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Parshas Shemini/hbhna ,arp

(26th Parsha of the Torah )

By Rabbi Avraham Yehuda Tzvi Shmaryahu David , 5th Generation from Yehuda Tzvi of
of Strettyn. Numerical Interpretation of Torah with aid of Gematria. Bible Code.
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©2008 Dvar Torah 5768 “Study Gematria and Sharpen Your Mind”

God’s Holy Name

As noted above, this week is the 26th Parsha from Genesis. The number 26 is the
Gematria of the Tetragrammatron. This refers to God’s attribute of mercy. As we
Orthodox Jews pray three times a day, we mention His Holy Name in our prayers. I have
even found it encoded in the prayer called Shemoneh Esrei, in the section that we pay
homage to God. The prayer says the following, ub,uct hektu ubhekt 'v v,t lurc ,
Blessed are You, Hashem , our God and the God of our forefathers. If we take the
acronym of the encircled letters rearranged, it spells the Yod – Hey – Vov- Hey. A few
words ahead, it says, kusdv kev, cegh hektu , and the God of Jacob, the great, mighty…
If we take the acronym of the encircled letters rearranged , it spells the Yod- Hey- Vov-
Hey. Based on this finding, we read God’s holy name three times (once open and two
hidden). In my opinion, it is in honor of the three patriarchs who merited Divine mercy
and protection.

Israel compared to a bird

On the eighth day, Moses called Aharon, his sons and the elders of Israel (Leviticus 9:1).
Why were the elders included? According to Rabbi Akiva, “Israel may be compared to a
bird; even as a bird is unable to fly without wings, so , too, are Israel unable to do
anything without their elders.” Moreover, with the aid of the codes, we see an allusion to
the teaching of Rabbi Akiva. The Torah says, ktrah hbezku uhbcku irvtk van tre ,
“Moses called to Aharon, and to his sons and to the elders of Israel” ( Leviticus 9:1). If
we take the last letters (encircled) in reverse, it spells vbuh, yonah, dove. Not only is it any
type of bird, but a dove, that is a loyal bird. Hence, the teaching of Rabbi Akiva is
confirmed with the last letter skip code.

Thoughts on Kosher Food

In this Parsha, we learn about the details about permissible and impermissible food. The
categories include animals, birds and fish. There is no mention of the plant world
although as we just celebrated Passover, we restricted our diet to eating Matzoh which is
made of flour and water and we avoided any foods that had a trace of Chameitz, or any
products that contain leavening or rising. In a previous discourse, we found the word
vru,, Torah encoded where it says, ukft, rat vhjv ,tz , “These are the life forms that
you may eat from” (Leviticus 11:2). If we utilize the first letter code, we find an
additional allusion. It says the following, vnvcv kfn ukft, rat vhjv ,tz , “These
are the life forms that you may eat from, among all the animals.” The encoded letters
spells the term (rearranged) ,ntv vz, ‘this is the truth.’ In our days of advanced
technology, we are constantly being bombarded with all kinds of dietary findings.
However, they all seem to be refuted down the road. Not so our Torah, we have our
Kosher rules past 3320 years and they have always kept us physically healthy and
spiritually pure. May we always merit God’s mercy in our daily activities.

A refuah shlaima to my father Yaakov Zev Ben Malka Blima, who is recovering from stroke at Vanderbilt
Nursing Home, SI, NY

GGood Shabbos ouka ,ca