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Vol: 6 No. 21





Edwards Claimed Bio Life Over-Priced

Davi d S queeze Annaki e Ri chard Edwards
resident of Bio Life Systems, David Squeeze Annakie, is rejecting claims by his former Chief Operating Officer (COO), Richard Edwards, that the products were overpriced and a blatant rip-off of consumers. Edwards told St reet Hy p e that he resigned from the company on Wednesday (November 24), because he was very uncomfortable with the pricing of the Bio Life products. I think the prices are oppressive, extraordinary in nature and, in some cases, just a blatant ripoff. Besides, the company offers very little in terms of health education and disease prevention, the emphasis is strictly on selling a product. That's not my idea of helping people who are in distress and suffering with many different ailments, he charged. He added that This runs contrary to everything that I personally believe in and, inevitably, I had to divorce myself from that company. I like helping the people; I like to make an impact on the lives of other people. However, Annakie observed that Edwards decided to resign after he (Annakie) discovered that the COO was operating his personal business out of Bio Life offices. He was receiving mail and having my employBy Patrick Maitland Street Hype Editor ees accepting cash on his behalf. I also found out he took my staff on an external trip without my knowledge, Annakie said. Annakie also said that Edwards behavior was a clear conflict of interest, considering the position which he (Edwards) held. We pulled him from our airwaves, when he started promoting himself and his own product, noted Annakie. Bio Life is an excellent product, that is not cheap and must be priced accordingly, Annakie explained. He said that it was his responsibility to set prices to satisfy the needs of customers and remain viable. We priced the product to cover our expenses, including paying our staff and retailers, he pointed out. Less than a year since we started operations, all the Bio Life products are averaging 300 bottles per day. The customers know and trust the products, as the results are helping people, Annakie claimed. Meanwhile, in an unrelated story, Annakie confirmed that after some 14 years as the sole attorney on Link Up radio, Brad Bernstein of Spar & Bernstein is no long at the station. Brad cut my fee by 60%, and I decided to allow other lawyers on the radio to make up for the shortfall in revenue. This is about business, if he wants exclusive rights on this station he must pay the full rates, Annakie stressed.

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Dad, Mom and Daughter to Face years in prison

NOVEMBER 19-30, 2011
By Street Hype Crime Reporters


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