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Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In plant training has provided a platform to bridge the gap between theory and practice. It provides us an opportunity to relate the management concepts to the actual functioning of the organization. The In plant training period undergone by me is for the period of four weeks, where I have learnt so many things about the organization. The in-plant training helped me to understand the various steps followed by the companyfor the conversion of raw materials into finished goods. The main purpose of organization study is to make us acquired with practical knowledge about the over all functioning of the organization. It has given me an opportunity to study human behavior and also makes one ready to face different situations, which normally come across while on working in an office or a factory environment. The in plant training is more about learning practical aspect in the corporate environment. Practice & learning in the company enhanced my knowledge by exhibiting to the functional aspect of the company, could able to obtain this knowledge with the help of external guide who helped me in furnishing the information. When go to the company it has provided me its profile & asked me to go through it, this is where my learning process got started, by reading the profile Icame to the following things: Inception of the company. Its policies, vision, mission Awards & Achievements Work procedures & functioning procedures Its nature of business etc.

Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

From then onwards I visited different departments in Maharaja Industries. I had a fruitful discussion with Mr.Prakash Manager of Maharaja Industries. There I learnt how critical is to manage the human resource, material handling, Financial aspects etc, so its very critical to understand & handle the employees without hurting their emotions. After Nirma no other company has challenged the giants in the detergent market for quite a long time but in recent years the south India has been a different trend from this and given a birth to two manufacturers who are taking on the big players on their necks. These players are Coimbatore based sundari Soaps and the Davangere based Maharaja Industries selling Shashi brand of detergents. Shashi with its attractive and appealing brand name has created a nichefor itself among the ruralities and urban woman especially middle class women who are attracted by the attractive package and the fragrance of the soap.

Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

1. INTRODUCTION Soap is one of the commodities, which has become an indispensable part of the life of modern world. Since it is non-durable consumer good. There is a large market for it. The whole soap industry is experiencing changes due to innumerable reasons such as government relations environment and energy problems increase in cost of raw material etc. The changing technology and ever existing desire by the individual and the organization to produce a better product at a more economical rate has also acted as catalyst for the dynamic process of change. More and more soap manufacturers are trying to capture a commanding market share by introducing and maintaining acceptable products. The soap industry in India faces a cut-thought competition while multinational companies dominate the market.

History of the soap: If we look back into the history of soaps & detergents. Mankind knew about soaps nearly 2000 years back i.e. In 70 A.D. When Mr. Elder accidently discovered the soap, when roasted meat over flowed on the glow in ashes. This lump like product was soap & had foaming & cleansing character since then in 1192 A.D. The first commercial batch of soaps was made & marketed by M/s Bristol soap market in London, from there in 1662 A.D. The first patent for making soap was taken in London. The world consumption of soap in 1884A.D. was said to be 2lakhs tones p.a. Soap manufacturing was started in North America. Early in the history of European colonies & of the republic. Some American companies with well-known names were started 200 years ago. During middle age soap

Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

was made at various places in Italy, France, England & other countries. France became famous & many small factories were established there. The synthetic detergents for general used however, were produced by the Germans during the 1st world war so that available fats could be utilized for other purposes. These detergents were chemicals of short chain alkyl naphthalene and subsequent sulphonia and approved under the name of Nekal. These products were only fair detergents, but good wetting agents and were still being produced in large agents and were still being produced in large quantities for use in the textile industry. By the end of 2nd world war the alcohols sulfates were making big in road into the shampoo and fine detergent field. Historically synthetic detergents began as mainly a substitute for fat based soap but developed into a sophisticated product superior in many respects to soaps. THE INDIAN SOAP & DETERGENT INDUSTRY SCENARIO: The Indian soap industry has long been dominated by hand full of companies such as: Hindustan levers limited. Tata oil mills (taken over by HUL). Godrej soaps private limited. The Indian soap industry continued to flourish very well until 196768, but began to stagnate & soon it started to recover & experienced a short upswing in 1974.This increase in demand can be attributed due to: Growth of population. Income & consumption increase. Increase in urbanization. Growth in degree of personal hygiene.

Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Soap manufacture has 2 classifications, organized &unorganized sectors. In the organized sector soap production was estimated at 3, 71, 000 tones in 1985-86, which rose to 4, 20, 000tones in 1986-87. The mid term review of the 7th five year plan had forecast production of the order of 1.2 million tones in 1989-90. In 1996-97 the estimate production will be 5, 80, 000 tones.

The unorganized sector has taken a lead in the field of detergents. In India detergent soap manufacturing is increased day by day. It was adopted in planning process for producing bulk quantity of detergents product.

2. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. To study how the industries actually run. 2. To know the manufacturing process of soap. 3. To understand the difficulties in managing the human resources. 4. To know about the various departments of the organization.


The study was conducted in the Maharaja Industries for a period of three weeks. It is intended to provide information about the overall organization and its various departments.

Maharaja Industries, Davanagere


1. The information collected is not accurate. 2. The study is limited to Davanagere City only. 3. The study was done in very short span of time. 4. The studies consider only 50% of employees in the organization.

Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

A. HISTORY OF MAHARAJA INDUSTRY Smt. Shashikalalango Ravi started manufacturing detergent powder at home in 1990 to spend the free time in a useful manner. She has studied up to 10th standard. Since from childhood, she has been dreaming to industrialist. She was encouraged by her husband and friends to start a small scale industry in manufacturing of detergent cakes, powder and scouring powder. Sri lango Ravi, who was working in a detergent company, had a good experience in his job. He resigned his job and joined his wife to support in her work. Initially, she has commenced the business by investment around one lakh rupees with the help of 8 to 10 labours. Maharaja industries was registered under the partnership act with two partners, being Smt. ShashikalaElango Ravi who is entitled for 60 percent share in the firm and Sri lango Ravi who has entitled for 40 percent of share in the firm. However, Sri.lango Ravi is the partner of the Maharaja industries.


Initially the firm started manufacturing the products with the help of 8 to 10 labors. But today, the firm has grown to such an extent that nearly 500 workers including 300 women are working in industry. They, the labors, which belonging to economically weaker sections of the society like widows poorer and women. They have given more importance women category. They have also appointed male categories for hard work areas and marketing areas. Till today they not faced any type of labours problem

Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

because the labours are working as family members. They are manufacturing their products in the brand name of SHASHI, KAVYA, INDRA, and SKANDA & SAVAAL. They are manufacturing their best products of least cost comparing the other products available in the market. Now a day, their products have captured the whole area of Karnataka and some part of other states like, Kerala, AndraPradesh and Maharashtra.


During the year of 2002 2002, the Davangere district women industrialist association has selected Smt. ShashikalaElango Ravi has a BEST WOMEN ENTEREPRENEUR. THE Lakshmi Vilasa Bank Ltd., the Davangere Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd., the Lions Club and MahilaSevaSamaja have honored her for getting the award. By adopting modern technology, the firm is producing Shashi rose detergent cake which gives a pleasant odor to the clothes and it has high demand in the market. For quality maintenance and for invention of new formulas, there is a separate laboratory. They are always checking the quality of the finished product. Till this industry as given the more importance to the new method technology, which should not minimize the labors? With in a short period they will start the manufacturing of shampoo, talcum powder, toilet soaps with herbal based, they will try to improve their business to complete in the foreign market also

Maharaja Industries, Davanagere


To be the first choice soaps for customers To be the preferred employer for staff in the detergent industry To be the number one detergent for creating shareholder value


As a responsible, customer focused market leader, we will strive to understand the detergent needs of the consumers and translate it into affordable products that deliver value for money. Steps taken to achieve the mission: Education for all: To secure them a brighter future. Sustainable livelihood: through training and education for skill development. Health care and hygienic living conditions Family welfare Restoring self esteem of the physically handicapped Empowerment of women Community development, Holistic development of the community including infrastructure.

Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Company Aims:
o Excellence in all spheres of management through o Knowledge integration programme [KTP] o Skills development programme [SDP] o Participative mgt. Through consensus and consultation o System-perfection o Delegation and decentralization o Human resource management.

