Composer, Actor and Co-deviser

Composer, Workshops and tuition for youth theatre. Sound Design MD, Piano

The Machine Gunners, Polka Theatre Polka Theatre, 01 2011 Wimbledon The Last 5 Years, Dizzy Heights Theatre Company The Wizard of Oz, PPS Brockley Jack 2010 & St. Marys, Wimbledon St. Marys Wimbledon 2010

MD, Piano, Guitar and Bass

Recent Commercial Work

Production Information Origin Showreel Batiste Hair Products Burrda Sportswear The Co-operative, Ltd Company Origin Creative Design TBWA, Manchester Cheif Productions TBWA, Manchester Dates worked Nature of work 08-09 2011 08 2011 06 2011 03 2011 Composer for showreel. Composer for online campaign Composer for online campaign Composer for Revolution videos

Education and Training

MA Musical Composition, City University (2008) BA Music, Technology and Innovation, De Montfort University (2007) The Trinity Advanced Performance Certificate in Solo Piano (with Distinction).

Referee 1 Title Name Position Capacity Info Current or most recent employer (in last 12 months) Mrs Emma Hughes Producer Composed music for TBWA TBWA\Manchester St Pauls 781 Wilmslow Road Manchester M20 2RW Referee 2 Previous employer Title Name Position Capacity Info Mrs Katie Green Choreographer Composed music for Dance Company Made By Katie Green Dance Company

Tel E-mail

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Please email first

E m m a . H u g h e s @ e - E-mail

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I have extensive experience in a professional music capacity and am well qualified academically. I closely collaborate with the director and creative team in both commercial and theatrical contexts to ensure the end product, whether I am composing or performing the music or designing the sound, is creatively exciting, diverse and innovative. I play bass guitar in various bands and record and gig frequently with Escapists, Meow and The Cutaway whose music has seen radio play on BBC Radio 1, XFM and BBC 6, as well as various online radio stations and videos. I have collaborated with renowned artists and producers such as Shelly Poole, Ben Adams and Andy Hill. From 2009-2010, I worked at Lambeth College as a teacher for an enrichment music programme Making the Band. It was an entirely new programme that was aimed at 16-19 year olds to encourage them to follow their musical pursuits, play in bands and learn new instruments. From 2010-11 I have been working part-time at South Thames College teaching Music Appreciation. I have been a private tutor for piano, bass and guitar for many years and have various pupils of different ages from young children to adults.