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This article show s how to use non-Ajax version of the google translator method to get our text translated.

Introduction Prerequisites Steps
Step 01: Step 02: Step 03: Step 04: Step 05:

stisiurr e qe eP
Qt 4.6.2 or above (tested ok w ith 4.7 too) Qt Nokia SDK w ith latest Update w ill do just fine A Qt & Data enabled device [Optional] w e w ill use Qt Nokia SDK's Simulator.

Step 06: Step 07: Step 08:

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st p e S
0S 1 :e p t
Create a QHttp member to transact w ith Google server.

Article Metadata
Tested w ith
Devices(s): Emulator

Platform(s): S60 5th Edition

Keywords: QHttp

http = new QHttp(this); http->setHost("");

Created: skumar_rao (21 Nov 2010) Last edited: hamishwillee (24 Jun 2011)

0S 2 :e p t
Connect QHttp::done() member to our ow n class slot to grab transaction data from Google server.

connect(http, SIGNAL(done(bool)), this, SLOT(transaction_done()));

0S 3 :e p t
Prepare google translator service Url w ith to & from languages.

QString url = QString("/translate_a/t?client=t&sl=" + fro + "&tl=" + to);

0S 4 :e p t
Prepare text to be added to service.

QByteArray textByteArray("text="); textByteArray.append( text.toUtf8() );

0S 5 :e p t
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Prepare Request header

QHttpRequestHeader header = QHttpRequestHeader("POST", url, 1, 1); header.setValue("Host", ""); header.setValue("User-Agent", "Mozilla/5.0"); // ToDo: change to a value specific to device header.setValue("Accept-Encoding", "deflate"); header.setContentLength(text.length()); header.setValue("Connection", "Close");

0S 6 :e p t
Invoke Http request w ith header and binary request


0S 7 :e p t
Once the HTTP gets the response from the service read the http reply to a string

QString replyText; replyText = replyText.fromUtf8( http->readAll() );

Note: This data w ill be in HTML / Url Encoded data

0S 8 :e p t
No w e have to format this string to get the properly format data

replyText = replyText.replace(QString("\\\""),QString("\"")); replyText = replyText.replace(QString("\\n"),QString("\n")); replyText = replyText.replace(QString("\n "),QString("\n")); replyText = replyText.replace(QString("\\x3c"),QString("<")); replyText = replyText.replace(QString("\\x3e"),QString(">")); if( replyText.startsWith( QString("\"") ) ) { replyText = replyText.remove( replyText.length()-1, 1).remove(0,1); } else if( replyText.startsWith( QString("[") ) && replyText.endsWith( QString("]") ) ) { QStringList translatedList; replyText = replyText.replace(QString("]"),QString("")); translatedList = replyText.split(QString("[")); replyText = QString(""); for(int i=0,j=0;i<translatedList.count();i++) { if(!="") { if(j==0) { QString translation =; translation = translation.replace("\"",""); translation = translation.replace(",",""); replyText.append( translation ); replyText.append( "\n\n") ; } else { QString translation =; QStringList translations = translation.split(","); for(int y=0;y<translations.count();y++) { translation =; translation = translation.replace("\"",""); if(y==0) { replyText.append( QString( translation + ": ") ); } else { replyText.append( QString( "\t" + translation + "\n" ) ); } } replyText.append( "\n" ); } j++; } }

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tlu s e R
Now the replyText w ill contain formated text that w e can use in QTextEdit --skumar_rao 04:16, 21 November 2010 (UTC) for display

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