Values: Integrity: Honesty in every action Commitment: Deliver on the promise Passion: Energized action Speed: One step ahead always


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere


Maharaja industry is located in Davangere, Karnataka state. The plant is located in outside the Davangere i.e. at the industrial area in the

Lokikere road. The production of the plant is 6000 boxes per day. The address of the firm is

MAHARAJA NDUSTRIES No. 2051/A, KIADB, Industrial area Lokikere road Davangere -05


Within the short period they will start the manufacturing of shampoo, talcum powder, toilet soaps with herbal based.They will try to improve their business to complete in the foreign market also. Introduction of new higher power point detergent powder for institutional sales in bulk packaging & attaining the market leadership. Introducing new trade schemes to increase sales. Aggressive advertisement and publicity as a part of sales promotion. And also recently they have planned to introduce TEA as new product with their brand name.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Shashi detergent cake is the flagship brand of the Maharaja Industries, situated in Davangere. Maharaja industries is specialized in

manufacturing detergent cake, soaps and dish wash powder .The company is one of the major detergent manufacturing industries owned by a single individual in Karnataka and is running independently. The products manufactured by the company are as fallows. SL. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Name of the Brand Shashi Shashi Shashi Shashi Shashi Shashi Shashi Shashi Savaal Savaal Savaal Savaal Savaal Quantity (in gems) 110 175 250 150 150 250 150 250 100 175 175 250 175 MRP. (In Rest.) 3.00 6.00 10.00 6.00 5.50 10.00 5.50 7.50 3.00 6.00 5.50 7.00 5.50

Color Blue Blue Blue Pink White White Green Green White White Blue Blue Green

Table No. 1: Detergent cakes of Maharaja Industries


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

SL. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Name of the Brand Shashi Premium powder Shashi Premium powder Shashi Premium powder Shashi Sachet powder Savaal detergent powder Savaal detergent powder Savaal detergent powder Savaal detergent sachet

Quantity (in gms) 900 450 175 20 900. 450 175 25

MRP. (In Rs.) 23.00 12.00 5.00 1.00 23.00 12.00 5.00 1.00

Table No. 2: Detergent powder of Maharaja Industries


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Production Department: 1. Introduction: Production is any process or procedure developed to transform a set of inputs like man, Machine,money management into a specified set of outputs like finished products in proper quantity by achieving the objectives of an enterprise. Production management is a set of general principles applied for production economies facility design, and schedule design, quality control, work-study and budgetary control. The Detergent soap industry in India adopted all the facilities which help in achievement of greater production like location, layout, production control etc.

Fig.1: Production Department Chart


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

2. RAW MATERIAL: Raw material is very important input required for the industry. Quality quantity & price of raw materials influence on the cost & quality of the final product. So availability of raw material for the right time helps to production and also to reach the customers at right time.

LIST OF RAW MATERIALS: Soda Ash Light. Acid Slurry. Sodium Silicate. Soap Stone Powder. Dolomite Powder. Perfume. Sodium Sulphate. Color. Liquid detergent etc.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

3. WORK FLOW MODEL PRODUCTION METHOD: 1. Double Zigma Mixer: Used for the purpose of mixing raw materials purchasedfro outside. 2. Refiner plodel: Used for the purpose of getting bulk lumps of the cake in form of noodle. 3. Vacuum/ ordinary plodel: Used for the purpose of getting final detergent cake and to avoid the cracks on the design of the cake. 4. Vacuum Pump: Used for the purpose of removing the water molecules from the mass. 5. Primary cutting machine: Used for the purpose of cutting the detergent cakes in form of long bars. 6. Secondary cutting machine: Used for the purpose of cutting the long bars into small bar detergent cakes. 7. Drier: Used for the purpose of aging or drying the detergent cakes. 8. Trolley: Used for the purpose of stacking the cutted detergent cakes. 9. Packing Machines; Used for the purpose of packing the detergent cakes. 10.Taping Machines: Used for the purpose of taping the boxes of detergent cakes. 11.Pallets: Are the wooden pallets used for the purpose of stacking of finished goods. 12.Hydrolic Trolley: Used for the purpose of movement of the stock of finished goods from one place to other i.e. loading purpose. 13.Lift: Used for the purpose of loading the raw materials.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Though the machineries mentioned above are adopted by the Maharaja Industries, generally packing of detergent cakes are done machine/ hand packing i.e., by the women workers & paste mixing is done by the male workers in order to provide work for the unemployed people of the society.

