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Since the early creation of our nation, Americans have been taking time once a year to celebrate God's

generosity. Harvest Time and Thanksgiving reminds us of all the blessings we share.

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After a hearty turkey and dressing feast, many families like to follow the football action on TV. Cheering on their favorite team, the guys will always get hungry for more pumpkin pie.

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With turkey leftovers still in the frig, people already start to create festive winter displays that are sure to make you grin. Nothing will freeze out the fun for folks who live up north.

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Spying on mother during the gift shopping season has become a favorite game for many children. She wants to make Christmas special, but it is hard to keep some things a surprise.

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Daddy made it home just in time to help his little angel put the star on top of the tree. Some soldiers must serve during the Holidays. We will pray tonight that God will watch over them.

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Children learn young to show kindness to folks who live nearby. Millions of fruit baskets, loaves of banana bread, boxes of fudge and cookies affirm the bond we share with our neighbors.

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The story of the birth of Jesus is told with drama and song all over our nation. The greatest gift the world has ever known could never be wrapped with paper and ribbons.

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New Year's Eve is a time of hope and anticipation. Looking forward we make resolutions to achieve new goals and wish each other prosperity with kisses and confetti.

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Color and cut out the gift tags above. Then punch out the holes and thread with ribbon or string. Make your own wrapping with paper grocery bags, stamps and markers.

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Throughout the centuries, wreaths have been a popular way to symbolize eternal hope, award athletes for their achievements and honor those who have passed on before us.

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The Nativity T est

1. Why did Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem. a. To find a place for Mary to give birth. b. Joseph was expected at a family reunion. c. To participate in a census. 2. What animal did Mary ride to Bethlehem? a. Donkey b. Small horse c. Llama d. The Bible does not say. 3. The Holy Family named the child "Jesus" because: a. An Angel told Mary to use the name. b. An Angel told Joseph to use the name. c. All of the above. d. None of the above. 4. What type of building was Jesus born in? a. Stable (Barn) b. Cave c. Inn d. The Bible does not say. 5. What animals were present at the Nativity? a. Cattle b. Sheep c. Doves d. All of the above e. The Bible does not say. 6. Who announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds? a. The wise men b. An Angel c. A small boy with a drum 7. How many wise men were there? a. 3 b. 7 c. The Bible does not say. 8. How did the star compare in brightness with the other stars? a. Brighter b. Equivalent c. A faint glow over the horizon. d. The Bible does not say. 9. How soon after Joseph and Mary reached Bethlehem was Jesus born? a. Within minutes. b. That night c. The Bible does not say.
Be aware that many of our impressions of the Christmas story are given to us through traditions, songs and dramatic productions.

The Real Answers? You can find the answers to these questions in the books of Matthew and Luke in the Holy Bible.

Did you know that another baby named John jumped inside his mother's womb when she heard that Mary was expecting? There is so much more to the story than your nativity set can depict.

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Please limit yourself to five print out sets of this coloring book per purchase. Part of the proceeds from this coloring book will be donated to

Operation Christmas Tree

This is a wonderful way to send a little Christmas Cheer to our troops during their service to our nation. Visit: to learn more.

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