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It takes a great pleasure to express my heartfelt gratitude to those who have directly or indirectly helped me in the project. I acknowledge and express my sincere thanks to Mr. VISHAL KALE, faculty guide- ADVERTISING , SALES PROMOTION & PUBLIC RELATIONS (Institute of Management Studies, Indore) for providing the opportunity for successful completion of this project. His expert guidance and keen interest in my study kept me motivated at all times. I would also like to thank my respondents who spend their valuable time for providing information and filling up the questionnaire and for making this project a successful one.



Introduction Product Market Analysis o Nature of Demand o Extent of Demand o Stage of PLC o Competition and Industry Analysis Advertisement Objectives and Target Selection o Identify Target Audience o Positioning o Desired Behavior o Identify Brand Response Variable Communication Objective of Advertisement Copy Design and Development o Appeals used in the advertisement o Message Format o message strategy and tactics o Media Classes and Vehicles o Media classes and vehicles used Advertising Agency Conclusion Post test Analysis o Questionnaire o Data Representation Bibliography

Advertising plays a very pre dominant role for any Marketer. Goods no matter of how good quality, they may be are of no use if they are not brought to the notice of the consumer. Advertising can be classified on the basis of target audience towards whom the advertising is directed .there could be different set of target audience. These are: Consumer (households) Industries Traders Professionals Institutions In our project we would be solely concentrating on the household sector , this sector dominates any other sector in terms of its goods and services. The complexity of human behavior is one major factor which makes a job of Marketer tough. The success of any advertising campaign depends on its effectiveness that is how effective it is in stimulating consumer to buy the product or at least give a thought to the product .there are various type of advertising media which can be used . But the choice of media is a very critical decision as a selection of wrong advertising media can lead to colossal resources and it can even have an impact on goodwill of a company. The media has to be selected taking into consideration the target audience and as a manager we also have to take into consideration the Advertising Budget.

BUSINESS needs ideas, not merely money. Ventures run on just money, but starved of ideas, would eventually fall prey to competition and perish. And, if ideas are available in abundance, business can overcome other handicaps, including its relative weaker money power, compared to that of its rivals. The success story of the Gujrat Co- operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) proves this point.

Amul's product range includes milk powders, milk, butter, ghee, cheese, chocolate, ice cream, cream, shrikhand, paneer, gulab jamuns, basundi, Nutramul brand and others Amul follows a unique business model, which aims at providing 'value for money' products to its consumers, while protecting the interests of the milkproducing farmers who are its suppliers as well as its owners. Despite being a farmers' co-operative, Amul has given multinationals a run for their money. The Amul Pattern has established itself as a uniquely appropriate model for rural development. Amul has spurred the White Revolution of India, which has made India the largest producer of milk and milk products in the world. It is also the world's biggest vegetarian cheese brand. Amuls is Indias largest diary producing company with over half the market leading other national companies such as Mother Diary and multinational food product companies such as Nestle India and Hindustan Lever Ltd. Amul demonstrates how careful and consistent product stewardship combined with a deep and intimate understanding of the market leads to consistent growth and success. The company can process nearly 10 million litres of milk each day. The company started as the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Federation in 1946,collecting just 250 litres of milk a day. The company was formed to give farmers their due and protect them from unscrupulous middlemen. Since then the company has come a long way . but one thing is still the same . that time also it was by and for the farmers and today also its the same . In the mid 1950s Amul looked for ways to utilize the surplus milk by manufacturing Butter, Milk,Cheese and other milk derived products. It is integrated into the fabric of Indian society ,from its roots in representing small farmers and struggler or the poor and impoverished in difficult circumstances The brand name Amul, sourced from theSanskrit word Amoolya, means priceless. It was suggested by a quality control expert inAnand. Some cite the origin as an acronym to (Anand Milk Union Limited) Amul, a brand owned by the 26 lakh milk producers of Gujarat has once again demonstrated that when farmers are given the instruments of development in

their hands, they can work wonders. The billion dollar Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation, the apex body of 13 district milk producers unions has been instrumental in making Amul a brand to reckon with.

