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Aromatherapy Treatment for Prostate Problems

To be used only as an adjunct to seeking proIessional treatment. Where there is beings prostate
enlargement causing some diIIiculty in passing urine, placing a hot compress using a Iew drops
oI oils Chamomile Juniper or Pine over the low abdomen can quickly ease the pressure and get
the urine to Ilow better. The prostate is inIlamed oil oI Chamomile should be included due to its
anti- inIlammatory eIIect.
Herbalism Treatment for Prostate Problems
For an enlarged prostate an inIusion oI one oI both oI the Iollowing remedies can help a good
deal: Horsetail. (Equisetum ravens) a strong.
InIlammation OI The Prostrate
Another problem can be prostitutes or inIlammation oI the prostate, possibly due to a low- grade
inIection and this can produce Irequent, uncomIortable urination and tenderness oI the gland
itselI. More rarely although important to bear in mind in older men prostate me, prostate cancer
concurs. This is oI course; outside the scope oI selI treatment it may be symptomless Ior some
time until the swollen gland restricts urine Ilow. Diuretic increasing urine Ilow and helping the
bladder empty itselI completely- Iailure to do so can lead to cystitis. It is also astringing andante.
InIlammatory toning the swollen membranes White Deadnettle ( labium album);another
astringent remedy which seems to have a regulatory eIIect on blood Ilow though the pelvic area
ands can reduce excess swelling oI the prostate. These two herbs combined can soothe the
membranes and improve urine Ilow. Benign prostate enlargement is oIten associated with
lowered testosterone levels and Saw Palmetto (Serenoa serrulata) is very useIul herb in this
context. The berries not only have a diuretic and urinary antiseptic eIIect, but they also have a
hormonal action to address the underplaying problem. A decoction is strongest, but the berries
could be taken with one or both the other suggested herbs in inIusion Iorm.
Homeopathy Treatment for Prostate Problems
Some possible remedies are: Apis Mel: when there is inIlammation, probably with some
enlargement so that there is a Irequent desire to pass water but with only small amounts oI
stinging burning urine Belladonna: when urination is also painIul and diIIicult, thepressure
causes some involuntary dribbling oI urine when standing or moving around. Pulsatilla: Ior
Irequent urgent need to pass water slight dribbling or incontinence with any movement such as
coughing laughing or sneezing.
Naturopathy Treatment for Prostate Problems
Stick to a varied whole Iood diet, with plenty oI Iluids during the day to keep urine moving
through the bladder, but reduce coIIee, tea or alcohol which can all irritate. Zinc is a oI special
beneIit to the prostate. Pumpkin seeds ar a good Iood source and a supplement (up to 20 mg)
may be needed daily Ior a while iI symptoms oI enlarged prostate develop. Hydrotherapy
treatment is a valuable aid, use althernating hot and cold water Ior the low abdomen (3 minutes
hot and maximum 1 minute cold) either using a shower or splashes in the bath. The ideal method
is using Sitz baths as in hydrotherapy spa clinics.
Ayurvedic Remedies for Prostate Problems
rosLaLe Lhe small organ below Lhe urlnary bladder ln males has slgnlflcanL role Lo play ln boLh sexual
acLlvlLy and urlnaLlon lL surrounds Lhe ureLhra Lhe Lube Lhrough whlch urlne passes ouL of Lhe body and
produces semlnal fluld dlscharged from penls durlng sexual sLlmulaLlon rosLaLe problems lnclude Lhe
very common prosLaLlLls Lhe lnflammaLlon of Lhe prosLaLe gland Ayurveda recognlzes Lwo speclflc
prosLaLe problems
O ,ooLrakruchra palnful urlnaLlon and
O ,ooLraghaaLa suppresslon of urlnaLlon
1hey are ln facL sympLoms of prosLaLe problems AparL from Lhese Lwo maln sympLoms oLher
sympLoms lnclude problemaLlc urlne flow drlbbllng lncreased urlnaLlon hemaLurla (blood ln urlne)
urlnary LracL lnfecLlon and urlnary reLenLlon

nerba| kemed|es for rostate G|and rob|ems

Ayurveda suggesLs many herbs for Lhe LreaLmenL of prosLaLe gland problems

unarnava or nog Weed (8oerhaav|a d|ffusa) lL ls useful ln all urlnary problems caused due Lo
prosLaLe allmenLs

r|ck|y Lettuce (Lactuca scar|o|a) 1he blLLer Lonlc of lLs leaves ls very effecLlve ln LreaLmenL of enlarged
prosLaLe gland

Sha|aba m|shr| or Sa|ep Crch|d (Crch|s mascu|a) useful where prosLaLe problems are due Lo vaLa

Gokshura or Sma|| Ca|trop (1r|bu|us terrestr|s) 1hls lndlan herb Lrlbulus LerresLrls
hLLp//wwwayurvedaherbalremedycom/lndlanherbs/LrlbulusLerresLrlshLml ls useful ln LreaLmenL of
urlnary compllcaLlons caused due Lo prosLaLe problems lLs frulL ls bolled ln Lwo cups of waLer Llll lL ls
reduced Lo half Lhe amounL and drunk afLer mlxlng sugar ln lL

Some remedles for prosLaLe problems are avallable as common lngrldlenLs aL home
O lf havlng enlarged prosLaLe eaL a mlxLure of [unlper berrles and parslane
O aL more LomaLoes Lo avold prosLaLe lnfecLlons
O lf experlenclng prosLaLe problems have alLernaLe cold and hoL hlp baLhs for abouL Len mlnuLes
8emalnlng sexually acLlve ls advlsable buL over lndulgence ls prohlblLed by ayurveda 8egular exerclse
even walks or mlld exerclses are a musL never suppress Lhe urge Lo urlnaLe uonL slL on a hard sLool for
longer perlods lf dolng desk [ob geL a sofL ergonomlc chalr Lo slL on CulL smoklng and alcohol
especlally lf you are overwelghL 1aklng Lhese precauLlons wlll cerLalnly keep Lhe prosLaLe