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MACAM-MACAM TEKS 1. Descriptive Teks yang mendeskripsikan benda, orang, tempat, secara spesifik.

Generic Structure nya: Identification Description. Identification berisi: Identifikasi tentang topik yang akan dideskripsikan, misalnya: I have many pets, but my favourite one is a cat. Description berisi: deskripsi rinci tentang bagian - bagiannya, misalnya tentang physical appearance (ciri - ciri fisik), sifat - sifatnya (characteristics)dll. Contoh judul teks deskriptif: Hi friends! This is my friend Miranda. She comes from Sulawesi. She was born in Makasar on June 12, 1980. her hobbies are singing and swimming. She also likes planting flowers very much. She lives at 12 Jalan Jaya. She lives together with her parents and two sisters. They are Mr. and Mrs Yudhatama, Sherina and Tiara. Miranda studies at SMP 7. Her older sister is in the first year of SMA, and Tiara is still in SD. They all love one another. 2. Procedure Teks yang menjelaskan atau memberi petunjuk cara/langkah langkah membuat atau melakukan sesuatu. Generic Structure: Aim/Goal - Materials/Tools - Steps/Methods Aim/Goal, misalnya: How to make Brownies Cake Materials berisi: bahan - bahan dan atau alat - alat untuk membuat Brownies tersebut Note: Materials are not required for all Procedure text Steps/Methods berisi: langkah - langkah membuat Brownies Contoh Teks Procedure: How to make Lemonade Ingredients: For each glass use: - 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. - 2 tablespoons of sugar. - 1 glass of water Methods: 1. Slice a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a cup. 2. Take out the seeds. 3. Pour two tablespoons of juice into glass.

4. Add sugar 5. Add water and stir well 6. Taste the lemonade. You may want to add more sugar or more lemon to make it taste just right 7. Put it in ice cubes. A drop of red food coloring will make pink lemonade 3. Narrative Teks yang berisi tentang sebuah cerita atau dongeng dan di dalamnya terdapat konflik/puncak masalah yang diikuti dengan penyelesaian. Generic Structure: Orientation - Complication - Resolution Orientation berisi: Pengenalan tokoh, tempat dan waktu terjadinya cerita Complication berisi: Puncak masalah/konflik dalam cerita Resolution: Pemecahan masalah Contoh teks Narrative: The Boy who cried Wolf There was once a shepherd-boy who kept his flock at a little distance from the village. Once he thought he would play a trick on the villagers and have some fun at their expense. So he ran toward the village crying out, with all his might, "Wolf! Wolf! Come and help! The wolves are at my lambs!" The kind villagers left their work and ran to the field to help him. But when they got there the boy laughed at them for their pains; there was no wolf there. Still another day the boy tried the same trick, and the villagers came running to help and got laughed at again. Then one day a wolf did break into the fold and began killing the lambs. In great fright, the boy ran for help. "Wolf! Wolf!" he screamed. "There is a wolf in the flock! Help!" The villagers heard him, but they thought it was another mean trick; no one paid the least attention, or went near him. And the shepherd-boy lost all his sheep. Moral value: That is the kind of thing that happens to people who lie: even when they tell the truth no one believes them. 4. Recount Teks yang berisi kejadian/ pengalaman di waktu lampau. Generic Structure: Orientation - Even(s)

Orientation berisi: Pengenalan tokoh, tempat dan waktu. Event (s) berisi: Kejadian/Peristiwa - peristiwa yang terjadi. Re-orientation(Optional/Tidak harus ada): Ungkapan pribadi penulis atau penutup dari cerita. Contoh Teks Recount: Class Picnic Last Friday our school went to Centennial Park for a picnic. First our teachers marked the rolls and the we got on the buses. On the buses, everyone was chatting and eating. When we arrived at the park, some students played cricket, some played cards but others went for a walk with the teachers. At lunchtime, we sat together and had our picnic. Finally, at two oclock we left for school. We had a great day. 5. Report Teks yang isinya menyampaikan informasi tentang sesuatu, apa adanya, sebagai hasil pengamatan sistematis atau analisis. Yang dideskripsikan dapat meliputi gajala alam, lingkungan, benda buatan manusia, atau gejala- gejala sosial. Deskripsi sebuah teks report dapat berupa simpulan umum misalnya tentang rumah sederhana dengan mendekripsikan ciri-ciri subyek tersebut sehingga layak dikategorikan rumah sederhana. Generic Structure: General Classification Description General Classification berisi: Klasifikasi suatu fenomena (binatang, public places, tanaman, dll) yang akan didiskusikan/ dilaporkan secara umum . Description berisi: Gambaran dari fenomena yang akan didiskusikan seperti bagian bagiannya, kebiasaan atau tingkah laku jika benda hidup, kegunaannya jika non natural. Contoh Teks Report: The heart is the most important part of the body. It is the center of life. However, the heart is only as big as a closed hand. The heart is a muscle and it beats about seventy times per minute throughthout a persons life. The heart pumps blood from your heart to all parts of your body. The heart is made up of four chambers or small rooms. The top chamber are called the right and left auriclesand the botttom chambers are the right and left ventricles. When blood enters the heart. It is in dark reddish color because it countains carbon dioxide. The blood enters the right auricle and then the right ventricle. When the heart contracts, it forces the blood to the lungs where the blood receives oxygen. It then goes to the left auricle. The heart contracts again, and the blood goes to the left ventricle and is then forced out into the body. The blood gathers carbon dioxide and returns to the heart, and the process begins again.

