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Lauren Schwec October AP Lit Anthony

Major Works Data Sheet

Title: The Stranger Author: Albert Camus Date of Publication: 1942 DOB: 1913 DOD: 1960

Historical / Political / Social Impact of the novel: Spread of Existentialist and Nihilist thought. Popular with Nazi resistance in France. Historical Information, either from the time of publication or the time period in which the work is set and that has an impact on the work: June, 1940: France signs armistice with Nazi Germany. July, 1940: Vichy France is created, Northern France (including Paris) goes to Nazi Germany) June, 1942: Anne Frank makes first entry into diary at the age of 13. November, 1942: American and British armed forces land in French North Africa.

Plot Summary: Provide a bulleted list of the 5 -10 most important events in the work:
Mamans death and funeral Mersault befriends Raymond Moorish girlfriend drama First fight with Arabs Mersault kills Arab Mersault attends trials and examinations Mersault is in prison Mersault is sentenced to be publicly decapitated Mersault is executed

Choose 5 memorable quotes from the book and explain the significance of each:
really, nothing had changed Mersault is unaffected by his mothers death, due in part to her lack of significance and presence in his current life. For the first time maybe, I really thought I was going to get married Mersault has no definition to what marriage is (not literally) but now he sees it as something more than hollow. I would rather not have upset him, but I couldnt see any reason to change my life. Mersault is content with the current, and desires few things other than it. I remembered that I had killed a man. Mersault doesnt consider himself a murderer, perhaps someone in defense of himself. He still cares more about the water. Thats all for today Monseuir Antichrist Demonstrate how others judge a man because of his religious choices. Esp. in a non-religion related case.

Lauren Schwec October AP Lit Anthony

List the major characters and briefly describe their importance to the work:
Mersault Protagonist, French born. Existentialist and content way of life get him executed. Marie Mersault old friend and girlfriend. Represents his lust, not love. Raymond Mersaults apartment neighbor. Beats his Moorish mistress and gets away with little more than a warning. His friendship with Mersault increases Mersaults Nihilist and Id. Magistrate Incredibly religious, makes the trial about Mersaults reaction to his mothers funeral and not the murder of an Arab.

Pick two open-ended AP questions and complete the following for each:
1. 2. 3. Write a thesis statement that answers the question. Create a bulleted list of specific evidence that supports your thesis. Explain how each bit of evidence supports your thesis.

Thesis 1: 1991 In Albert Camus The Stranger, Mersault, a French Algerian is forced to face the many contrasts between him and society. The society that surrounds Mersault are people whom are religious zealots and sexist, as well as sectarians prod and judge his ways because their contrasting outlooks and moral differences. o When __ ask if he loves her: his response o When shoots Thesis: 1995 In Alber Camus The Stranger, Mersaults existentialist and sometimes radical morals clash with the various religious zealots, sexist, and sectarian members of France Algeria in the 1940s. His differences lead him to his isolation from society and a discovery within himself. o o o o His contrast lead him to prision o Self discovery in prison: his change, gives meaning, his actions mean something o