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Technical Documentation

School Management System

School Management System

Software Requirements Specification

School Management System


School Management System

School Management System

Product Overview
School Management System (henceforth referred to as SManSys) is a database system designed to manage the day to day schoolbusiness. It allows users to store all of their school's information electronically, including information on students, faculty members and staff members. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated using this software.

Why School Management System?

This SRS will serve as an input to the Design and Coding phases of the Software Development Life Cycle of SManSys. It documents the specifications of frozen requirements in different categories viz. Functional & Non-Functional Requirements, thus enabling the user to define and identify/represent the behavior of the Software. This document can be referred by the client (end user) at the culmination of the Analysis Phase and helps in converting the requirements identified in previous phases into Technical requirements that need be implemented.

SManSys is designed to automate and integrate all of the schools accounts-related operations, such as student management, staff management and classroom-allotments. With computerized accounting, accurate and up-to-date information is literally at the fingertips. This helps the company simplify all the business processes easily and cost-effectively. It provides fast, accurate data entry of the transactions; thereafter all documents and reports can be generated automatically, at the press of a button. The enhanced user interface makes work a pleasure. SManSys makes sure that the critical financial information is accurate, controlled and safe from unauthorized access.

SManSys is developed using various developing tools and resources which are readily and easily available thus helping in the successful implementation and fulfillment of the projects intended goals, functions and objectives within the stipulated time frame. The resources available for developing the SManSys are a centralized database, programmers and coders, interfacedesigners, testers and quality assurance personnel.

School Management System

Assumptions and Dependencies

It is assumed that all the minimum hardware and software required for the proper functioning of the SManSys are installed on client as well as the server machine so as to avoid compatibility and confliction issues. It is assumed that the user has a sound knowledge of the working of the overall computer system and the database server. The user should be technically competent so as to get the maximum productivity and output from the software. It is assumed that the school has a pre-defined set of subjects which are allotted according to the classes. It is assumed that the division-allotment is done on the first-come-first-serve basis.

School Management System

Specific Requirements
FUNCTIONALITIES REQUIRED Add/Edit/Remove Student Details SPECIFICATION/DESCRIPTION User can add a new student as well as update and delete current student records. User can add a new faculty as well as update and delete current faculty records. User can add a new staff as well as update and delete current staff records. Divisions are assigned according to the class selected. Search student/faculty/staff based on their ID/Name/Standard. Provide safe & secure access to users and validate user input by notifying or by displaying error messages. Print support for analyzing and future reference. Provide full accessibility to Administrator and limited access to other users by validating username & password. Organize and manage data effectively. Auto-generate respective ID numbers with validations so as to provide data integrity and reduce data redundancy & concurrency. User can add further information like Family Details, Medical Details and Academic Details for students. User can add further information like Medical Details and Job Profile details for staff or faculty.

Add/Edit/Remove Faculty Details

Add/Edit/Remove Staff Details

Allocate Class and Division to the Student

Optimized Searching Based on Various Criteria Authorizing & Performing Validations

Print Output

Validations, Constraints and Security Checks for Various Users

Database Management Automate Student/Faculty and Staff Addition/Admission process

Additional details for student

Additional details for Staff/Faculty

School Management System Settings and Customization Enable user to change pre-defined properties and add user-defined properties. Help new user to get familiarized with the software interface, functionalities and troubleshooting. Provide menu bar and other application shortcuts. Provide an option to automatically generate IDs for students, faculty and staff. Enable user to set the pattern (numeric or alphanumeric) for generating IDs for Students, faculty and staff. Enable user to set or assign a default value for number of divisions for each standard.

Help/Support or Tutorial


Auto Generate Unique IDs for Students, Faculty and Staff Generating and Setting User Defined Properties and Values by a Specific Pattern for ID Generation Setting a Default Value or User Selected Value for Number of Divisions for Each Standard

SECURITY SManSys provides login accessibility depending on the type/role of the user. The Administrator is the primary user having full accessibility to features and functions of the software. The Limited User is the secondary user having limited access to the software features. PERFORMANCE SManSys requires minimum memory and provides faster and optimized processing of the data, thus making it more stable and reliable in terms of operation and data accessibility along with data management. The software is easy to use at real-time by the end user. RELIABILTY SManSys is very reliable for data processing and storing of the records in a centralized database. MAINTAINABILITY SManSys can be easily maintained and is upgradeable so as to adapt to the ever changing requirements of the school and provides additional features and functionalities. SCALABILITY The Software is scalable. The Software can be further easily upgraded so as to provide additional or new features by requiring minimum coding and adding specific or required design interface components. The software can be released with new features in different versions.