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Why Use 1ender|ze Meat?

CenLurles Ago naLlve people ln Lhe Lroplcal cllmaLe of lndla accompllshed LenderlzaLlon
by bolllng meaL wlLh unrlpe apaya frulL or by wrapplng meaL wlLh Lhe leaves of Lhe apaya
planL WhaL Lhey dldnL know was LhaL Lhey were wlLnesses Lo a chemlcal reacLlon of one of Lhe
mosL efflclenL way Lo Lenderlzers of meaL Also Lhere are several meLhods Lo Lender Lhe meaL
llke squlsh lL hack lL dusL lL drown lL or coddle lL for a very long Llme ln genLle molsL heaL
1here are varlous clrcumsLances LhaL affecL how Lender a plece of meaL ls 1he lengLh of
muscle flber ls whaL makes meaL Lough so Lhe cuL of meaL you choose ls parLlcularly lmporLanL
Pow Lhe meaL ls handled afLer Lhe anlmal ls kllled also has a greaL lmpacL on wheLher lL ls Lough
or Lender lf Lhe meaL has been handled properly lL wlll be [ulcler reslsL spolllng longer and
have a beLLer LexLure 8uL of course you have no conLrol over LhaL
So once you geL your Lough cuL of meaL home you've goL Lo flnd ways Lo break up or
sofLen Lhe muscle flbers uslng mechanlcal means you can flaLLen lL wlLh a Lenderlzlng malleL
Lhe boLLom of a heavy pan or some oLher blunL ob[ecL (mosL people place Lhe meaL beLween
Lwo pleces of waxed paper or plasLlc wrap Lo keep lL Lldy) you can score Lhe meaL across Lhe
flbers wlLh a sharp knlfe or use a Lenderlzlng Lool or ln dlre cases you can grlnd lL and Lurn lL
lnLo hamburger Cnce Lhe meaL ls cooked you may have anoLher opporLunlLy Lo physlcally
Lenderlze lL A flank sLeak for lnsLance ls cuL ln Lhe dlrecLlon of Lhe muscle graln and ls
lnherenLly Lough Cnce cooked you always sllce lL Lhlnly agalnsL Lhe graln whlch Lransforms a
Lough plece of meaL lnLo a sLlll somewhaL chewy buL very edlble servlng
1here are also chemlcal soluLlons some beLLer Lhan oLhers 1here are a varleLy of
powdered Lenderlzers on Lhe markeL (some lnsLanL some requlrlng a perlod of resL) 1hese
lnclude a powdered form of papaln an enzyme found ln papaya whlch has been used for Lhls
purpose for cenLurles An awful loL of cooks have varlous reasons for avoldlng commerclal
powdered meaL Lenderlzers Lhough 1hey can make Lhe ouLslde of Lhe meaL mushy whlle
leavlng Lhe lnslde Lough leech ouL Lhe [ulces and lmparL an unpleasanL flavor
8ut Now chochos Meot 1enderiter is the lino/ 5o/ution of tender to ony type of meot
os eosiest ond efficient woy

About Us
Chacha's ls Lhe organlzaLlon whlch always Lry Lo puL needful producL ln MarkeL so LhaL
Chacha's develop MeaL Lenderlzer for Lender all Lype of meaL as easlesL way CrganlzaLlon also
exporLs Lhe MeaL Lenderlzer Lo uSA Lurope and uk
Chacha's ls Lhe flrsL lndlan Leadlng 1enderlzer 8rand wlLh 100 resulL guaranLee abouL
Lenderlzlng meaL as naLural way on any Lype of meaL ChaCha's MeaL Lenderlzer ls Lhe naLural
owder whlch conLaln Clucose proprleLary bland of enzymes lnclude apaln and 8romelaln
and conLalns no Sodlum MSC or any oLher addlLlves lL ls compleLely LasLeless odorless and
easy Lo use and leaves a clean surface and a good afLer LasLe
ChaCha's MeaL 1enderlzer shorLens cooklng Llme wlLhouL sacrlflclng safeLy Lhereby
reduces meaL shrlnkage up Lo 30 ! lL glves good quallLy meaL even more appeLlLe appeal and
enhances Lhe en[oymenL of Lhe more common lowprlced cuLs of meaL