Reception of Raw materials


Noodler Plant

Bar Machine

Cutting Machine




Fig 2: PRODUCTION PROCESS Problems of Production Department: 1. Using old technology machines. 2. Lack of standards for keeping the work place / machine pathway. 3. Lack of planned maintenance.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

4. Different Products of Maharaja Industries The firm is introducing the products into the market in different brand names in different quantities. They are mentioned below.

Fig 3: No. 1 Shashi ultra active rose detergent cake - 150gms No. No. 1 Shashi ultra active rose detergent cake - 200gms

Fig 4:2. No. 1 Shashi Ultra White (Detergent Cake)

225 gms

Fig 5:No. 1 Shashi (Blue) detergent cake

- 200 gms


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

No. 1 Shashi ultra blue detergent cake

- 130 gms

Fig 6: Super No.1 Savaal Detergent Cake (White)- 150 gms

Fig 7: No. 1 Shashi Ultra active green detergent cake- 250 gms

Fig 8 : Shashi Diamond cake - 225 gms


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Fig 9: New Shashi detergent powder (blue) New Shashi detergent power (blue) New Shashi detergent powder (blue) New Shashi detergent powder (blue) 6. New super Shashi detergent powder (white) New super shashi detergent powder (white) New super shashi detergent powder (white) 7. New shashi ultra active scouring powder New shashi ultra active scouring powder 250 gms 500 gms 1 kg. 35 gms. 500 gms 1kg. 500 gms 1 kg


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

5. Quality Department: For quality maintenance & for invention of new formulas, there is a separate laboratory. They are always checking the quality of the finished products. Till date the industry has given more importance to the new method of technology which should not suitable chemical composition & metallurgical composition.

Chief Chemist

Shift Chemist


The main functions are: Monitoring the quality to meet customer needs. Preparing guidelines for quality acceptance Designing process control studies to prevent market complaint.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

FINANCE DEPARTMENT: 1. Introduction: Financial management, as an integral part of overall management, is not a totally independent area. It relates to production, marketing and various departments. The main objectives of financial management are profit maximization and wealth maximization and also maintaining liquidity in the organization. So financial management helps in proper utilization of funds in the organization. Finance is the main source of business. Finance management is concerned with efficient use of an important economic resource, namely capital Funds, so finance function is concernedwith smooth and efficient management of funds or resources.


Stores Purchase accounts. Cash or Bank Accounts. Sales Accounts. BANKERS: Union Bank of India State Bank of India Urban co-operative Bank LTD Lakshmi Vilas Bank LTD.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

COSTING SECTION: The operation of this section are; To maintain Production records and reports. To calculate cost of production. Maintenance of cost audit reports. Preparation yearly budgets.

MARKETING DEPARTMENT: 1. Introduction: Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing , promoting, and distribution of ideas, good, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organization goals. As the government plays a vital role in the fixation of soap and detergent prices, the marketing department in the soap industries is of little importance. In Modern Marketing, the consumer satisfaction is essential in a business concern. All elements of business should be geared towards the satisfaction of consumer. In modern marketing, it begins with the satisfaction of the consumer, not with production cost, sales, technological landmarks and ends with customer selection or choice and social well being. Under the modern marketing economy buyer or customer is the Boss. So it is very essential to understanding of consumer behavior and buying motivations. Marketers will fail to segment markets effectively and design strategies for an effective penetration into the defined market segments. The company main products are detergent soaps & detergent powders which are sold in different States in India are,


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Karnataka Maharastra Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere


The distribution strategy helps the firm in following functions: 1. They facilitate the physical movement of goods. 2. They take under storage function i.e. storage of goods. 3. They provide information to the buyers about the availability, features, usesand the prices of goods in the channel of distribution.

