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Technical description Applications

Please note that figures are European standard: 1 thousand = 1.000 1 point 3 = 0,3


RM60 the flexible trouble-shooter

Throughput 50-80 t/h with only 13 t transport weight 20-30% more daily capacity thanks to high throughput continuity Automatic feeding with 2 speed levels Low loading edge 1.90 m Straightforward handling with remote control Ground-based service Integrated system to deal with blockages (release system optional) Efficient magnetic separator Extremely effective diesel-electric drive concept Low diesel consumption 9 - 12 l/h Cost effective from only 5,000 t/year Attractive, low investment start-up Can be expanded to a complete recycling centre with pre- and post-screening

User profile
For newcomers to recycling Local service providers such as council sites and container/skip services Service provider for local authorities Producers of building materials to recycle production waste such as bricks, tiles and slabs, ready-mixed concrete, concrete parts Secondary crusher

Working position RM60



Maximum working length Maximum working width

8050 mm 2240 mm

Transport position RM60

Maximum transporting length Maximum transporting width without ladder Transporting height without ballustrade and ladder Total weight:

6300 mm 2240 mm 2640 mm 12.000 kg

Transportma 2370

Transportma ohne Gelnde 2750 Transportma mit Gelnde 2920

Technical description



RUBBLE MASTER RM60 - Basic Version

Feed material: all types of building rubble Feed size: edge length up to 500 mm Throughput capacity:50 t / h Final grain: cubic grain - 50 mm Total weight: 12 to Transport system: hook unit on truck Feed hopper: Feed belt: capacity approx. 1 m3 The trough is constructed of solid, reinforced steel. belt width shaft separation belt speed, selectable drive power belt quality 800 mm 3840 mm 0,14 or 0.09 m / s 2,3 / 1,6 kW RIP STOP 500/3 5+2

Technical description

The drive is conveyed through a worm and spur gear with polechanging electric motor. The drive drum is fitted with 8 mm thick rubber with diamond tread. The drum is cambered and lateral guide rollers are fitted to prevent the conveyed material wandering to one side. In the feed area impact strips are fitted instead of support rollers. A belt guide approximately 350 mm high stretches to the crusher inlet. The belt is crimped in order to guarantee optimal transfer into the crusher inlet. Impact crusher: Inlet Impact circle diameter 640 x 550 mm 740 mm

The crusher is armoured with 20 mm thick wear plates in the area of the side walls and with 30 - 40 mm thick wear plates in the area of the rear wall. The impact arm is fitted with 70 mm HARDOX wear plates. The housing is constructed in sections and the rear wall can be swung out hydraulically. The advance of the spring-loaded impact arm occurs mechanically through displacement of the tensioning spindle. The upper suspension point can be adjusted for altering the kinematics of the arm.


Deutz diesel engine BF4M 2012E 67 kW at 2000 rpm Electrically operated clutch with hydraulic clutch to assist starting when operating the plant in crushing or generator operation. Synchronous generator, 19 kVA The enclosed generator room contains all the equipment needed to provide the necessary power, and also the power section of the switchgear cabinet. The power unit consisting of diesel engine, air filter and clutch unit is mounted on its own subframe for ease of maintenance. Diesel tank capacity: 180 l

Discharge belt:

moveable into the main outlet frame through a crank gearshaft separation 4000 mm belt width 650 mm belt speed 1,25 m / s drive power 3 kW belt quality 315/2 4+3 lateral stiffening The drive is provided by a drum motor fitted with 8 mm thick rubber with diamond tread. Impact strips are fitted instead of support rollers in the discharge area. The conveyor belt is designed with 80 mm high corrugated edges and 30 mm high transverse cleats. The belt is also sealed against dust emission up to the crusher discharge. A belt tapper is mounted at the head of the belt to ensure that even strongly adhering material is detached. A plough scraper protects the tail pulley. For transportation the discharge belt can also be moved on rollers into the main outlet frame using a hand crank.

Technical description

The rotor is equipped with 4 hammers which can be replaced easily.Two (long) hammers are active during the crushing process while the two other (reactive) hammers have only rotor protective function. The disc construction of the basic rotor body is fastened to the shaft with clamping pieces. Material pockets are located in the discharge area of the crusher which protect the belt construction underneath from direct impact. The drive is transmitted over V-belts. A drum scraper is integrated in the inlet for the feed belt to ensure that adhering material is scraped directly into the inlet of the mill.

Control system:

Technical description

The controller section of the switchgear cabinet is located on the shaft of the discharge belt suspension. Manual selection is possible between two different feed belt speeds so as to adapt to the feed situation. Feeding at both speeds is dependent on the crusher loading. If the crusher is overloaded, the feed belt is switched off and is switched on again as soon as the crusher has regained its nominal speed. If the speed drops below a minimum, the diesel engine is stopped. This prevents overheating of the turboclutch through seizure of the crusher rotor. Engagement and disengagement of the clutch is carried out from the switchgear cabinet by means of a push-button. Throughput: 30 : 70 litres / hour

Dust suppression:

Pressure: 5 : 10 bar Tank volume: 500 litres Dust is kept down by spraying a water mist into the crusher. Pressure and flow rate can be adapted to the dust level.

Permanent- Magnetic Seperator:

Dimensions of permanent magnet: Conveyor belt width: Belt speed: Magnetic conveyor weight: Total weight: Working distance: Tilting frame: Drive unit: 620 x 420 x 240 mm 650 mm 1,2 m/s 400 kg 532 kg approx. 250 mm

manipulation by hydraulic cylinder gear motor 0,75 kW / 400 V, 50 Hz

Technical description

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