ssent|a| of product
ln world Many Lype of MeaL avallable for eaL MeaL ls Lhe besL food Lo geL proLeln
roLeln ls Lhe bulldlng block of all llfe and ls essenLlal for Lhe growLh of cells and Llssue repalr
All proLelns are made up of dlfferenL comblnaLlons of 20 compounds called amlno aclds
uependlng on whlch amlno aclds llnk LogeLher proLeln molecules form enzymes hormones
muscles organs and many oLher Llssues ln Lhe body
1here are Lwo Lypes of amlno aclds
O nonessent|a| am|no ac|ds can be made by Lhe body
O ssent|a| am|no ac|ds cannoL be made by Lhe body and musL be goL from food
1here are elghL essenLlal amlno aclds for adulLs and a furLher seven LhaL chlldren need
1ypes of prote|n
An|ma| prote|n
Anlmal proLelns conLaln all Lhe essenLlal amlno aclds 1hls Lype of proLeln ls
found ln
O meaL
O poulLry
O flsh
O eggs
O dalry producLs
Many anlmal proLelns are hlgh ln saLuraLed faL or cooked wlLh a loL of faL (oll lard
drlpplng) SLudles have llnked eaLlng a loL of red and processed meaL Lo an lncreased rlsk of
bowel and sLomach cancer
Cooklng meaL poulLry and flsh aL hlgh LemperaLures creaLes chemlcals called
heLerocycllc amlnes (PAs) and polycycllc aromaLlc hydrocarbons (APs) lLs LhoughL PAs and
APs may lncrease our rlsk of cancer buL more research ls needed APs are also found ln Lhe
exhausL fumes and Lobacco smoke
Lvery one when cook Lhe MeaL LhaL Llme cook Lhe meaL aL hlgh LemperaLures because lf
noL cook ln cerLaln condlLlon Lhen noL proper cook chewlng problem wlLh meaL So always ln
90 case person noL Lake care of LemperaLure aL Llme of cooklng uue Lo Lhls PAs and APs
chemlcals produce durlng cooklng and person eaL such Lype of meaL havlng chance Lo be
Cancer ln long Llme
hacha's Meat 1ender|zer I|rst 1ender the meat at SS degree 1emperature so that
Not cook at h|gh temperature so that reduce the k|sk of ANk
A|so ook|ng t|me reduce because Meat |s a|ready tender before mar|nate due to use
of hacha's Meat 1ender|zer So hacha's Meat 1ender|zer a|so the best 1|ps for hea|thy

ow to US
lghL now ln lndla many people havlng many Lype of dlfferenL way Lo Lender Lhe meaL
before cook or marlnaLe wlLh splce Some people use papaya for Lenderlng Lhe MeaL buL always
flavor of papaya goes lnslde Lhe meaL lL's blg problem apaya havlng noL Lhe power Lo Lender
all proLeln bonds whlch ln MeaL
Chacha's Pavlng very slmple Lheory Lo 1ender Lhe MeaL
Advantage of Use the hacha's
Meat 1ender|zer
O Save your Cooklng Llme
up Lo 70
O CAS savlng up Lo 30
O AfLer Lenderlzlng MeaL
1asLe ls very good because splce
goes up Lo lnslde
O no complaln abouL
chewlng and noL well cook Lhe
O Cnly 30 Mln ls enough Lo
O lf we Lender and Lhen
freeze Lhose meaLs same Lender
resulL up Lo 60 days
O educe Lhe chance Lo geL
CAnCL ( PealLhy Llps for Lhe
Llvlng) More deLall glven ln
ssent|a| of product
O Always Lake care of 1emperature of water |t must SS Degree Lnzyme deacLlvaLes aL
100 uegree 1emperaLure so malnLaln Lhe 1emperaLure wlLh care In More temperature
of water w||| not get good resu|t of tender|zer
O Second MosL lmporLanL 1ake care of 1|me 1enderlzlng Llme ls only 30 Mln for chlcken
33 Mln of any Lype of MuLLon and emu meaL AfLer 1enderlzlng Llme MeaL can Lake
ouLslde from waLer lf you forgoL Lo do Lhls Lnzyme work on reverse cycle So meat |s
very hard keep a|ways |n M|nd
De|h| Darbar (Iaynt|bha| ate| artner Anand Gu[arat)
"owder we used on 1andoor| Item Gravy Item Mat|a h|cken We found best resu|t
|n cook t|me sav|ng and good taste Cur ustomers apprec|ated th|s hacha's Meat
Sa||mar ote| (8aruch h|gh way)
"We made a|| |tem used w|th th|s tender|zer at one day |n our hote| Cur cook|ng staff
very surpr|se w|th product resu|t We save our t|me up to 60 |n preparat|on a|so we
save t|me at t|me of cook when we serve A|so we save GAS to cook the meat 1h|s
product |s good"
Mr A|| ( hef |n avmore Iood 2one Ahmedabad)
" I am |n the food Industry from |ast 28 year 8as|ca||y I am from maharastra I work
w|th many |ead|ng brand |n food ||ke avmore onest and others My exper|ence |n
Non Veg |s about to 18 years I am Non vegetar|an by born When I see th|s product I
am buy and used f|rst on aneer |n My k|tchen I found aneer tender very good
1hen I used th|s product on Mutton h|cken and emu Meat I am very surpr|se w|th
resu|t because I never show |n my ||fe th|s type of product wh|ch g|ven best resu|t w|th
|n 30 M|n 1hen I found wh|ch I sp|ce every day I add to mar|nate the meat |t's a|ways
take more t|me to mar|nate 8ut used th|s product I found a|so mar|nat|ng t|me |s very
|ess and |n next t|me when I used th|s product I used |ess sp|ce compare to every t|me
then a|so found same resu|t
I a|ways recommended to everyone who eats meat I w|sh th|s |s the Ind|a's No 1
1ender|zer w|th |n com|ng years"
Mr Ashok ate|(Wesayom LL USA)
" I am supp|y|ng same product |n USA under the name haha's In USA I have good
customers of frozen meat reta||ers I se|| th|s product from |ast 2 year 1||| No
comp|a|n about the product resu|t "

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