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27 11 2011

Portable Mortar-Mill

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Po able Sa mill

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Po able Mo a -Mill

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De c ip ion Thi ec ion i f om he book "No e On B ilding Con Ama on: No e on b ilding con c ion. c ion", b P.G.L. Smi h. Al o a ailable f om

Po able Mo a -Mill
Fo malle o k , and ho e hich a e ca e ed - a , fo in ance, along a line of ail a - a po able mo a -mill ma be ed ( ee Fig. 104). Thi machine ome ha e emble he one la mall h ee ho e-po e engine i h i . The pan of hi machine i o 3 fee in diame e . de c ibed, b i mo n ed on heel , and ca ie a 2 fee 8 inche

ome ime 5 fee , ome ime 6 fee in diame e ; he olle



27 11 2011

Portable Mortar-Mill

Fig. 104. Po able Mo a -Mill. S ch a machine ill mi eno gh mo a o keep en o Fie. 105. Ho e Mo a -Mill. el e b ickla e a o k.

Ho e Mo a -Mill - A pecial mill, made b Me ho e-po e , i ho n on Fig. 105. Hand Mor ar-Mill Fo ill malle o k hand mo a -mill ma be


ham and B o n of E e e , o be o ked b

ed of he fo m

ho n in Fig. 106. hich

The ing edien of he mo a a e po ed in o he hoppe H, and find hei a in o he c linde C, con ain a e ie of blade fi ed on a cen al haf , and made o e ol e b mean of he handle.

Fig. 106. Hand Mo a -Mill. I i a ed ha b he aid of hi machine one bo can keep eigh men a i can keep en men a o k. o k, and ha one man ing

Con in e o: p e : Mo a -Mi ing And Conc e e-Mi ing Machine Table of Con en



27 11 2011

Portable Mortar-Mill
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