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What is 1.50 mm in km ? 2. How many nanoseconds are in 1.50 days? 3. How many floz.

of water do you have in exactly half of a ten gallon can? 4. A car is going 60.0 MPH. How fast is that in ft/sec? 5. A car is going 62.0 MPH. How fast is that in KPH? 6. How many mm are there in one square kilometer?

7. How many in are there in an acre?


8. How many mm are there in 0.550 acre?


9. A car goes 0 to 60.0 MPH in 5.00 sec. Write that acceleration in m/sec2? (Start with (60 mi)/(hr.)(5 sec)) 10. Light travels at 3.00 E8 m/sec. How fast is that in MPH? 11. An elephront has a mass of 1.80 tonnes. What is its weight in ounces? 12. Mercury has a density of 13.6 g/cc. What is that in #/gal? 13. A light year is the distance that light goes in a year. Using data from #10, how long is a light year in miles ? (Rate times time = distance) ANSWERS TO PROBLEM SET #1 1. 1.5 E-6 km 6. E12 mm2 11. 6.34 E4 Oz. 2. 1.30 E14 nsec 3. 640 Floz. 7. 6.27E6 in2 8. 2.23 E9 mm2 12. 113 #/gal 13. 5.88 E12 mi 4. 88.0 ft/sec 9. 5.36 m/sec 5. 99.8 KPH 10. 6.71E8 MPH

1. How deep would the water in a trench three inches wide and sixteen feet long have to be to contain 24.0 cubic feet of water? 2. Cloth is four feet wide as it comes on the bolt. What length of cloth would you need to cover a surface of 58.0 square yards? 3. It is 762 miles from here to Chicago. An obese chemistry teacher jogs at a rate of one mile every twenty minutes. How long would it take him to jog to Chicago if he jogged continuously and REALLY wanted to get there? 4. The density of lead is 11.4 g/cc. What is the mass of a block of lead two cm by ten cm by four cm?

5. How many liters of water could you fit into a container measuring 10.0 ft by 13.0 ft by 8.00 ft? 6. A box of qrtpsdfgh measures 24.0 x 4.00 x 12.0 inches. It has a density of 38.0 pounds per cubic foot. What is the weight of qrtpsdfgh in the box? (Notice the English system density!) 7. My basement was flooded after a big rain. The basement is rectangular 12.0 ft by 17.0 ft. The water was measured as it drained out at 51.0 cubic feet. How deep was the water in the basement? 8. A standard expressway lane is 11.0 ft wide. How long would a four lane expressway be if it had a square mile of pavement? 9. The density of gasoline is 720 g per liter. What is the mass of a jar of gasoline three cm by four cm by five cm? 10. How many liters of water could you fit into a hot tub that measures 1.50m deep and three meters in diameter? How many people? ( 1 cubic meter = 1000 L ) 11. Mr. Richland has a swimming pool 10.0 ft by 20.0 ft. He had a wild party and they threw his son's Volkswagen into the pool. The VW has a volume of 10 cubic feet. It was sealed up, but it sank because of all the lead bricks (?!?!?*?*?) in it. (a) What is the area of the pool? b) How much did the VW raise the water level? 12. How long is a string?


1. 72 in (6 ft) 6. 25 1/3 # 11a. 200 sq.ft. \ 2. 43.5 yd 3. 254 hours 7. 0.25 ft 8. 120 miles 11b. 0.6 in or 1/20 ft. 4. 912 g 9. 43.2 g 12. yes 5. 2.94 E4 L 10. 1.06 E4 L

1. How many ounces is 45.0 tonnes? 2. How many liters are in 8.55 cubic miles of ocean water? 3. Water has a density of one gram (1.00g) per cubic centimeter. What is that in pounds per gallon? 4. A roadsign posts a 50.0 MPH limit. What is that in KPH? 5. How large in square feet is a 525 square meter house? 6. How many square yards of paint are needed on the ceiling of a room that is 24.0 feet wide, 51.0 feet long and ten feet high? 7. Gasoline has a density of 5.83 pounds per gallon. What volume tank would you need to store three tons of gasoline?

8. The bathtub in the residential suite of the White House had to be enlarged for William Howard Taft. He weighed 370 pounds. (Burp.) The bathtub is four feet wide, six feet long and three feet high. How many gallons of water are needed to fill the WHT Memorial Bathtub? (1 gal = 231 > 9. The density of water is 8.3 #/gal. What weight of water is needed to fill the WHT Memorial Bathtub? 10. Mercury is 13.6 kg/liter. What mass of mercury is needed to fill the WHT Memorial Bathtub? 11. The velocity of light is 186,000 mi/sec. It takes radio signals 17.6 minutes to go from Earth to Jupiter at their closest approach. How far apart are the two planets at that time? 12. A car takes on 22.7 L of gasoline. How many Floz is that? 13. Osmium metal is 22.0 g/mL. What's the volume of 2.50 kg of it? 14. Concentrated sulfuric acid is 1.84 kg/L. What is the mass of 500 mL of it? 15. A man is 5 ft. 11 inches tall. How many meters is that? 16. Why is a duck?


1. 1.59 E6 Oz. 6. 136 sq.yd. 11. 1.96 E8 mi 16. because 2. 3.56 E13 L 7. 1.03 E3 gal 12. 770 Floz 3. 8.30 #/gal 8. 539 gal 13. 114 mL 4. 80.5 KPH 9. 4.49 E3 # 14. 0.920 kg 5. 5.65 E3 ft 10. 2.76 E4 kg 15. 1.80 m