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AII about ShaktI: The ndIan

system of belIefs worshIps the

prImeval source of energy ShaktI
In the form of the mother
Coddess 0evI. 7arIatIons of thIs
worshIp are seen throughout the

The anyakumarI tempIe at the

southernmost tIp of the ndIan sub
contInent, enshrInes ParvatI as a
chIld, and Is rIch In legends,
festIvals and tradItIons.
The amakshI Amman temple at
KanchIpuram In TamIlnadu Is a
vast and ancIent temple complex,
closely assocIated wIth the
relIgIous leader AadI
Sankaracharya and the KanchI
KamakotI Peetham
%he amakhya 0evI temple In
Assam In North Eastern ndIa Is
revered as one of the ShaktI
Peethams, and Is vIsIted by
several, throughout the year.
%he AmbIka or AmbajI shrIne at
Arasur In Cujarat Is consIdered to
be one of the ShaktI Peethams and
Is a popular pIlgrImage sIte.
%he aIIkambaI tempIe at
ChennaI In TamIlnadu Is vIsIted
by thousands throughout the
year. The deIty here Is belIeved
to have been worshIpped by
ChattrapatI ShIvajI durIng hIs tour
of the regIon.

%he aIIghat aII temple In

CaIcutta In engaI, Is one of the
most vIsIted temples In Eastern
ndIa, and Is regarded as one of
the ShaktI Peethams of the ndIan
%he hahaIakshmI tempIe at
oIhapur In |aharashtra Is
revered as one of the ShaktI
Peethams of ndIa.
The havanI temple at %uIjapur
In |aharashtra Is closely
connected wIth the great |aratha
ruler ShIvajI.
%he VaIshnao 0evI temple In
ammu Is an ancIent pIlgrImage
sIte accessed vIa an ardous trek
through the HImaIayas. t Is vIsIted
by thousands throughout the year.
%he hagawatI tempIe at
ChotanIkkara In Kerala Is a well
vIsIted temple, enshrInIng
#ajarajeswarI a manIfestatIon of
|ahakalI, |aha SaraswatI and

%he hagawatI tempIe at

odungaIIur In Kerala Is an ancIent
one, enshrInIng KalI also belIeved
to be a manIfestatIon of KannagI of
the celebrated TamIl epIc
ChamundeswarI %empIe buIlt at
ChamundI hIIIs near |ysore
enshrInes ChamundeswarI the
tutelary deIty of the |aharajahs
of |ysore.
%he amakshIamman shrIne at
haangaadu near ChennaI Is an
ancIent temple and a popularly
vIsIted one.
ere Is a collectIon of ShIva
tempIes In %amIInadu where the
Amman (Ambaal or 0evI) shrIne Is
of sIgnIfIcance.
arumaarIamman at %Iruverkadu
near ChennaI Is a manIfestatIon
of the mother goddess
haarIamman, held In reverence
throughout the southern state of

The haarIamman shrIne at

Samayapuram near
%IruchIrappaIII In TamIlnadu Is an
ancIent one, attractIng thousands
of pIlgrIms from all over the state.
hangaIa CowrI tempIe at Caya
ThIs &pa ShaktI Peetha temple
enshrInIng 0evI at Caya Is a
center of tantrIc worshIp.
hookambIka - oIIur: #Ich In
legend and tradItIon, thIs temple
at oIIur Is closely assocIated
wIth AdI Sankaracharya.
Harashat mata %empIe at
AbhanerI: n the vIllage of
AbhanerI near UdaIpur are several
archeologIcal remaIns from the
Dwadasha Iyot|r||nga
1here are 1welve (12) Lemples called !yoLlrllngas dedlcaLed Lo
Lord Lshwara ln Lhe form of Shlva Llngas 1hese Lemples are
slLuaLed across lndla and are consldered very sacred by
Plndus 1here ls a bellef LhaL all Lhese Lwelve !yoLhlrllngas are
Lo be vlslLed ln Lhe monLh of novemberuecember (karLlka
Masam) 8elow are brlef deLalls of each !yoLlrllnga vlslL
respecLlve lndlvldual page for more deLalls on each place

1 Sr| Somanatheshwara Iyot|r||ng ls consldered as Lhe flrsL
[yoLlrllng among all 1hls ls slLuaLed ln rabhas paLal
(!unaghad Cu[araL sLaLe) Worshlpplng Lhls Lemple people wlll
be free of dlseases And Lhere ls a bellef LhaL people sufferlng
from 18 wlll geL cured

2 Srlselam Ma|||kar[una Iyot|r||nga ls Lhe second one whlch
galns lmporLance on vlslLlng people wlll be relleved of Lhelr
slns 1hls Lemple ls slLuaLed near Srlselam ln karnool dlsLrlcL of
Andhra radesh

3 1he Lhlrd !oLlrllnga ls slLuaLed near u[[alnl of Madhya radesh Cn worshlpplng Shree
Mahaka|eshwara Iyot|r||ng people lead happy llfe wlLhouL sadness

4 near lndore (nlmar dlsLrlcL Madhya radesh) Lhe fourLh Sr| Cmkareshwara Iyot|r||nga ls locaLed
Cn performlng pu[a people wlll overcome Lhelr weaknesses lf Lhey have any

3 SlLuaLed aL kedarnaLh (uLLaranchal) kedareshwara Iyot|r||nga ls Lhe flfLh !yoLhlrllnga vlslLlng Lhls
place people wlll flnd Lhelr wlshes come Lrue

6 8h|mashankar Iyot|r||nga whlch ls Lhe SlxLh one ls locaLed near une (MaharashLra) All klnd of palns
wlll be relleved on performlng poo[a ln Lhls Lemple

7 1he sevenLh one ls Lhe kashl V|shweshwara Iyot|r||nga ls locaLed aL varanasl eople geL peaceful
mlnd and free of Lenslon

8 Sr| 1r|mbakeshwar Iyot|r||nga ls Lhe elghLh !yoLlrllngam 1hls ls slLuaLed near naslk of MaharashLra
Cn vlslLlng Lhls !yoLlrllnga people wlll come ouL of Lhelr weaknesses and geL nearer Lo lord Shlva

9 Sr| Va|dyanatheshwara Iyot|r||nga ls Lhe nlneLh !yoLlrllnga whlch ls aL uevghad (8lhar) eople wlll
have a proflLable buslness on vlslLlng and performlng pu[a ln Lhls place8allway sLaLlon
8Alu?AnA1PuPAM sLaLlon code 8uML ( nearesL Maln rallway sLaLlon !asldlh !uncLlon 13 kM ( sLaLlon
code !SML ) on Powrah uelhl maln llne)

10 near uwaraka (Cu[araL) Sr| Nageshwara Iyot|r||nga consldered as Lhe LenLh !yoLlrllngam ls
slLuaLed Cn performlng pu[a ln Lhls Lemple people wlll be free of Lhelr sln (dosha)

11 Sr| kameswara Iyot|r||nga ls Lhe LlevenLh !yoLhlrllnga slLuaLed near kanyakumarl of 1amllnadu
eople vlslLlng Lhls place wlll be free of Lhelr slns and Lhelr wlshes wlll come Lrue

12 SlLuaLed near ?ellora caves of MaharashLra ls Lhe 12Lh !yoLlrllnga Sr| Gr|shneswar Iyot|r||nga
eople who worshlp here wlll geL all klnd of luxury ln llfe