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Introduction Studio 804, Inc. is a University of Kansas, not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Participants include third-year graduate and fifth-year undergraduate students in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning under the instruction of JL Constant Distinguished Professor Dan Rockhill. The students execute a process that involves working with each other as both architects and builders to create structures that inspire growth in neighborhoods that have lacked development in recent years. All Studio 804 projects adhere to standards of the highest quality both in design and fabrication, and they address important issues of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and accessibility. The structures are unique, architectural designs that fully address important issues pertinent to the professional field.
Disassembling Sunflower Ammunition magazine building for reuse on 5.4.7. Arts Center, Greensburg, Kansas

Section through Sunflower Ammunition magazine building

Wood Reclamation The Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant outside of DeSoto, Kansas began operations in 1942 specializing in the manufacturing of smokeless powder and propellants. The 9,065 acre site has been abandoned since 1992 and is undergoing a decontamination process of some one-thousand retired ammunition buildings from volatile toxins and explosives. For the last two years, Studio 804 has secured the right to harvest environmentally clean materials. In 2008, one structure was disassembled (previous page) and lumber was reused in the 5.4.7. Arts Center in Greensburg, Kansas. This year Studio 804 plans again to demolish a magazine building and, in addition to the dimension lumber and sheathing being recycled, will reconstitute the existing truss members into a structurally supporting roof scissor truss. The reclamation of Douglas-fir highlights the initiative to lead sustainable construction practices.
Section through sustainable prototype house utilizing reclaimed lumber

Sustainable Concepts A broad southern exposure makes the best use of passive sustainable concepts; therefore, the long and narrow building is placed towards the northern-most edge of the site. The elongated, thin profile of the site also determines its slender building form. A double height western atrium expands the living spaces of the home into the wooded reserve to the west. A central core buffers these living spaces from the private bedrooms. The first floor core consists of a kitchen, rest room, and mechanical rooms. Active systems are planned for integration throughout the building, including grey water reclamation and reuse, as well as solar panels which push energy back onto the electrical grid through net metering. In addition, a geothermal heat pump utilizes the constant temperatures below grade to reduce heating load the building requires. This building acts as a prototype for the region, as it will, we hope, be the fist LEED Platinum home in Kansas as well as the first home to primarily use renewable energy sources in Wyandotte County. Sustainable and recycled products and finishes, as well as reused wood, are also employed throughout the building.
View from street

View from southwest

Sustainable Goals With the increasing global applicability and relevance of sustainable design, we believe our track record will continue to spur such building practices in Kansas City and the greater region. Our goals for this project include: Stimulate growth in an area that has become stagnant in terms of residential innovation. Promote sustainable architecture by providing a local prototype that showcases state-ofthe-art technologies. Demonstrate how utilizing active and passive systems can reduce operational costs. Achieve LEED for Homes Platinum certification provided by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) to attest to our efforts. Within the parameters of local codes, use LEED Platinum Certification as a spring board to attain the more stringent standards set forth by the Living Building Challenge.
View from above showing solar panels

South elevation

01 | Bedroom 2 02 | Bedroom 3 03 | Master Suite 04 | Living Room 05 | Dining Room 06 | Kitchen 07 | Bedroom 1 08 | Garage 09 | Forest Study




Second Floor 16 x 50

800 sq. ft.

04 09




First Floor 16 x 63-5


1020 sq. ft.

Total 1820 sq. ft.











Beginning with the first residence in 1998, Studio 804, Inc. has an established track record of award winning projects including two Architectural Magazine Home of the Year awards (2004, 2006) and the first LEED Platinum building in the state of Kansas (2008) with the 5.4.7. Arts Center of Greensburg.



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