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Rodriguez Municipality, Rizal a) Payatas Scavengers Homeowners Association Inc (PSHAI) additional 56 units incremental housing (out of projected total of 280) in Brgy. San Isidro


or Year 2 onwards, the Philippine Alliance plans to:

New Baldoza HOA (Montinola Property), Brgy.Lanit,Jaro, Iloilo City: construction of 40 pilot housing units for informal settlers of the Montinola Property to be relocated to a PCUP (Presidential Commission on Urban Poor)-acquired relocation site, out of a projected total of 225 Mandaue City, Cebu a) Malibu Matimco Village Homeowners Association, Inc. (MMVHAI), Mandaue City: for construction of additional 80 housing units, out of a projected total of 295 ers Association Inc. (SCVHAI), Mandaue City: for construction of pilot/demonstration 20 housing units, out of a projected total of 179

relocatees of government-provided relocation site, potentially catering to the rest of the 164 families Kidapawan City, Cotabato a) HPFP Resettlement Village HOA, Inc., Brgy. Singaw, Kidapawan City: for construction of 50 housing units on direct-purchase relocation site, out of a projected target of 135

a) enhance capacities for scaled

up CLIFF project implementation through organizational strengthening and institutional development;



b) conduct policy research and

advocacy on reforming or negotiating for pro-poor implementation of identified policies and regulations that reduce housing development related taxes, fees, documentary requirements, relax design and building standards, and promote alternative building materials to lower cost of housing development; line data base on CLIFF-relevant data, formulate and implement an effective communications strategy to promote CLIFF

Relocation community in Brgy. San Jose, Rodriguez, for 50 units incremental housing out of a projected total of 100 Labo Municipality, Camarines Norte Anahaw Self-initiative Development Association (ASIDA), for construction of pilot 50 housing units out of a projected total of 298 Sorsogon City, Bikol

b) Viva Friendship HOA, Inc.,

Brgy. Manongol, Kidapawan City: for construction of 30 housing units on direct-purchase relocation site gos, Tugbok -3rd District, Davao City For construction of 40 pilot housing units for onsite relocatees on government-provided relocation site, out of a projected target of 408 Loan packages for these upgrading or housing developments range from P70,000 to 150,000 at interest rates of 6% straight line or 9% diminishing schemes at 6 15 years payment periods.

b) Santa Cruz Village Homeown- Davao City: Brgy. Los Ami-

he CLIFF is a global facility that mobilizes various resources from different actors that bridge the funding gap to support communityled upgrading and housing projects for the poor. Its goal is to reduce poverty by increasing the access of slum dwellers to public, private and civil society sector resources for housing and basic services delivery. CLIFF is now in its second phase with a purpose to enable organizations of the urban poor to access greater public, private and civil society sector resources to deliver adequate and sustainable housing and basic services for slum dwellers through innovative practice and influence on policy. Support and funding for CLIFF come from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), channeled through and managed by Homeless International (HI) - a UK-based NGO. For the second phase, CLIFF intends to expand its reach to new areas and with new implementing partners to scale-up the delivery of adequate and sustainable housing and basic services for slum dwellers. From the first three (3) implementing partners, namely the Indian Alliance (SPARC, National Slum Dwellers Federation, Nirman), the Kenyan Alliance (AMT/ Pamoja/ Muungano Wa Wanavijiji), and the Philippine Alliance [Homeless Peoples Federation Philippines, Inc. (HPFPI) and Philippine Ac-

tion for Community-led Shelter Initiatives, Inc. (PACSII)], CLIFF now includes Lumanti for Nepal and the National Housing Cooperative Union (NACHU) for Kenya. The Philippine Alliance has been introduced to HI and CLIFF through the support and endorsement of the Slum / Shack Dwellers International Inc (SDI). CLIFF welcomed the Philippine Alliance as an implementing partner in 2007, having passed the requirements and criteria set.

c) Sitio Mahayag Alliance Of

c) develop a national level on- For high-risk informal settlers to

be resettled on government-provided site, Sorsogon City: for construction of pilot 60 housing units Iloilo City a) Riverview Village Homeowners Association, Inc. (RVVHAI), San Isidro Relocation Site, Jaro, Iloilo City: for construction of additional 40 housing units out of a projected total of 90

Structure Household (SMASH), Mandaue City: for construction of 20 pilot/demonstration housing units out of a projected 150 unit and a 300 meter riprap Digos City, Davao Del Sur Sinawilan (Latasa-Josol) Relocation Village Community, Brgy. Sinawilan, Digos City: for construction of additional 40 housing units for

d) implement affordable, com-

munity-driven housing and upgrading initiatives in eight (8) cities / towns, where government collaboration is strong with fertile ground for scaling up affordable and innovative financing of housing projects, and more importantly,

Below: MMVHAI Housing Project funded by CLIFF in Mandaue City, Cebu starting from Year One of CLIFF Philippines.

b) Megaworld Homeowners Association, Brgy. Lanit, Jaro, Iloilo City: for construction of 40 pilot housing units for onsite relocatees of Megaworld relocation site out of a projected total of 100 units


prepare the operation of PASUFI as a self sustaining platform to fully recycle, manage, leverage,financial and non-financial resources, and explore innovative schemes to support community-driven upgrading from Year 3 onwards. Upgrading and housing initiatives for year 2 within which to build the base for PASUFI affordable finance modelling and innovation comprise the following:



New Site Zone 8 Veterans Village HOA, Brgy.Veterans Village, City Proper, Iloilo City: 1st phase construction of 40 housing units for families affected by onsite reblocking in a Presidential Proclamation Area, out of a projected total of 150 units

Central Offices: 221 Tandang Sora Ave. 1116 Quezon City Telephone Numbers: HPFPI: +63 (2) 455 9480 Fax +63 (2) 454 2834 PACSII: +632-4559480 FAX +632-4542834



OBJECTIVES (cont) ii. Affordable financial packages

LIFF Philippines started in Iloilo City in 2007 to: a) develop a citywide finance facility that invests in community driven and participatory processes in housing provision; and b) build the capacities of housing participants (end-users) through their extensive involvement in all project stages, such as project development and planning, housing design, procurement and construction management. The Iloilo project involves the recycling of CLIFF capital through repayment of affordable housing loans to support community-driven de-

velopment of a total of 193 shell housing units. The 193 starter housing units are divided into 2 projects: the 21 unit KABALAKA Housing Demonstration and the 172 unit Community-Managed Resettlement Housing on Iloilo City San Isidro Relocation site. Contributing to the gains and learning in the Iloilo project is coimplementation by the Iloilo City Urban Poor Network (ICUPN), the city-wide urban poor network that has been collaborating with the HPFPI and the City on relocation and housing as early as 2005.

and alternative subsidies formulated to support the construction of basic services solutions for households; Strengthened capacity and role of communities in local governance processes relevant to land use and shelter concerns, such as through city development planning, budgeting, shelter planning and housing and basic services delivery mechanisms;

ii. Changes in policy and practice

that support community driven approaches in the delivery of adequate and sustainable housing and basic services. Appropriate communications strategy formulated and implemented involving, amongst other pieces of work, organizing national and potential international learning and sharing of good practices through community exchanges, an online platform for exchange of CLIFF experience nationally, and the production of manuals, and regular reports.




1. Site planning of the coomunity of PSHAI in Rodriguez, Rizal 2. The pioneering HPFPI Iloilo City ICEB rowhouses 3. Manual surveying by the community of PRONAI in Digos City.


Community-driven citywide partnerships developed with public, private and civil society sectors, that mobilize, leverage and blend financial and non-financial resources to deliver adequate and affordable housing and basic services for slum dwellers, and jointly formulate policies and practices therefore;

or the current phase of CLIFF, the Philippine Alliance pursues the following objectives:

B. i.


1. Site Development w/ the community of Labo Municipality in Camarines Norte. 2. Community meeting in Sorsogon City, Bicol. 3. Community meeting in Sinawilan, Digos City. 4. Manual surveying of the community of Viva Friendship in


Digos City, Davao Del Sur: a) San Jose Boundary Balutakay Neighborhood Association Inc (SJBBNAI) community driven development of 20 units incremental ICEB housing and 10 units of house improvement;

three municipalities in the Philippines and build capacity of the Philippine Alliance in relevant functional areas of intervention (legal, technical, environmental, construction management, documentation, organizational and networking) and relevant levels of intervention (spanning community, institutional and policy levels);

A. i. CLIFF implementation scaled-up to nine cities and

or the 1st year of CLIFF phase 2, The Philippine Alliance enhanced its capacities to implement CLIFF by maximizing CLIFF Iloilo as its learning hub, built on the Iloilo experience and ongoing completion of the remainder of the 193 shell housing units, in expanding to 3 new cities to wit: Rodriguez Municipality, Rizal Payatas Scavengers Homeowners Association Inc (PSHAI) community-driven site development and 70-units incremental housing, in Brgy. San Isidro Mandaue City, Cebu Malubu-Matimco Village Homeowners Association Inc (MMVHAI) community-driven 20 units incremental interlocking compressed earth blocks (ICEB) housing development


ii. Innovative schemes and joint


The Philippine Action for Slum Upgrading Facility Inc. (PASUFI) operating as the Philippine Allliances alternative and sustainable (financially self-reliant) financial vehicle in the national and regional levels to promote public, private and civil society sector participation and leveraging of resources to deliver adequate, affordable and sustainable housing and basic services to slum dwellers at scale;

ventures (e.g. medium rise buildings, shared ownership, cross subsidies involving combination of economic and rental housing for the poor, land banking) undertaken with public, private and civil society sectors that leverage various resources to deliver adequate, sustainable and affordable housing and basic services to slum dwellers . Affordable financial C. i. packages and alternative

Purok Rosas Neighborhood Association Inc (PRONAI) community-managed reblocking and development of 20-30 incremental ICEB housing units and up to 30 units housing repair.

kidapawan City. 5. Community meeting in Megaworld HOA (MHA) in Jaro, Iloilo City w/ PACSII, HPFPI. and ICUPN. 6. Initial community visit in Los Amigos Relocation Site, Tugbok District, Davao City with Davao CPDO, HPFPI & PACSII. 7. Site mapping of the SJBBNAI community in Digos City. 8. Surveying lecture of HOA 1 community in Kidapawan City.

6 7

Year Two: Meeting with the communities in Montiola Property in Iloilo City.

subsidies1 formulated to support the construction of housing for households.

1 The Cost of securing tenure, services and housing is high. Alternative subsidies are exemptions and /or reductions on related taxes, permits, fees, documentary requirements, land and equipment counterparts that can be explored to come up with affordable financing packages.