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I. Choose the correct answer: x 1 = 10 1. The U.N.O was established in a) 1955 b) 1945 c)1965 d)1975


2. U.N's main deliberative body is a) The General Assembly b) The Secratariat c) The Security council d) The Trusteeship council

3. The United nations celebrated its 50th anniversary in a) 1985 1975 4. European union treces its Origin from the a) ECSC b) EEC c) EURATOM d) ETC b) 2005 c) 1995 d)

5. The first permanent president of the European council is a) Ramsay mac Donald c) Mrs.Vijayalakshmi pandit 6. The peasants had to pay heavy a) duties b) Tarifts b) Revenue taxes b) Herman van Rampay d) Bismark

d) Service taxes 7. General services enlistment Act was passed in a) 1856 1685 8. The sepoys broke out into open revolt at a) Meerut b) Barrackpore c) Barailley b) 1865 c) 1586 d)

d) kanpur 9. Recognised official languages of India a) 25 b) 23 c) 22 d) 27 10. Buddha poornima a) Hindus d) Buddhist. II . MATCH THE FOLLOWING A-1.MergerTreaty 2. EURO 3. Robert Schuman 4. Jean Monnet 5. EU budgets B- 1.Duce 2. Black Shirts 3. Ovra 4. March on Rome 5. Albania 10X1=10 French foreign Minister is celebrated by the c) Jains

b) Muslims

Court of Auditors 1967 2007 Secret Police of Mussolini 1922 1924 2002 Court os justice French Politician

Mussolini Mussolini followers Slogan of Mussolini 1939 ANY TEN OONLY 30

III ANWER THE FOLLWOING IN BRIEF 1. What does the term "fascism" mean? 2. How did mussolini seize power?

3. How did he put an end to the conflict between the pope and king? 4. Write a brief note on security council 5. How did Hitler maintain the policy of the nordic race? 6. Write a brief note on munich agreement

7. Describe the 50th Anniversary celebration of the UNO 8. How did the british cripple indian trace? 9. Wht is the significance ofthe EURO? 10. what is the organs of the EU? 11. Write a note on the Revolt at Delhi 12. Name some ofthe religions ofIndia 13. Give a brief note on indian music aqnd dance. IV ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS GIVEN UNDER EACH CAPTION 5 = 20 1. Fascist party a. Who was the founder of Fascist party? b. Give the slogans of Mussolini c. What were the aims of Fascim? d. What was the motto of Fascism? 2. Adolf Hitler a. Where was Adolf hitler born? 2. What was his father? 3. What did he organize? 4. Name the book written by hitler. 3. Organs of theUNO A. Name the major organs of the UNO b. Who was electede as the president of the General? assembly in 1953? c. What is the function of the Trusteship council? d. How is the seceratary ceneral of the UNO appointed? 4. Revolt at cawnpore a. Who jointed the rebels ar cawnpore and with whom? b. What happened in the enlish ? c. Who defeated Nana sahep? 4 x

d. When was cawnpore brought under British control? V ANSWER THE FOLLOWING IN A PARAGRAPH ANY FOUR 4 X 5 = 20

1. Mention the resoult of the Great Revolt of 1857. 2. What are the achievements ofthe European Union? 3. Write aparagrph on National Entegfation 4. What were the Achievement of Fascim under Mussolini? 5. How did Hitler establish Nazi rule in Germany? VI MARK THE FOLLOWING IN THE GIVEN AOUT LINE OF INDIAN MAP 1 0 X 1 = 10 \1. Delhi Cawnpore 2. Meerut 3. Lucknow 4. Jhansi 5. Allahabad 6.

7. Bengal 8. Bay of Bengal 9. Bombay

10. Arabian sea.