AMULs Journey towards Excellence

AMULs journey towards excellence is marked by some critical understanding of the business environment in large emerging economies like India where markets have to be developed by combining efficiency related initiatives with increasing the base of marginal suppliers and consumers. The essence of AMULs efforts was as follows: It also realized that its goal could only be achieved in the long run and this required developing values in people and processes that were robust, replicable and transparent. It also realized that the cooperative would not be independent and viable in the face of competition if it were not financially sound. This implied that AMUL had to develop distinct capabilities that would deliver competitive advantage to its operations.


NATURE OF DEMAND It combined market and social development in an emerging economy. It recognized the inter-linkages between various environments that governed the lives of marginal milk farmers and the unmet needs of consumers.It also changed the supply chain paradigm in order to reduce the cost to the consumer while increasing the return to the supplier.It realized that in order to achieve their objectives, it had to benefit a large number of people both suppliers and consumers. While large scale had the danger of failure due to poor control and required more resources, it also had the advantage of creating a momentum that would be necessary to bring more people into the fold and thereby help more suppliers and consumers.

SEGMENTATION:Wide range of product categories caters to consumers across all market segments . For example Amul Kool is targeted at children. While teenagers prefer Kool Caf as it has a cool imagery associated with it. Segmentation is not as easy in curd and low fat products due to mixed audiences , various culinary applications eg. Ghee , butter and cheese . I n India the most used spread is ghee , then butter, cheese , low fat butter, margarine , cheese spread and mozzarella cheese Demographics: Age-from 5 yrs -80 yrs Sex-No bar

Income-low to high Occupation-Any sector (not necessary) Education-Lower to higher

Psychographics Personality-No discrimination.Life style-a basic normal life to high class living std Buying Motives-It is generic with butter category, renowned butter available in market, loved by all consumers.

EXTENT OF DEMAND (MARKET SHARE/ MARKET SIZE Has a 15% market share in the Rs15,000 crore milk category, and a 37% share in the Rs900 crore organized ice-cream segment. Starting with milk and milk powder, the Amul brand today covers a range of dairy productsfrom chocolates to cheese and, of course, butter Market share of Amul butter is around86%. Market presence available in over 500,000 retail outlets across India. Amul butter is made from- butter, common salt, permitted natural colour (annatto). Amul comes under FMCG sector.

STAGE OF PLC Amul butter is in its Maturity stage , as it is the most profitable stage and definitely Amul butter is making huge profits as it dominates the market with an overall share of 86%. The sale is definitely increasing but at a slower pace, has a very strong Brand awareness and advertising expenditure thus reduced

COMPETITION AND INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Largest milk brand in asia marketing more than 30 different brands of dairy products like cheese, ice cream, condensed milk, ready to eat pizza , beverages etc. Amul is the market leader in ghee and butter Amul Kool and Kool Caf are doing well. Defending against names like Mahananda, Vijay Milma and other cooperative milk brands. Aggressive moves against FMCG and F&B brands like Britannia, Nestle and Mother Dairy among others with a defense strategy of moving consumers from loose milk to packaged milk and gradually move them up the value chain (tetra pack to beverages) all available under the amul brand. Being exposed to a brand it is natural for a customer to try out new products

Advertisement Objectives and Target Selection

Before Amul entered the picture, companies used conventional methods of advertising where the focus was only on the food products and the tone of the pitch was serious. Amul changed the way food products were communicated to the people in India. It always advertised its mother brand Amul, and not its products like butter, pizzas, or cheese. It all began in 1966 when Sylvester daCunha, then the managing director of the advertising agency, ASP, clinched the account for Amul butter. The butter, which had been launched in 1945, had a staid, boring image, primarily because the earlier advertising agency which was in charge of the account preferred to stick to routine, corporate ads. The year Sylvester daCunha took over the account, the country saw the birth of a campaign whose charm has endured fickle public opinion, gimmickry and all else.