Maharaja Industries are concentrated on SUPER STOCKIST nature of distribution along with regular distribution strategies like manufacturer, Retailer and Direct marketing. For local market i.e. within Davangere they use Direct Marketing strategy. Specially recruited persons are going to customers doors and sell the products. For Regional market they use manufacturing retailer strategy. For this purpose the Company uses force for its own sales force. They visit retail shops in a specified period like weekly once or fortnightly. Along with this they willsupply the products as per orders placed by the retail shopkeepers. The sales force is doing a job in this case. They cover whole Middle Karnataka. Along with these distributional strategies the companys main distributional strategy is SUPER

STOCKISTS. This will help them in several ways. By using this option they can market their products more widely. For a Small scale business entering into the out side state market is easy task to perform. This helps them in marketing products in states like Tamilnad, Kerala, Pondichery and Andhra Pradesh.

Currently there are more than 10 SUPER STOCKISTS for Maharaja Industries. They are widely spread all over Karnataka and out side Karnataka. The name and address of the SUPER STOCKISTS are not


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

mentioned. It is because company sources are very cautious about this. They think it might cause for leakage of business secrecy," So this is become one of the limitations of the study. This strategy helps them in problems solving like storage of products. This is a one of the major problem in distribution. As they using this strategy automatically this will solved out.

When come to the promotional strategies Maharaja Industries tries its level best to Promise its product. It uses several kinds of promotional strategies. They are discussed in this head. Maharaja Industrys personal selling way of Promotion strategy includes both manufacturers salesman and wholesalers salesman; For the purpose of manufactures salesman firm has own sales force. Second one left to wholesalers or SUPER STOCKISTS. Along with these two they had middlemen in sales promotion as said by the firms sources. Middlemen in sales promotions are good strategy. Because they reduce the work of firms sales force. The middlemen are generally experts in field. They can easily promote the product than that of firms sales force. The help of sales made by the firm can study effectiveness of sales promotion. The following table gives you about sales .of last five years.

4. Media of Advertising: The firm is marketing its products through various medias of advertisement. They are : a. Television Advertisements: The firm has given advertisements for its products in T.V. through various channels like Udaya T.V, Kasturi T.V., E.T.V. and local cables.]


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

b. News Papers: The firm has also given advertisements in newspapers like VijayaKarnataka, Samyuktha Karnataka and Udayavani. c. Sponsoring of Programs: The firm has also advertised its products through sponsoring various programs like Super samsara in Kasturi Chanel recently. d. Door to door sales by giving offers. e. Launching of sales promotion schemesby way of Discount coupons to dealers. Discount coupons to retailers. Gold / silver coin schemes. f. Through advertisement bus and matador.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Transport System: The Maharaja Industries is transporting its products to the dealers and retailers through its own vehicles such as 6 cauters, advertisement bus, matador, tempo excel and autos. It also transports the products through rented lorries. The firm is door delivering its products to the dealers against advance DD. Distributorship is given for the particular area. Preference will be given to those who have got van facility and village network distribution. Product Pricing: The firm has priced the products very reasonably in order to satisfy the needs of the middle class and lower class people. They follow low pricing strategy. This helps them to reach to common people and rural areas. The pricing strategy of maharaja industries consists of essentials of a sound price policy. 1. The price policy helps the firm in realizing maximization of profits and fair return on investment. 2. The price policy helps the firm in meeting market competition successfully. 3. The price policy of Maharaja Industry assures reasonable margin to them and also intermediaries, i.e., wholesalers and retailers, who can be induced to take more interest in promoting the sales of the firm only through margin of commission. 4. The price policy of Maharaja industries is flexible, and not rigid. It permits them in changing price depending upon the market forces of demand and supply and economic conditions of boom and depression.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Competitors of the company: Nirma Wheel Sundari Henko Surf-excel When I speak to the sales head, he said that now the advertising is not required in and around the city Davangere. So they are concentrating to reach outside. Totally sales of company was tremendous, by proper planning and execution by the company. HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT: 1. INTRODUCTION: Human resource management is a management function that helps managers recruit, select, train and develops members for an organization. Human resources management is concerned with employees both as individuals and as a group in attaining goals. It is also concerned with behavior, emotional and social aspects of personnel. It is concerned with the development of human resources i.e. knowledge, capability, skills, potentialities and attaining and achieving employee goals, including job satisfaction. It is a continuous and never ending process.

