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Global Trade & Human Rights. This ingenious combination and powerful symbiosis like
a two-edged sword cuts through both politics and religion whose failed leaders have through the centuries and worldwide been wholly ineffective to bridge relations with the other side, the other world, other-dom. As a spiritual gone political which for me is one and the same I moved from religious circles as a nun of 13 years in the Eastern Orthodox Church to political ones as a Defender of Human Rights in Russia, the C.I.S. and Europe, and then as a member of the American Association of Political Consultants in Washington D.C., studying political management at its Leadership Institute. I saw firsthand from the East to the West how both religious and political leaders failed miserably in their half-hearted peacemaking efforts and diplomatic relations between countries and religions. It has always been superficial even fraudulent their trying to uphold an image of decorum, mutual respect and supposedly honoring the dignity of the other party while forever treating them as a godless entity. Never did they really bother to understand the core values, beliefs and understandings of their counterpart(s). No, it was always more important for them to be viewed and esteemed as diplomatic leaders in the eyes of a watching world negotiating their would-bes. The focus of these finished politcos and religious relics was definitely egocentric not socio-centric, not deeply compassionate about their fellow man and colleague, Gods Creation, His Kingdom Come..

These failed leaders were called to essentially hash out their inherent differences to better comprehend especial commonalities in order to develop real, essential relationships which could then evolve to fruition, ripening over time. Yet, how is it that it was always more important for these bogus political and religious leaders to remain unreal in the here and now than to become real in allowing the future to naturally and beneficially for us all unfold? And so, it never did. As a result, we are no further along today when it comes to diplomatic international relations than during an autocratic and caesarian Roman Empire, B.C. No, we would not be any further along at all if it were not for global trade paving a new path, shining a new light and developing a new understanding between vast nations and diverse peoples. Global trade today is simultaneously and expeditiously replacing the importance of failed religious and political movements and their leaders. Global trade experts, as a result, will become the Leaders of our Future tomorrow while political rulers and religious ecclesiasts will become dumbfounded in the realization of their own insignificance which will have ultimately peaked; their missions archaized; their pharisaity and shrewdness exposed, bared and blatant that even the common folk and distant villagers will have no interest in discussing them as players on any global front. Rather, they will become pawns on a back burner never to be consulted or played again as they are already all played out.. Global trade will rule liberally across digital borders in our global village. Libertarians todays philosophers will become tomorrows actors. Free-trade and Austrian economists todays revolutionary thinkers will become tomorrows heroes in the new global and digital economy ever before our eyes unfolding. International lawyers will replace political pundits and cyclical analysts speaking what is instead of spinning what is not and never more will be. These will be the drivers and the engine of a new global economy while politicians and religious hierarchs will become impoticians and religious archaiarchs... even anarchiarchs. For it has always been that leaders pave the way, set the stage, and map out the future for all succeeding generations. It is the leaders who are hearkened to and whose voice alone is heard. It is these future, evolving leaders these global trade experts who believe in boundariless communication, trade, and avid growth; who believe in progress, globality and technical evolution; who are unanimous and single-hearted in their purpose, intellect and expertise as no political or religious leaders have ever succeeded in being or becoming: democrats pitted against conservatives

against liberals against communists against Christians against Muslims against Jews against divisive new sects, parties and cults multiplying as rapidly as they divide most sharply. It is the global trade expert alone who will be in a position to open the rusty iron clad doors between dissentious, conflicting and warring nations; to base new relations upon fair and equitable trade, a balance of payments, integrity in mediation and negotiations, and wisdom and discernment in how. For political and religious leaders have failed over all the centuries to build peaceable and equitable relations with other nations and religions. Yet, it is global trade in the new millennium that has finally plowed through all obstacles to strike a win-win for all parties involved which can only breed peace universally. It is the global trade leader, not the patriarch or president who will provide sustainability and prosperity for impoverished, underdeveloped and transitional economies. It is the global leader proper and finally that will show the world what true statesmanship is pulling out the rug from underneath the spin doctors of yesteryear who will be spun out of a globalized arena, leaving only the remains of many a yester-puppet of some big - now little - business tycoons, found squinting in some scanty corner of some which quadrant of the world like a lost child gazing upwards, attempting to figure out when this all came to be that they became no more..

Angelina Lazar
Global Citizen January 9, 2004 Windsor, Canada November 30th, 2011 And since the Wall Street Journal did not appreciate this, no problemo, I publish it all the same online here first time p

Human Rights & Global Trade Expert Spritual & Political Ideologue

written in our family restaurant in my window seat over coffee that fine, sunny afternoon ....

N.B: I speak of true, fair global trade amongst different country nationals for a win-win scenario, brilliantly side-swiping all government interference , namely that of backstage world powers, and not of the illuminati version of same, poised only to enslave peoples and nations and bring them to their knees.