TARGET AUDIENCE Targeted at people across all income categories.but specifically the middle class of Indian sector Amul has changed the retail environment with amul outlets or parlours to deliver customers total brand experience. Launched in 2002 there are now 400 amul parlours across the country which contributed 3% to the brands total turnovers last year. Amuls parlours are present in all high profile locations like campuses of Infosys , Wipro, IIM-A , IIT-B, Temples, metro rail and railway stations. POSITIONING Amul has been consistant over the communication campaign and brand strategy. AMUL has positioned itself as " Taste of India " and has ensured that their communication is in line with their positioning strategy . ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES Objective1 Create awareness among 90% of the target audience. Objective 2 Use simple messages

ADVERTISING STRATEGY Amuls advertising strategy has followed the concept of Umbrella Branding. Amul is the common brand name for most of its products across categories. For instance, the Amul girl has also been used to advertise Amul ghee and milk. Its ad campaign Amul doodh peeta hai India, conceptualised & created by FCB-Ulka, was drafted to proclaim its leadership position and was targeted at people across all income categories. The corporate campaign The Taste of India caters to people belonging to all walks of life & across cultures. It is circled around a one day old child who needs milk as much as to a dead man who needs ghee.

Umbrella branding can be a successful marketing strategy. However, this depends on having a consistent and clear brand identity across the variants. It also needs to be recognized that, while this approach can help kick start variant launches, halo effects are not guaranteed. Halo effects can keep a brand alive in the minds of consumers by providing reminder of the brands existence . Amul had resorted to consumer advertising as it s target was the middle class of indian sector.but the point to be noted is that they relied more upon emphasizing their brand rather than single product . Indirect action advertising as against direct action advertising does not attempt to bring about an immediate behavioral response . The purpose of Amul was not to bring about an immediate behavioral response but the aim of advertisements was to create a image in the minds of consumer regarding Amul. Amul wanted to build long term relation with its customers that is why it never adopted practice of aggresively selling the product. Amul believes the fact that huge ad campaigns are not always necessary, what you need is a genuinely interesting way to interact with your customers, tell them your story and engage them in a conversation, even if you are selling something that is soo commoditized like butter. Thus Amul believed that huge expenditure on advertising was not always necessary , if an Advertisement has creativity and ingenuity it will achieve its purpose for which it has been designed.

BRAND RESPONSE VARIABLE Amul has always wanted to create the best brand image it possibly can. The aim of the advertisements have been to create image in the minds of the customers regarding Amul . It has always wanted to build long term relations with its customers that is why it never adopted practice of aggresively selling the product.


Amul business strategy is driven by its twin objectives of : (i) Long-term, sustainable growth to its member farmers, and (ii) value proposition to a large customer base by providing milk and other dairy products at low price Amul has not really been into personal selling because its aim has been to position its brand and not to approach individual customers.


Appeals used in the advertisement Humor appeal has been used predominantly in all the ads of amul inorder to capture attention and score high on recall test. Message format The message format used in Amuls ad are a combination of animation and humor. They have used tongue- in- cheek sketches starring the amul baby commenting jovially on the latest news or current events. The pun in her words has been popular.

Rough print layout-

Headline- Should attract attention and interest and should give readers interest to read the ad. And brand should be displayed in the heading. Sub heading-Usually smaller than the main headline . In this it is the line In your budget Body copy -The Body copy should be long enough to communicate advertisers message. Illustration- Is quite vivid in this the amul baby is commenting on the then latest event which was the presenting of the budget by the finance minister Pranab Mukherjee. Layout The layout is the physical arrangement of various parts of an ad. Shows where each component of the ad will be placed.