6. News Item Teks news item bertujuan untuk memberitahukan informasi kepada pembaca tentang peristiwa yang dianggap penting atau layak dijadikan berita. Struktur teks news item terdiri atas newsworthy events (menceritakan kejadian pada intinya), background events (berisi latar belakang peristiwa, meliputi uraian kejadian secara terperinci, siapa yang terlibat, tempat, waktu dan lain-lain), dan source (berisi sumber informasi /komentar dari saksi, orang yang terlibat atau pendapat ahli dalam bidangnya). Ciri-ciri teks news item: 1. Menggunakan judul, headline yang menuangkan informasi singkat. 2. Menggunakan action verbs (admitted, abused). 3. Menggunakan saying verbs (said). 4. Menggunakan kalimat pasif /passive voice (A supervisor was jailed). Contoh: Good morning, listeners. I'm Linda and you're listening to Headline News in Sky FM. The newsworthy event comes from our country. Five scuba divers from Britain, France, and Sweden have been missing for more than three days in sea. Two British women, a British man and a French disappeared on Thursday in the treacherous waters of Komodo National Park in Nusa Tenggara islands, east of Bali. Police said that a rescue team from Indonesian Police and Navy had conducted a search, but there had been no result so far. We're waiting for the next news. Okay, listeners, that's the news for today.

7. Discussion Fungsi : Untuk menyajikan (setidaknya) dua titik pandang tentang sebuah masalah masalah. Generic Structure 1. Issue:

Statement Preview Point Elaboration

2. Arguments for against or statement of differing points of view:

3. Conclusion or recommendation

Contoh Convenience or Care? When something issued by someone, we say it has been consumed. We as consumers use many things, both natural and processed. We consume more of the Earths resources than other animals do and, as a result, we cause problems for the environment. Like all animals, we need clean air and water, food and shelter for survival. Unlike other animals, however, we have certain want. These are items that are not necessary for our survival, but that we want because they make our lives easier or more enjoyable. Environments claims that a great deal of waste is created by both the production and the consumption of these items or product. Disposable products, such a pens, take away food containers, plates, shavers and cutlery, are made using the Earths resources. When these products are thrown away, the resources are lost. Another example of waste is the unnecessary packaging on many products. The material is often not recycled and used again. Throwing thing away also increases pollution. The amount of disposable plastic litter that ends up in waterways is a serious problem. When this waste reaches the oceans, it can kill marine life. Industrialist counter these arguments with their own point of view. They claim that consumers expect to be able to purchase food which is attractively presented, prepackaged to extent its life and easy to store. In a busy society, convenience is a priority. Products which make life easier, era in demand. Industrialist argue that they cater to this perceived need. Packaging is also big business and provides jobs for many people who might otherwise be unemployed and a burden to society. Environmentalist declare that for thousands of year, people survived perfectly well with re-usable products. However, people of the twenty-first century have become used to wing in a thrown-away society. It is up to each one of us to dispose of waste products carefully, recycle as much as possible and to reduce the stress on our environment. Think when buying pre-packaged goods and consider whether the same products can be bought without the extra wrappings. Lets make the best of what we have. Anecdote Text Anekdot adalah teks yang menceritakan kembali insiden lucu dan tidak biasa dalam fakta atau imajinasi. Tujuannya adalah untuk menghibur pembaca. Generic Structure of Anecdote 1. Abstract 2. Orientation 3. Crisis

4. Incident. Language Feature of Anecdote 1. Using exclamation words; it's awful!, it's wonderful!, etc 2. Using imperative; listen to this 3. Using rhetoric question; do you know what? 4. Using action verb; go, write, etc 5. Using conjunction of time; then, afterward 6. Using simple past tense