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1 The gender gap
page 6

Language focus
Simple Present, Continuous & Present Perfect just

Jobs Character adjectives Phrasal verbs with up Time expressions & linking phrases

Girls still choose womens jobs Stop being a stereotype Interview with Naomi Stein Yoko Onos biography


Simple Past Quantifiers: few, little, enough Present Perfect Simple Past

The Real Thing: just The Real Thing:

whole Body parts Health problems AIDS Body organs by the way

2 Home alone
page 14


Types of homes / materials Furniture Property

World homes The gospel according to IKEA Kosovo refugees

Countable & uncountable nouns

3 Body and soul

page 22

The infinitive -ing form


Giving advice: should & must

The Real Thing:

I had an operation so what? Weird Remedies Medical ethics

Wo r l d E n g l i s h DV D 1 T h e A f r i c a n p o t a t o / C a n n ab i s l eg a l i z a t i o n page 30
Flashback 1 page 32

4 Taboo
page 34

Question forms Indirect questions


Simple Past & Present Perfect for & since

Negative prefixes Art language Likes & dislikes Adjectives Drugs point

Terms of abuse Picasso & Emin

The Real Thing:

School subjects Education words anyway Friends reunited Universities in different countries Three schools Exam questionnaire

5 The life of Riley

page 42

Present Perfect Simple & Present Perfect Continuous make, let, be allowed to, be made to

The Real Thing:

Recycling: Recycling:

Stative verbs

6 Screen test
page 50

The passive voice

Genres Movie words Gradable & ungradable adjectives TV shows

Moulin Rouge reviews Bollywood facts Reality TV A questionnaire

The Real Thing:


Wo r l d E n g l i s h DV D 2 D ev d a s page 58
Flashback 2 page 60


Discussing jobs Discussing stereotypes Describing photos & ads

An argument Life story of Hillary Clinton

A profile text Describing a photograph


Pronunciation Takeout English / Zoom in Word building Zoom in:

& word stress (1) Collocations: take

WORKBOOK: Takeout English: Takeout English:

Renting a room

Having an argument Silent consonants

A description Describing your Talking about homes of a house house Changing rooms Describing your Nightmare roommates own lifeline Apartment sharing interpret information when you listen


WORKBOOK: Zoom in: piece

Pronunciation & spelling

Discussing cosmetic surgery AIDS

Interview with cosmetic surgeon Attitudes towards AIDS Debating medical ethics

A questionnaire Post-it messages

Zoom in:


Collocations: way

Informal writing: e-mails

WORKBOOK: Takeout English:

Sounding sympathetic

Discussing taboo behavior Discussing art Debating drug issues

Taboos in other cultures Radio reporter talking about cannabis

WORKBOOK: How to speak



A discursive composition Commenting on a students composition

Sounding natural & polite

Takeout English:
Polite requests

WORKBOOK: Zoom in: point

Cleanin out my closet

Discussing school subjects Pros & cons of university systems Describing your school Discussing exams Discussing movies Discussing TV shows Giving & avoiding opinions

People talking about teachers Friends reunited website



Writing a scholarship application letter

Review of strong & weak forms of modals & auxiliaries

Zoom in:

Collocations: education

WORKBOOK: Takeout English:


Discussion about movies A movie review Identifying types Expressing opinions of mistakes

Silent vowels

Takeout English:
A night in or out?

WORKBOOK: How to enjoy

watching a movie with subtitles

WORKBOOK: Zoom in:

Television words

7 New crimes
page 62

Language focus
Alternatives to modal verbs Reported questions Verb patterns

Crimes Punishments Cyber language bother

Crimes in world cities Love Bug hacker Rock stars opinions on music piracy

8 In the hot seat
page 70

The Real Thing:

Prepositional phrases Local problems

Modal verbs Unreal conditionals: present & past Quotations by famous politicians How much do you care about politics? who cares? / I dont care Bill Clinton & John Major How dishonest is it? The lying game


Real conditionals

The Real Thing:

9 Global inequality
page 78

Future forms


will & going to

Charities NGOs Global concerns

The Real Thing:

UN World Food Programme Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth & Oxfam Nike

still, mind you, though

Wo r l d E n g l i s h DV D 3 R i d i n g t h e s t o r m / W h i t e - c o l l a r p r i s o n e r s page 86
Flashback 3 page 88

10 Culture shock
page 90

Articles Expressing contrast


Personality adjectives Compound adjectives Marriage & gifts

Redheads United Wedding presents around the world

Comparatives & superlatives

The Real Thing:

thats all / and all (that)

WORKBOOK: How to interpret small ads

1 Icons 1
page 98

Defining & non-defining relative clauses which what

Types of music Music words Homophones


The Real Thing:

Biographical texts Quotations about & by Eminem Strange Fruit Good luck charms

that kind / sort of thing

Modals of deduction

12 On the couch
page 106

Negative words I wish & If only

selfPhrasal verbs

The Real Thing:

it / that depends

An extract from Bridget Jones Diary The Emotional Intelligence quiz Lucid dreaming A newspaper article

WORKBOOK: How to use your dictionary

Wo r l d E n g l i s h DV D 4 B a n t u re f u ge e s page 1 14
Flashback 4 page 1 16

Communication bank Reference guide Transcripts

page 144

page 1 18

page 128


Describing local crimes Debating suitable punishments Discussing cyber crimes & music piracy



Crime & punishment in A news summary Singapore A campaign poster or annoyed The I love you virus An interview with a A news article suspects sister Opinions on music piracy

Pronunciation Takeout English / Zoom in Sounding grateful Zoom in:

WORKBOOK: Takeout English:
Collocations: steal & rob Accepting & rejecting offers


Talking about political Telling lies leaders Radio talk shows Telling & detecting lies Discussing local problems

A letter to the editor

Word building & word stress (2)

Takeout English:
Making excuses

WORKBOOK: Zoom in: care

WORKBOOK: How to talk on the


Discussing ads Talking about charities Making predictions Discussing our participation in global inequality

Lecture on advertising Two people donating money to charities

A protest leaflet


A job application letter

Stressed and unstressed syllables: Collocations: mind schwa

Zoom in:

WORKBOOK: Takeout English:

Applying for voluntary work

Discussing cultural misconceptions & comparisons Debating racism & other isms Anticipating survey results Talking about tastes in music Discussing the role of protest songs Talking about cultural icons Describing flags & symbols

Cultural misconceptions Prejudice in the workplace Unlikely couples Radio show about a marriage survey Top 5 CDs People giving opinions about Eminem People making suppositions about symbols

Taking notes A short report on marriage

Review of strong & weak forms of pronouns, articles & conjunctions

Takeout English:

WORKBOOK: Zoom in: Zoom in:

Compound adjectives with prepositions A description of a good luck symbol Homophones

Writing text messages

Phrasal verbs with out

WORKBOOK: Takeout English:

Signs & notices


Strange Fruit Feel A radio talk show about peoples problems People talking about their childhood fantasies A newspaper article Review of strong & weak forms of prepositions & sentence stress

Talking about resolutions Doing a quiz Talking about fantasies & regrets Conducting a survey about dreams

Takeout English:
Whats up?


WORKBOOK: Zoom in:

Ive Never Been to Me

Adjectives + dependent prepositions