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If your experiencing mouse lag you'll want to disable vsync -- this isn't includ ed in the game options. To do this go to the part of the Skyrim.ini that says "[ Display]." Copy "iPresentInterval=0" (minus the quotes) to the very bottom of th e .ini, then save, and close the file. Improve Shadows on Trees and Land Open the SkyrimPrefs.ini. You won't have to kyrim directory and remember to make a copy ng it. These instructions will allow you to s and some land objects by allowing them to look far: it's located in the same S of it first before you start modifyi improve the look and shadows of tree receive shadows.

Under "[Display]" there are two commands you need to change to a value of 1: bTreesReceiveShadows=1 bDrawLandShadows=1 There's some other variables that you can adjust as well and they're fairly desc riptive as to what each one will do (i.e. improving depth of field, how many tim es the game will auto-save, etc.): bDoDepthOfField=1 bShowFloatingQuestMarkers=1 bShowQuestMarkers=1 bShowCompass=1 bMouseAcceleration=1 (recommended setting is 0 for better mouse movement) fAutosaveEveryXMins=15.0000