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Passage The lung Merdian of hand-Taiyin begins from L1 acupoint, located below the lateral end of the clavicle, it goes down to distal along the medial aspect of the upper arm. It passes radial aspect of heart Meridian and triple anergizer meridial. Reaching L5 acupoint in cubital fossa, reaching L7 and L9 acupoints in the area of the transverse wrist crease, finally it ends at the medial aspect of nail corner of the thumb. The meridian first goes through an inner passage which in unseen on the Mode 1. It originates from the scope of 3 energizer, running downward to large intestine, winding back, to stomach, through diaphragm and enters the lung, its pertaining organ. After it runs on upper area, between neck and thorax, It comes out from L1 acupoint upwardly. II. Acupoints L1: Zhongfu (The from Mu acupoint of lung) Location: 6 cun lateral to the anterior midline, 1cun below the clavice, in 1 stintercostal space. L2: Yumen Location: 6 cun lateral to the anterior, below the clavice, in the depression between M. deltoideus and M. pectoralis major. L3: Tianfu Location: a) On the medial aspect of the upper arm, 3 cun below the Anterior end of the axillary fold, in the location between M. Biceps brachii and M. deltoideus. b) When man raise the arm, bend the head to the arm, the nose tip Point to L3. L4: Xiaba Location: On the medial aspect of the upper arm, 1 cun below L3, on the radial aspect of the biceps brachia muscle.

I-KINH THU THAI M PH I. ng vn hanh Kinh lac chay t tam tiu (phia trong c th), men theo ai trng, Vi qua c honh n Ph, sau chay t gia c va ngc chay ra ngoai, khi chay n Trung phu thc cht la a chay phia ngoai. Kinh lac tip tc i t phia di xng on (huyt Trung Phu) men theo b trong canh tay cho n ngon tay cai. Kinh chay qua hom khuyu tay (huyt Xich Trach),ng mach quay (huyt Lit Khuyt va huyt Thai uyn), ng thi thng qua tm kinh va tm bo kinh, chay thng n goc ngon tay cai v dng huyt Thiu Thng.

II. Cac huyt 1. Trung phu: Cach ng gia ngc 6 thn, di xng on 1 thn, xng sn th 1. 2. Vn mn: B di xng on, cach ng gia ngc 6 thn

3. Thin phu: a) Di im cui np nach trc 3 thn, b ngoai c nhi u canh tay b) Gi tay ln, u nghing v phia canh tay, u mui chi hng Thin phu

4. Hip bach: Phn gia b ngoai xng canh tay, t huyt Thin phu thng xung 1 thn.