MEDIA STRATEGY Media Planning : It is important phase of advertising campaign after creative strategy that is preparation of the right message. Until and unless , the message is communicated through the right medium to target customers the target is of no use . Amul was also facing the challenge of which advertising media to adopt which should integrate with its objectives which were : AMULs business strategy is driven by its twin objectives of (i) Long-term, sustainable growth to its member farmers, and (ii) value proposition to a large customer base by providing milk and other dairy products a low price

MEDIA CLASSES AND VEHICLESAmul has made the use of following media platforms till know : 1. Outdoor media : hoardings/billboards 2. Broadcast Media : television 3. Non-broadcast Media : cinema 4.Print media : newspapers ,general interest magazines 5. Internet : independent websites ,portals

OUTDOOR MEDIA : HOARDINGS The cooperative has been making extensive use of hoardings for promoting its flagship brand Amul Butter since 1966, and is all set to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest run promotion campaign. The advertisements are in the outdoors category and are communicated through hoardings at busy junctions in all major cities across India. Amul had used outdoor advertising to a good effect with the middle class people as their targets they were able to create an image for their brand in the minds of consumer .

The ads have a central character a cherubic, wide-eyed, dressed in a polkadot frock, and blue-haired girl/baby who is perhaps around 4-6 years old. A new ad is apparently created every week and these ads revolve around the latest happening thing (good/bad/ugly) in the country (or local states) and can be anything associated with politics/sports/movies/people/laws/general events etc. The ads are very creative, witty, humorous, whacky and sometimes controversial but invariably elicit a laugh, chuckle or at least a smile from almost everyone who understands the context. The ads relate butter to the topic of the ad in a very amazing & intriguing mannerprimarily by playing with words. The words can be in plain English or Hinglish. Here are a few advertisements which appeared on hoardings :

The polka dot frock and blue haired girl

This hoarding was released after the success of movie cheeni kum . the chef in the movie is Amitabh Bachan and the girl alongside her is the girl whom he calls her sexy. Amitabh Bchan is shown to be suffering from diabetes in the movie as a result of which he should avoid sugar. Amul has used its hoardings to bring the whole episode out by giving it a touch of humour. .

Shah Rukh Khan Bollywood superstar sings for Indian Premier League (IPL) music video 'Run Just Run' his franchisee IPL Kolkata Knight Riders cricket team - April '08.the girl with guitar is the Amul mascot girl

This hoarding was made after the release of the Shahrukh Khan starrer Om Shanti Om . He was talk of the town and every teenager desired to have body like him , this advertisement also adds to the pun.

Harbhajan Singh pet named Bhajji in a disgraceful act of slapping India teammate S. Sreesanth in the opposite team after Indian Premier League cricket match at Mohali, India - May '08

Indian - Dalip Singh Rana popularly known as 'The Great Khali' , a huge and impressive World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) champion wrestler - May '08.They are trying to showcase that to have body like khali eat Amul only.

The recent Amul hoardings which projected Akshay Kumar as the number one hero, rated over Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, has raised questions in Bollywood The Amul hoardings recently seen across town, created quite a few murmurs in the film industry. The hoardings projected Akshay Kumar as the number one hero, while the two Khans Shah Rukh and Aamir - are shown handing out buttered toasts to Akshay with the tagline saying, Singh is King. Apparently, this running down of their numero uno position has not gone down well with SRK and Aamir. Upset at this unwarranted assessment, an industry insider close to both the Khans said, There have been spoofs made on films like Taare Zameen Par and Om Shaanti Om, but why are the two actors made to look small in the ad, and on what basis? Whose idea was it to compare the actors and rate them? We contacted Rahul DaCunha, head honcho of DaCunha Associates, about the concept of this particular ad. He said, For the moment at least, after the release of Sinngh is King, Akshay was considered to be the number one and people too have accepted him as the number one hero. Even the newspapers clearly declared him as the number one hero, its not as though its our take entirely. But its true that there have been rumblings in the industry questioning the concept. DaCunha said, Nothing has reached my ears so far. Audiences take such ad campaigns more like a joke. People have to be sporting enough to laugh off these matters.