2. OBJECTIVES: 1. To create and utilize an able and motivated workforce to accomplish the basic organizational goals. 2. To attain an effective utilization of human resources. 3. To motivating the employees to work efficiently and effectively. 4. Boosting employee morale.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

5. Human resource management helps to the employees for their career planning. 6. To achieve organizational, societal and also individual goals.

FUNCTIONS: Generally, it may be stated that there is a correlation between the objectives and the functions. Main functions of Human Resource Management are: 1. Planning It is a pre-determined course of action. Planning pertains to formulating strategy of personnel programmers and changes in advance that will contribute to the organizational goals. 2. Organizing It is essential to carry out the determined course of action. An organization is a structure and a process by which co-operative group of human beings allocates its task among its members, identifies relationship and integrates its activities towards a common objective. 3. Directing The next logical function after completing planning and organizing is the execution of the plan. The basic function of personal management at any level is motivating, commanding, leading and activating people. It helps to attain organizational goals. 4. Controlling Controlling involves checking, verifying and comparing of the actuals with the plans, identification of deviations if any and correcting of identified deviations. 5. Human resource planning


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Estimation of present and future requirements and supply of human resources based on objectives and long range plans of the organization. Main objective of Human Resource Planning is to forecast the turn over and attrition rate. 6. Recruitment It is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to supply for jobs in an organization. Effective recruitments help to select suitable candidates for the job. 7. Selection It is a process of ascertaining the qualifications, experiences, skills, knowledge etc., of an applicant with a view to appraising his/her suitability to a job. 8. Human resource development It involves improving, molding and changing the skills, knowledge, creative ability, aptitude, attitude, values, and commitments etc., based on present and future job. This function includes performing appraisal, training, career planning and development, internal mobility etc. 9. Compensation It includes job evaluation, wage and salary administration, incentives, bonus, fringe benefits, social security measures etc. it includes welfare aspects of the employees. 10. Human relation The important function of human resource management is to maintain good human relation in the organization to achieve the goals. This function helps to build competent organization 3. Office: In Office section all other activities like Recruiting , Selection and Training,Overall Maintenance and control can done by this Department.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere



Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

In this company they do not have separate HR department general manager was playing a rate of HR personnel. So according to him managing employees is a challenging task. They are providing infrastructural facilitates to the employees like. 1. Canteen Facility 2. Vehicle facility 3. Rest room facility In this company they are providing open door policy to the employees to approach any kind of problem. But still the decision will be taken by the top management. It is a combination of formal and informal communication in the company. The company rules regarding allotting leave to the employees was very strict. They are conducting games for the refreshment of the employees in the time of celebrating festivals.

4. Payments System The Maharaja Industries is making the payments to the employees in 3 forms such as: Salary is paid to office staffs, manager and manseting persons. Daily wages is paid to factory workers Piece wages is paid to shift workers, hamalies, workers of packing section.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere


Bargaining Power of Suppliers


Threat of Substitute

Rivalry Within

Threat of New Entrants

Bargaining power Of Customer

GENERIC STRATEGIES TO COUNTER THE FIVE FORCES Strategy can be formulated on three levels: Corporate level Business unit level Functional or departmental level.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

To create a competitive advantage, a business unit level, can adopt strategies that hinge on cost leadership, differentiation and focus.

HOW YOU CAN APPLY PORTERS FIVE FORCES TO BETTER PROGNOSTICATE YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY One key takeaway from this narrative would be to examine your industry as a whole with your company in mind. Remember to Keep in perspective the connotation that each word (given below) has on your everyday business lives SUPPLIER POWER Supplier concentration Importance of volume to supplier Differentiation of inputs Impact of inputs on cost or differentiation Switching costs of firms in the industry Presence of substitute inputs Threat of forward integration Cost relative to total purchases in industry Brand reputation Geographical coverage THREAT OF SUBSTITUTES Switching costs Buyer inclination to substitute Price-performance Trade-off of substitutes Alternatives price/quality Market distribution changes Fashion and trends Legislative effects


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Product/Service level quality Relationships with customers Bidding processes/capabilities