If we go back to January this year, there was the announcement of the impending launch of Indias smallest (and the worlds cheapest) car. The headline says whether you agree or not (referring to the controversy about whether the car was good for India or not) but the punch lies in the rhyming of the words, Nano andMaano (meaning to agree). As for the sub- head, well!!!

This one appeared when our hockey team failed to qualify for the Olympics. The head line here plays on the word Shock and chak. Chak De (Go for it!) is a film about hockey and tells the story of how a not-sogood hockey team overcomes all odds to win the World Cup, and is apparently based on a true story. After the movie there was a lot of hype about it being a great morale booster for hockey in India, but finally, it

all came to naught and set some heads rolling in the hockey federation of India.

The ad about Musharuff appeared during the time when Mush had briefly declared Emergency to gag Bhutto and Sharif, but it looks ominous now that Benazir Bhutto is dead and some people suspect that Musharuff had a hand in it. The pun here is on the wordMusharaffat asMu means mouth (didnt get this fully) andsharafat means decency and kahan hai means where has it gone. Notice the sub-head! For those who dont know, Amuls tag line is utterly butterly delicious

Popular movies are used as a theme for the Amul ads quite often. This one is a song from the popular

Movie Jaane Tuya jaane na. Basically the song goes: Pappu cant dancesaala! (Saala is a colloquial term used to address others and it can be used in an evil sense, but in this case it is not used that way). And the ad headline says, Pappu took a chance khaaliya ! Khaaliya means he ate it.

Amul butter's latest print campaign is probably their fastest take till date on a current happening. The brand this time capitalized on Minissha Lamba's customs fiasco. The story was, as we know by now, about Minissha getting detained at the airport for undisclosed jewellery that she was carrying.Amul, on the other hand, has quickly used the scenario and made a tongue in the cheek billboard ad out of it which goes, 'Lamba wait at airport! Amul Daily Custom'. Interestingly, Minissha herself tweeted the image saying, "This is hilarious!!" Quite a sporty girl, isn't she?

Amul advertisement on taxpayers receiving erroneous recovery notice from the income tax department due to an error in software (April 2010).

An advertisment showing how brothers Anil and Mukesh Ambani are competing with one another building their huge private mansions in Mumbai (Dec 2010).

This advertisement shows Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee going to present the Budget (February 2011).

The advertisement shows the oil spill off Mumbai coast (August 2010).

The advertisement on unaffordable prices of onions (December 2010).

Amul advertisement bids farewell to 2010 the year full of scams (January 2011).

An advertisement unaffordable price rise of vegetables (January 2011)

A leading publication promoting 'No TV Day' in Mumbai (January 2011).

An advertisement on the growing popularity of Facebook

Kerala Chief Minister V S Achutanandan may have come under attack for calling Rahul Gandhi an 'Amul baby', but CMMF has lapped it up with a new advertisement whose punchline is: 'They both are Amul Babies!'Achutanandan had recently hit back at Rahul who had referred to the 87-year-old CPI-M stalwart's advancing age during a poll campaign,saying he had come to Kerala to campaign for 'Amul babies', as the Congress leader himself was an 'Amul baby'.Quick to capitalise on

the chief minister's diatribe, GCMMF has come out with the ad conceptualised by DaCunha Associates, a Mumbai-based ad agency associated with the co-operative since 1966.

An advertisement on the copyright controversy surrounding Bollywood film- 'Three Idiots' ( January 2010).

An advertisement that shows the controversy over BT Brinjal

An advertisment celebrating 50 years of Gujarat

Advertising Agency
The Federation, which markets its products under the brand name Amul, has been running catchy advertisement campaigns since 1966. Sylvester daCunha managing director of the advertising agency ASP designed the first ad campaign for Amul Butter. Thanks to Dacunha Associates, these punchy advertisements have been entertaining us since the last five decades. The butter, which had been launched in 1945, had a staid, boring image, primarily because the earlier advertising agency which was in charge of the account preferred to stick to routine, corporate ads.

One thing unique about Amul is that the advertisements which are shown on hoardings are never shown on TV.Otherwise an epitome of Indias largest food brand, it is interesting to note that the Amul girl has always been flying high on the hoardings but hardly seen on television. General Manager, Creatives cannot be easily translated from one media to another. The opicals(hoardings) are created in different languages & pertain to the geographical region they are put in. Every kind of media has different attributes & Amul needs to focus upon that particular media, which brings maximum recognition & effectiveness to the brand. Thus to some extent the hoardings have been use for local marketing that is their scope is restricted to the particular region. Gujarat continues to be the biggest sourcing point for milk. But now raw milk is also being procured from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajashthan, Orissa, West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab. Thus other cities are also contributing towards Amul. Urban centres contribute nearly 70% to the companys revenue while the remaining 30% comes from rural areas .


The post test analysis of the advertisement has been done through questionnaires

QUESTIONNAIRE: 1) How many times did you see the amul advertisement?
-- Select Here --

2) Did you ever mention this advertisement to anyone? Yes No 3) Did anyone ever mention this advertisement to you? Yes No 4) How well did this advertisement catch your attention? Very Well Somewhat Well Undecided Not Very Well Not at all Well

5) How appealing did you find this advertisement? Very Appealing Somewhat Appealing Undecided Not Very Appealing

Not at all Appealing 6) How convincing did you find this advertisement? Very Convincing Somewhat Convincing Undecided Not Very Convincing Not at all Convincing 7) How memorable did you find this advertisement? Very Memorable Somewhat Memorable Undecided Not Very Memorable Not at all Memorable 8) How creative did you find this advertisement? Very Creative Somewhat Creative Undecided Not Very Creative Not at all Creative 9) In general, how would you rate the quality of Amul advertisement compared to other ads of a similar nature? Excellent Good Fair Poor Undecided

10) Do you currently use Amul Butter ? Yes No

11) Based on this advertisement, how likely would you be to purchase this product in the future? Very Likely Somewhat Likely Undecided Not Very Likely Not at all Likely 12) If deciding between AMUL and Other brands how much would this ad influence you to buy this product? Very Much Somewhat Undecided Very Little Not at All

13) Which of the following would you use to describe this advertisement? Please check all that apply. Appealing Honest Interesting Credible Convincing Creative Distasteful

Attractive Believable Memorable Not Credible Touching Professional Silly Please tell us a little about yourself. 14) Are you male or female? Male Female 15) What is your age?
-- Select Here --

16) What is your marital status?

-- Select Here --


1)How many times did you see the amul advertisement ONCE 2 2-3 8 4-5 6 >6 9

2) Did you ever mention this advertisement to anyone? YES 21 NO 4

3) Did anyone ever mention this advertisement to you? YES 19 NO 6

4) How well did this advertisement catch your attention? Very well 10 Somewhat well 6 Undecided 2 Not very well 3 Not at all well 0

5) How appealing did you find this advertisement? Very appealing 17 Somewhat appealing 8 Undecided 0 Not very appealing 0 Not at all appealing 0

6) How convincing did you find this advertisement? Very convincing 8 Somewhat convincing 12 Undecided 0 Not very convincing 4 Not at all convincing 1

7) How memorable did you find this advertisement? Very memorable 21 Somewhat memorable 3 Undecided 0 Not very memorable 1 Not at all memorable 0

8) ) How creative did you find this advertisement? Very creative 23 Somewhat creative 2 Undecided 0 Not very creative 0 Not at all creative 0

9) In general, how would you rate the quality of Amul advertisement compared to other ads of a similar nature?

Excellent 11

Good 9

Fair 5

Poor 0

Undecided 0

10) Do you currently use Amul Butter ? Yes 20 No 5

11) Based on this advertisement, how likely would you be to purchase this product in the future? Very likely 10 Somewhat likely 11 Undecided 2 Not very likely 1 Not at all likely 0

12) If deciding between AMUL and Other brands how much would this ad influence you to buy this product? Very much 12 Somewhat 7 Undecided 4 Very little 2 Not at all 0



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