DEGREE OF RIVALRY Industry concentration Fixed costs/Value added Industry growth Intermittent overcapacity Product differences Switching costs Brand identity Diversity of rivals Corporate stakes Number and size of firms Industry size and trends Fixed v variable cost bases Product/service ranges Differentiation, strategy BUYER POWER Bargaining leverage Buyer volume Buyer information Brand identity Price sensitivity


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Threat of backward integration Product differentiation Buyer concentration vs. industry Substitutes available Buyers' incentives Buyer choice Buyers size/number Change cost/frequency

BARRIERS TO ENTRY / EXIT Absolute cost advantages Proprietary learning curve Access to inputs Government policy Economies of scale Capital requirements Brand identity Switching costs Access to distribution Expected retaliation Proprietary products Product/Service importance JIT scheduling Exit barriers


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere



Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

2. SWOT ANALYSIS A tool used by the organization to help the firm to identify its strength, weakness, opportunities and threats is called SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis is used as a framework to help the firm develop its overall corporate marketing or product analysis. Strength and weaknesses are the internal factors of the organization and which are controllable. Opportunities and threats are the external factors of the organization and which are uncontrollable. A.STRENGTHS: Maharaja industry has good sales in local market. Maharaja Industries have some standard in their products. Good dealer distributor network and market base. Sound infrastructure facility. Strong advertisement & promotional tools. B.WEAKNESSES: Lack of experience for unskilled labours. Distribution only for the particular areas not other areas. Preference will not be given to those who are not getting van facility & village network distribution. C.OPPORTUNITIES: Upgrading the products. Introduce new products, and technology to the new generations. At present it has Good raw material sources to enhance production. D.THREATS:


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

Other soaps are in the market like. Nirma Lader Changing technology Increased competition PART-E 6. Learning Experience: This in plant training provided me great opportunity to learn many industrial related aspects which were just read till now. In Classes I studied different subjects which are related to HR, Marketing & Finance, where in, I learn certain concepts, but during this training, I learned the practical applicability to these concepts. Through this in plant training, I got clear idea about the various jobs performed under various specializations and it helped me to choose the best suitable field. It provided me an opportunity for self learning i.e. the behavioral modifications and various skills that are required to enter the corporate world. MAHARAJA INDUSTRIES planning to upgrade present technology MAHARAJA INDUSTRIESis maintaining optimum inventory management so that within a period of time it may get profits. Wheel Surf-excel Nanda

1. FINDINGS: 1. The company aggressive advertisement and publicity as a part of sales promotion, increases the brand awareness in the customers. 2. The company has planned to come out new products like Toilet soaps with herbal based and also Tea powder.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

3. The open-door policy of Maharaja Industry helps to maintain good human relation in the organisation. 4. Maharaja industry maintained standard in their product. 5. The company sponsoring different programmes in the TV channels to advertise their products and also to reach the outside the city.

2. SUGGESTIONS: 1) Company should take care of employees by appointing good HR Personnel. organization. 2) By using new machineries they can improve their production level. 3) Company should concentrate on employees training programmes. 4) Company should made arrangement for grievance handling and employee counseling. By this they can create better environment in the


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

3. CONCLUSION: Maharaja Industries, products like Shashi detergent Soaps and powder, Shashi dish wash powder etc are having a very good market. Its other products are also having some medium market. There was no complaint from the consumer regarding theavailability of their detergent soaps and powder of their choice in the market. A majority of consumers were of the opinion that the quality of the detergent soaps and powder correspondents with the advertisement. Shashi can become the next Nirma by employing new strategies and increasing its market share. It must sustain the advantage got in the rural market and gain some share in the urban market also and prove that the success of Shashi was neither a fluke nor a flash in the pan but the clever marketing strategy which others so called giants failed to implement but Shashi has ahieved it. So,lets conclude hope with that Shashi will be great success.


Maharaja Industries, Davanagere

BIBLIOGRAPHY Books: Name of the book Marketing Management Management 12th Edition Personnel & Human Resource Management Financial Management P. SubbaRao Author Philip Kotler > Heinz Weihrich

> Mark V Cannice > Harold Koontz

M.Y. Khan & P.K. Jain